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My Take On The Valentine's Day Debate!

Ek Flower 20 Rupees Ka, Ek Gobhi Hi Le Aatey!

Come V-Day week and there is a plethora of cheesy, mushy and even corny statuses you come across. Then there also are feminists and "singles" who advocate being single and the independence and freedom that comes with it. Don't get me wrong! I have been on both sides of the fence, advocated going OTT with mush and love for my BF and also been on the streets (metaphorically ofcourse!) ranting about how single-dom is the new thing to be!

But now I have had a few years of dating and breaking up behind me, I get to sit back and actually look at the whole situation in a neutral perspective! People argue that you don't need one day in the year to show love to someone special and then people argue that due to our busy schedules and deadlines that we have to meet, it makes sense to actually have at least one day in the year dedicated to showing your love. Now both ligics are sound and you cannot argue with either!

So I say, to each their own! Go overboard with mush if you want to... Make it special for as long as you want to! I also say enjoy the freedom single-dom brings with it.
What I am going to do is Indulge Myself This V-Day :)

P.S. Have you seen the new V-Day Idea ad?


  1. Haha never had a break up or in a relationship :P But d hype around Vday makes me feel a lil bad abt being single :P But thn I am in no hurry :D

    1. ha ha ha yup there is no hurry really ;) Enjoy till it lasts ♥

  2. Even I've been on both sides but honestly I feel that any opportunity we get to pamper ourselves and feel special and make our loved ones feel loved should be celebrated!!!

    1. well said Beenii... very true! we should cease the opportunity whenever we can! Happy Valentine's Day btw :D


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