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TUTORIAL: Easy Everyday Eye Brightening Makeup

You know the time when you have a major presentation at office first thing in the morning and you need to be look really presentable, alert and well awake at the least... But you and your friends decide on a whim to go party all night and come home all sloshed that forces you to wake all groggy, hungover and well disheveled... Sound familiar? It sure is the story of my life...

But I worry not and I urge you my friends to not fret too cause I have the ultimate trick in my kitty that not only sees you through your presentation but also gets you second glances for how naturally gorgeous and glowy you look ;) Yes of course coffee does the trick to some extent but I what I really am hinting here is more "cosmetic" in nature ;)

Yup! Ladies please welcome the Eye Highlighter :) Now here's a pic with the aforementioned makeup on me that took me like 3 minutes to do... Notice how fresh I look after putting in 10 hours at work, half an hour of gym and an hour of cooking dinner... This picture was taken at about 1:00 a.m. at night (maybe that attributes to the lack of a smile :P) and even though I am dead sleepy, I do look awake don't I? ;)

Things You'll Need
1. Highlighter shade of eye shadow. I am using MAC Ricepaper.
2. Neutral eye shadow that looks like second skin on you. Preferably not matte. I am using MAC Honesty.
3. Eye Liner/Kohl. I am using Maybelline Gel Liner and Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liquid Liner.
4. Mascara. I am using MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara.
5. Blush. I am using Colorbar Powder Blush in Floral Fucsia.
6. A flattering lipstick. I am wearing Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Creme Cup 1
7. Foundation/BB Cream. I am wearing TBS All-In-One BB Cream.

1. Ready your face and apply your foundation/BB Cream.

2. Fill in your brows <Optional>

3. Next taking a brush you are comfortable with apply the highlighter shade on your browbone. I have a lot of space on my lids and hence I am using Oriflame's Blending Brush.

4. Next taking the same highlighter shade of eye shadow apply it in the inner corners of your eyes. Make it a point to let it "spill it over" to at least 1/4 of your upper and lower lashline.

5. In order to smoothen and give an illusion of uniformity apply the neutral shadow on your crease and outer lids with a blending brush and blend away any harsh edges.

6. Apply your kajal, liner and at least 3 coats of mascara. That would really open up your eyes.
    Alternately, if you are really fair, I would suggest you to apply a bit of white liner on your lower waterline.
    If you are medium or dark skin toned then skip it.
7. Apply the blush and lipstick and Voila! you are ready to go! :)

Hope this helps :)


  1. Replies
    1. glad you like it Rajalakshmi :) welcome to isimplylovemakeup :*

  2. loved it!! <3 A highlighter can brighten just about any tired face and eyes! Loved the pics Suma! <3

    1. awww thank u Deepika :) and yup u r soo right! A highlighter is a must have in every girl's vanity right! :)

  3. U luk so gud especially in d 1st pic Sam <3 U def don luk sleepy here :) I seriously need a highlighter!

    1. heheheh thanks girl :) I really didnt want to look sleepy else the whole post would have fallen flat ;) yes u must must get yourself a highlighter :)

  4. I really wonder how you take such awesome pics, its very difficult to click pics to show the effect of a highlighter! Recently I made my first Mac haul and I got rice paper eye shadow, its gr8 one, I liked the shade and feel its gr8 for we all indian gals! You looking gorgeous as usual!

    1. Wow u r bloggin again Taps??? Hru?

    2. aaaaaaaaa Taps you are back???? oooh missed u babe! :) how's the PhD going?
      u got Ricepaper? Its so awesome right! :D

    3. @Raaga Hi dear, am good, not very regular at blogging re, How are you doing!
      @Suma Hi sweety! Now due to some health complications am at home, so taking rest and got lotss of time, so visiting as many blogs as much i can! Phd kabhi thik thak chalta he kya! :p I got bronze and ricepaper, do try bronze suma you will love it!

    4. Yea I keep visitin ur blog to c if u r back :D Am gud too :) Start blogging soon..missed u!

  5. the idea of wearing neutral shadow over the crease :) will definitely try this :)

    1. glad you find it helpful Ray... do try it and lemme know if it works for you too :)

  6. Hey how do u manage to luk soo ossam all d tyms?? ;) U dont even luk slpy yar.. I need a highlighter now.. Bt m sure dis is nt jus coz of highlighter,itz coz u hav done dis soo perfectly... :)

    1. wow thank u so much darling :) you are being really kind saying all this :) ♥ :* thank you...
      and yes a highlighter really does help... go get yourself one :)

  7. No matter how many times I say, it just doesn't feel enough..
    I totally love the way you do your eye makeup.
    I have to learn to apply eyeliner from you.
    You don't look sleepy or tired at all..
    Looking really fresh :)

    1. omg omg omg thanks a ton babe :) oh my it really feels so good ;) thank u again ♥

  8. you are ssssoooooaaaa cutee!!!!!
    and your techniques are osum!
    apart from all the praises, a quick question:
    what lipstick did you apply???
    I loved it.
    your eyes are such a beauty!

    1. wow! you guys are really being so nice with all the compliments and kind words :) thank u so much Apoorva :D :*
      Regarding the lippy, I am using Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Creme Cup 1...
      You can check out the review here:

  9. Highlighters really really help. even I rely on them so much :)

  10. Your cheeks <3 I m sure people go "cho chweet" on u all the time! :-*

  11. hottieee..u totally rock babe..loved this look too


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