Thursday, January 03, 2013

REVIEW: Radiant Pink from Colorbar True Gloss

Who lovesCandyFloss?
I know I do... I do cause I have an enormous sweet tooth and I love them also cause it brings back childhood memories :) It takes me back to the time when we were on a cable car to Mussoori, then it takes me to the time when we were sitting in the gardens of the Sun Temple picnic-ing in Gwalior then it takes me to the times when we used candyfloss as a prop in one of our college fashion shows... Candyfloss holds a special place in my heart and somehow my latest purchase from Colorbar takes me to this candyfloss induced nostalgia :)
There is something about the Colorbar True Gloss range that just tempts me so much that I have to go and buy newer shades :P Last time I reviewed the much celebrated and much raved about shade called Vintage Rose and today I talk about a lesser known shade called Radiant Pink.

If Vintage Rose was a bright fuschia based shade then Radiant Pink is its Neon cousin who is beautiful on its own but still clamors for more attention... Nope! This shade isn't for the faint hearted! Only those who can handle tantrums and doesn't mind being an attention wh*re should get this! Though in all honesty, I can handle neither tantrums nor the limelight and I still got it... This goes to show that the statement I made earlier is just a box of BS :P So go go go ladies and get yourself a tube :D

On the downside it may not suit darker and duskier skintones and I honestly believe that it would look fabulous on fair and medium skintones.

Like its cousing the Vintage Rose, Radiant Pink too stays on for like ever and fades to a gorgeous and a super flattering stain...

Images of the Product:



Ooooohhhhsss And Aaaaahhhssss!!!
1. It is extremely well pigmented.
2. Does not have any glitter or shimmer or frost.
3. It stays on forever.
4. It does not dry one's lips or flakes off.
5. It does not bleed.
6. Does not cause any irritation or reactions.
7. Extremely comfortable to the pocket.
I honestly cannot think of any except for maybe the fact that the Silver lettering that says "Colorbar" gets scratched off easily :( But then this really is nit-picking!

It costs INR 495/-

Since it's quite on the neon-y side am not sure if it'll get over soon for me to repurchase ;)

Would I Recommend?
Like I said before if you are fair or medium skinned and have the heart of a lion and don't mind attention then go all out and get it! You will not regret ;)
This would however not suit dark skinned beauties...

Overall Rating:


  1. suits u suma..i like vintage rose more

    1. thanks Pree but I like Vintage Rose more as well ;)

  2. you look absolutely gorgeous.!!
    I guess.. everything/evry lip color suits you! :)

    1. LOL I soooo wish that were true babe :P Classics like MAC Cosmo and Revlon Peach completely wash me out :/ hehehhehe ♥

  3. Replies
    1. heheheh it sure is on the neony side for sure :P

  4. Hi, this is not relevant to the post, but I was searching Google for Maybelline Coral Pink lipstick reviews and I came across this post which is a total Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C job on your review on this lipstick.

    Did you guest-post there or is this plagiarism? Just thought I will bring this to your notice. Thanks.

    1. thanks for the concern babe... the thing is a lot of my posts have been copied on this blog and not only me rather a lot of other blogger's posts have been copied as well...
      Looks like it is an automated blog that basically feeds on other blogs' RSS feeds :/ I don't think there's a person behind it... and so am not sure what can be done about it :/

  5. Great post!!! It sounds really good so I might be trying it sometime this year! Thanks for the recommendation!!!


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