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Get FashioNAILable With L'Oreal Paris Le Nail Art Stickers

And I Thought Nail Art Costed A Fortune!

REVIEW: FabIndia Lip Butter In Plum Passion

Post By: Manu

Fab(ulous) India...

A MishMash with Humid, Folie, Antiqued, Club & Ricepaper

I went on a MAC rampage last night... Not doing any creative makeup since the past couple of weeks kinda like gave vent to the goulash that I created last night and I must I quite loved the effect :)

Take a look...

Makeup When I Have The Dreaded Flu...

I have always been extremely susceptible to the Flu :/ I have to have it at every season change. It's almost like a weather forecast that my body does before we embark into what the coming season offers... People keep telling me that this happens because I have weak immunity and that I should have a lot of Vitamin C and all that... Now I am person who has Oranges/Apples/Strawberries and Amla in my diet everyday single day so I doubt I have a Vitamin C deficiency and well as far as a weak immunity is concerned, it's only the Flu that catches up with me... My body seems to be quite immune to other viruses doing the rounds... Well anyways, the post isn't really about the deficiencies in my body but how I actually combat the flu in terms of makeup ;)

So going ahead, this is what I do...

Celebrity Makeup: Priyanka Chopra Strays From Her Usual Brown!

Hold your breath ladies cause this is an iconic moment in the history of lip color tales... Priyanka Chopra known for her penchant for brown lippies, has for the first time (is what I suspect) changed it for a *gasps* Red Lippy! Straight from Brown to Red! Wow! What a move! And an awesome that too!

Totally loving the Red lips on her :)

Lippy Reco:
I am guessing it is MAC Chili. The muddy orangey red is very very signature to MAC Chili!

What do you think? 

Image Source

Announcements, New Beginnings & Custom Domains...

I have been unwell since almost a week now... Started with throat infection manifesting itself with a full blown bout of influenza with accompanying fever and needless to say I have been out of sorts :/

So to get myself out of the blues, I thought of shopping... Now in my condition where the moment I stand up, my heads starts swimming and I sway like a willow in the wind, I thought better of it and relegated myself to some online shopping... So this time instead of getting customary makeup, apparels and home decor products I went and got myself a custom domain all thanks to Anshita's encouragement :D Yup Ansh from VanityNoApologies :)

And Ladies And Gentlemen, now on my blog has a new address...
And if you want to access my dressup blog, here's the new address... And of course I have a brand new blog where I shall be doing book reviews as well.. The address for it is...

REVIEW: QESS (Quality Essentials) Magnolia Body Lotion

New On The Block: (Blog) Review Ka Preview

People often ask me as to what got me started into the beauty blogging world... And I always like to say the impetus was because I Simply Love Makeup ;) Yes it's true... But you know that... What many of you don't know is that I started going through and following beauty blogs because I was looking for recommendations from regular girls like me about products that they had themselves used and certified... Of course that was easy for me cause a couple of years back there weren't a plethora of beauty blogs and one was compelled to take cognizance of what a couple of bloggers were saying.

Today the scenario is different. We have a bevy of beauty bloggers and everyone has something new to add to a particular product review. In addition to that having a number of beauty blogs makes it easier for us to identify with a particular blogger based on his/her skin type, hair type, undertone, beauty issues etc. For example if I am looking for a review of say a body lotion, I would vis…

New On The Block: An Introduction...

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you'll know that I have a penchant for coming up with new sections on my blog. Of course I have been a little quiet in this department for a while now, but now am back with a new section :) It's called... New On The Block... As the name suggests, I shall be promoting and bringing to notice new products, new brands and yup new blogs to your notice... Bottomline, anything or anyone new worth mentioning will be featured in this section!

So stay tuned for the upcoming editions  :)

Instagrammed Weekends: Bombay...

I went to Bombay the past weekend and it was a very intimate family affair with all four of us together after a really long time :) We went out for lunches and dinners and well my sister and I just went of shopping on the streets of Colaba Causeway... Our excuses? Mine was that the street shopping scene in Pune is like NIL and my sister says that Bangalore doesn't have stuff like Colaba Causeay

Those who are from Bombay and also those who know what an enchanting place Colaba Causeway is, will know what am talking about :)

I shopped for a lot of statement jewellery and even "raw materials" for my up coming DIY posts in isimplylovetodressup. In addition to it, I also did some shopping for a giveaway that's coming on my dressup blog real soon ;) So stay tuned...

Celebrity Makeup: Shruti Hassan

Am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong in the lipstick department here?
Shouldn't the lippy be either Plum or Fuschia or a bright Red? Anything but the maroon/berry shade!

Image Source

Celebrity Makeup: Deepika Padukone

She totally rocks this look... Nothing absolutely nothing would I want to change about this look of hers...
She looks absolutely stunning and Extra Brownie Points  to her for *not* opting for a Red or a Maroon lippy, which would have been the popular choice...

What do you think of her look?

Image Source1
Image Source2

TUTORIAL: Easy Everyday Eye Brightening Makeup

You know the time when you have a major presentation at office first thing in the morning and you need to be look really presentable, alert and well awake at the least... But you and your friends decide on a whim to go party all night and come home all sloshed that forces you to wake all groggy, hungover and well disheveled... Sound familiar? It sure is the story of my life...

But I worry not and I urge you my friends to not fret too cause I have the ultimate trick in my kitty that not only sees you through your presentation but also gets you second glances for how naturally gorgeous and glowy you look ;) Yes of course coffee does the trick to some extent but I what I really am hinting here is more "cosmetic" in nature ;)

Yup! Ladies please welcome the Eye Highlighter :) Now here's a pic with the aforementioned makeup on me that took me like 3 minutes to do... Notice how fresh I look after putting in 10 hours at work, half an hour of gym and an hour of cooking dinner...…

HAUL: Sneak Peek Into What I Got From Zara, Mango, Vero Moda, TBS & La Senza

I "saled" this weekend... No not like crazy, more like a scratching an itch kind of shopping... I am far from being satiated and hence I plan to shop a wee bit more the coming weekend as well ;)

Just a few teaser pics for you all to absorb ;)

Of course, some of the buys are prizes for the What Does Makeup Mean To You Contest as well ;)

REVIEW: Parchute Advansed Deep Nourish Body Lotion For Extra Dry Skin

Nothing makes me happier than trying out new and all kinds of body lotions... I am Suma/Samyukta Sharma and I am a body lotion-holic :P You will not find a bigger connoisseur of  these necessities than your truly and that somehow makes me a harsh critic too LOL... Modest am I not ;)

So anyways, if you guys remember last year, sometime around May I had a review on Parachute Advansed Body Lotions in three variants, Summer Fresh, Intensive Care and All Seasons here and here. This time on, keeping in mind the Winter season (and what a winter it is proving to be), Parachute Advansed has come up with two more variants, Deep Nourish for Extra Dry Skin and Soft Touch for Dry Skin. Oh Boy! Was I excited to receive their samples or what! :D

What The Brand Claims
The lotion is loaded with the goodness of coconut milk, the all-natural way to make skin feel soft and smooth this winter. After all, everybody loves winters for providing an escape from the scorching summer months and unmanageable sultr…

Celebrity Makeup: Vidya Balan and Red Lips

Vidya Balan is rarely with the wrong makeup. She stays "safe" but never wrong, hence when I saw this picture of hers I found something amiss. No no it isn't a huge blunder and hence many of you may find nothing wrong with the look... But there is this teeny-tiny gripe that I have regarding the lipstick in this look...

The shade of Red in the lippy just feels wrong somehow... I guess rather than going for a "maroon-ish" Red lippy, a brighter and a pinker shade of Red with this particular saree might have done the trick...

Maybe like Colorbar Velvet Matte Hot Hot Hot or MAC Red.

What do you think?

Review: The Nature’s Co – Raspberry Facewash (For All Skin Types)

Post By: Manu