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TUTORIAL/READER REQUEST: Simple Wedding Eye Makeup

Yes yes I am doing a tutorial on a very simple wedding eye makeup today. It was requested by Supriya Pawar as she is getting married in a small town... Though I don't know the venue details but I know it's gonna be a bengali wedding and so I am dreaming of the locale to be the exotic Sunderbans with their tropical mangroves and a rustic setting... Oh! It sounds all romantic and adventurous all at the same time :) Isn't it :) Supriya, I wish you a very happy married life ahead :) Now because of the locale she will not be having any access to any MUA and so she has to do her own makeup! For some it's scary but for me who did her own wedding makeup, I say go for it girl! It'll be fun and it'll be something you'll remember forever :D Fret not! It's your wedding and anything you do will be seen with reverence and awe ;) TRUST ME! Unless of course you have some nagging aunts in the family who don't approve of anyone doing anything ;)

So enough of my rambling, here's a very simple tute for a basic golden smokey eyes...

1. Apply concealer under your eyes and set it with powder.

2. Apply a golden eye shadow base on your lid area. Here I am using MAC Paint Pot in IndianWood. Another option is Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold.

3. Apply a highlighter on your brow bone. I am using MAC Eye Shadow in Honesty.
4. Taking eye shadow with a flat eye shadow brush, apply it on your lids over the gold base. I am using Faces Sparkle Dust in GOLD.

5. Taking a kajal of your liking, line your waterline. I am using Faces Kajal here.

6. Again taking the kajal apply a bit of it on the outer corners of your eye and smudge it uniformly with your fingers till it covers the outer 1/3 of your eye area.

7. Taking a blending brush and picking up the same golden eye shadow, blend the harsh edges by applying a to and fro mition in your crease area. I am using Faces blending brush in 106.

8. Finish your eye makeup with lining your eyes with a liquid liner and applying some mascara. I suggest doing a winged liner to add some drama :)

Supriya, since your saree in a maroon/red benarasi, this eye makeup will compliment your red/maroon lipstick :)

For more information on doing your wedding makeup on your own, do follow the following links:
1. Tips & Tricks For Indian Wedding Makeup 

2. Video Tutorial On Face Contouring 

Hope these help Supriya :)


  1. dats sooo easy peasy tutorial... :D u r luking gorgeous wid that red lips.. :)

  2. Dats realy easy one...vry nyc...i hv seen ur contourin video also n m vry impressed by dat...thx fr sharin ;-)

    1. ooh am soo glad u liked the contouring video Shikha :) happy to help ;) ♥

  3. Lovely tute will surely try this..u lukin so so pretty

  4. loved the look :) & you made it too easy with the tute :)


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