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REVIEW: The Body Shop Perfume Oil In Indian Night Jasmine

You know people are known by the kind of clothes they wear, or the kind of makeup they wear or even the kind of accessories they favor? Come on, we all have our favorite friends who dresses a bit to risque or someone who prefers and always dons really chunky statement jewellery or someone who is only seen with Red Lips :) I personally would love myself to be known by my Ahem! signature scent ;) No no I haven't yet worked out my signature scent (It is a tough task I tell ya!) but I have been successful in zero-ing in on atleast the type of scents I like... Something like everyone has a favorite genre in music, same way everyone of us prefers a kind of fragrance... Some like it fruity, some like it floral, some like it musky, the options one has is endless :)

Which is the kind I like? I prefer my scents to be warm, woody and somewhat spicy... Something Oriental and something that gives a cozy-ish feeling... I absolutely abhor heady and overwhelming smells and hence likes of Nina Ricci and Calvin Klein are a no no for me... Give me Burberry and I satiated for life :)

The Body Shop has come up with this "Scents of the World" range consisting of a range of products under 5 scents. These are Alcohol free and are composed natural extracts. From this range, I picked up Indian Night Jasmine that is more Oriental in smell than Indian. The fragrance is in no way overwhelming, is a warm woody smell and overflows with oodles of femininity. Many would even find it seductive ;)

The perfume oil as such is in a concentrated oil form that can be applied on your pulse points... Unlike sprays and mists, the perfume oil takes time to warm up and then gradually starts emanating it's beautiful fragrance that surrounds the wearer and creates an aura of mystery and exoticism.

Images of the Product:

Oooohhhss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. I absolutely adore the fragrance.
2. It is not heady and in no way overwhelming. Nope your scent will not enter the room before you do for sure!
3. I like the concept of a perfume oil... They are more versatile than sprays and mists.
4. It comes in a sturdy and very cute glass container. It is tiny and is extremely portable.
5. It is alcohol free!
6. Does not cause any reactions/allergies or pimples!
7. Seems to be easily available at all TBS counters and stores.

1. Some may find it a bit pricey for just 15ml of product.
2. It stays on for about 5-6 hours. I would have preferred something that stayed for atleast 8 hours...

It costs INR 795/- for 15ml of product.

Definitely! It sure is signature scent material.

Would I Recommend?
Fragrances are very personal and hence am not sure if I should be recommending any kind of fragrances to everyone... But if you are like me and prefer warm, woody smells then you will love this scent for sure :)

Overall Rating:


  1. Replies
    1. ooh if you like woody and spicy scents too then am sure you'll love it Sara :) Long time btw, how have u been? :)

  2. I checked this at the store and really really liked it..our fragrance choices r similar...its a bit pricey so am a lil hesitatnt but maybe next visit I will give in to temptation :)

    1. oooh u liked it too??? hehehehh then we sure have similar tastes where fragrances are concerned :* and u must must must get it then :P I am planning to get the mist as well ;)

  3. Its long lasting too...a good choice for those who like jasmine !!

  4. I love this fragrance's not a typically jasmine smell (like those disgusting hair oils) thankfully and it's not overpowering either :)

    1. oh totally agree with you about the "typically jasmine smells" lol... sooo true! it's such a sophisticated and a beautiful fragrance right... :)

  5. I really love jasmine. This will suits me definitely.


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