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I Wish I Could... I Know I Can...

I wish I could stop crying...
I wish I could stop feeling numb...
I wish I could channel this anger that I feel inside of me towards something that could alleviate her pain...
I wish I could feel safe in my own country...
I wish I could stop the media from calling the rapists as Animals... Cause animals NEVER RAPE
I wish I could stop other cities in India from following Delhi's footsteps towards becoming lost causes.
I wish I could make men understand that rapes are a failure on their manhood.
I wish I could make Chemical Castration a reality for Rapists.
I wish I could make our government take cognizance of how grave the situation has become.
I wish I could make our politicians for once take a stand together against violence against women.
I wish I could really make all this go away and let it only be a bad dream.
I wish I could stop people from blaming a girl for being raped.
I wish I could make people understand that lack of education is the root of all this evil.
I wish I could really believe that India is Shining...

I wish I could do something... 

I know I can do something...
I know I can teach my sons to respect women.
I know I can instill in my sons the value of human life
I know I can teach my sons humanity
I know I can teach my sons that just because they have a particular organ, they are not superior.
I know I can teach my sons that sex is not bad but without consent, it is an inhuman crime.
I know I can teach my sons that if his friend has rapist tendencies, not to join him but fight him...
I know I can teach my daughters that it is not her fault.
I know I can teach my daughters that there is no shame in reporting a crime against her.
I know I can teach my daughters to not take it lying down.
I know I can teach my daughters to never feel subjugated by men.

Nothing ever has shaken me up as much as this has...

Men, you need to realise that raping a woman is a failure on your manhood... It proves that you are not man enough to get a woman WITH her consent...

When one man rapes, we call him sick in the mind... But when 6 men "gang-rape", it's time we finally wake up and realise that the whole society seems to getting sick in the mind...
Not one man out the 6, had the good sense or humanity to actually stop what was going on... Is this the society you want your daughters and sisters growing up in?

The whole day today passed in a whirl... I don't feel anything... I am numbed by what happened at the Capital yesterday and just can't seem to get it out of my head... I am making trips to the office washroom to cry...
If this is how much it can affect me, I shudder to think of the effect it's having on the poor girl lying on the hospital bed struggling for her life...

It is disgusting and I really have no hope for the Capital of our country. And this taking place on a public transport at the country's supposedly most secure and posh localities is a shame for the Delhi police . It's time Delhi woke up and did something... Else the time is not far when women would actually have second thoughts about even visiting the city...  

DELHI... I really try my best to like you... But you make it so difficult... And with the shocking proof of your lack of respect for women, I really doubt I ever would come to call you my own...

Additions by Rashmi_Singh of
i can teach my daughters..maal is not a compliment
i can make my daughter learn karate along with dancing
i can make my daughter remember police helpline along with mathematics table
i can teach my son just because a girl wears doesnt make her easy
i can teach my son the moment he insults girl, he is insulting his own mother


  1. i can teach my daughters..maal is not a compliment
    i can make my daughter learn karate along with dancing
    i can make my daughter remember police helpline along with mathematics table
    i can teach my son just because a girl wears doesnt make her easy
    i can teach my son the moment he insults girl, he is insulting his own mother

  2. You are speaking my thoughts! I wish every person reads this and change themselves for the betterment of society.

    I really wish these men are tortured to death!!! :(

    And yes, why blame the innocent animals? They do not RAPE!

  3. I just could not stop crying after reading this Suma, I hope the government does something and punish these men ...I have never felt safe in Delhi , not implying that other cities are safe, but feel much more safe n secure in Pune n Bombay ..

  4. I was numb d moment d saw d news.Shame on d country.Shame on d guys.Shame on d police.I have decided to join mixed martial arts class.Better safe than sorry.And this post has made me cry again :'( It is too heinous to let it pass

  5. I feel so much pain that refuses to subside...just numb and speechless with pain

  6. i no longer have any words to say ! just too pathetic :(

  7. Such a touching article.. evry line is more dan true.. Since d tym i read d news,im feeling devastated.. is dis our shining india?? If dey dont do anythng now,shame on dem..!! Its high tym now..teach dem a lesson as brutal as thr crime!

  8. i was really moved reading this coz it made my head play back that horrid incident and so many other heinous rape incidents that have happened all around..its absolutely seems in ancient china, those who committed the most heinous of crimes were tied to a pole and their flesh and organs cut out one by one slowly over a month! however harsh i may seem, but these 6 men deserve this punishment of sorts!

  9. I have read ur FB updates too suma... this is totally heart breaking... I just now want Justice to be done ... need Actions now.. not words

  10. this is really shameful....
    In Mahatma Gandhi’s words “India will attain full freedom on the day women can walk safely at night.”
    when will we be free in true sense?????

  11. Very well written Suma.. It makes me so angry to see how unsafe women are in India. Despite so many women politicians, our laws for crime against women are completely ineffective.


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