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REVIEW: Faces Go Chic Lipstick in Prairie Pink

The word "Prairie" takes me back to school, to the geography lessons where we studied about Prairie grasslands... Now I wasn't really strong in Geography (Maths was my fav subject #NerdAlert) and so I cannot say that the flashbacks that I get are happy and pleasant but after receiving this lippy from Faces, using it almost everyday to office for the past week, I can say that it has changed the way I feel about the word Prairie and yes in a good way :)

The Prairie Pink shade from Faces is almost somewhere between Pink and Coral and is a beautiful and a flattering shade for girls with lighter skintones. It has a satiny finish that stays on for almost 4 hours and then leaves behind a faint but a flattering stain. It doesn't feel dry at all and even though the weather has gotten really dry lately, I am comfortable wearing it without any lip balm underneath... Yup! That's a big deal for me especially int he winters :)

One thing that I really like about these lippies is that they don't have any fragrance! Ok maybe a very subtle odor and that too something like caramel but you can smell it only if you are really trying to! Otherwise, it's quite possible that you'll not notice it ;)

One con that bothers me about it is that it is not non-transferrable... But then at this price I am really nitpicking :P

Image of the Product:

Without Flash
With Flash

With FLash
Without Flash

Oooohhss and Aaahhhss!!!
1. Beautiful feminine shade
2. Very very pocket friendly
3. Even at this price there is nothing cheap about the lippy. The packaging is sturdy, the lipstick as such feels so smooth and glides beautifully on the lips.
4. There is almost negligible fragrance.
5. Is not drying at all.
6. Leaves a beautiful stain behind. I really love lippies and glosses that leave stains behind :)

1. It gets transferred easily

It costs INR 199/- *only*

Oh definitely! I would be crazy not to! I am sooo trying out other shades from this range...

Would I Recommend?
If you are looking for budget lippies but do not want to compromise on the quality and quantity, then this sure is a must have for you! This is one range, you can actually buy all shades from...

Overall Rating:

P.S. PR Sample. But my review is honest and is in no way biased. My loyalty lies towards my readers.


  1. its a pretty coral shade n really suits you lot!

    1. it is isn't it? its become my daily wear shade nowadays! wear it to office everyday ;)

  2. Hey Suma, great review. Not to be condescending or anything but your photos are way better nowadays...great job :)

    1. wow thank u Manu :) I love it when my readers give me honest feedback :) ♥

  3. pretty shade ..looks great on u

  4. I got one from this range for my Mom in law.. its a light pink shade n suits her really well...but as you said it does transfer easily..they have got really great shades in this range though even a bright red that I want :)

    1. oooh yes what an awesome idea.. my MIL is super fair... it will suit her too.. lemme get one for her :) but yeah they transfer easily... because of which picking up the red shade will not be a good idea... it'll transfer to your teeth Parul!

    2. I know yaar tats the reason I do not pick up bright shades from the lipsticks that transfer easily...I got one bright shade from the satin matte lipsticks from Faces and it transfers like crazy n sticks to the teeth also :(

  5. It looks really nice on youu! I wanted to get one of these but then waited for a review! lol Now I shall! Oh and you hurt your eye or something?

    1. haahah glad to be of help Ikya :) and nope i didn't hurt my eye... I had just used a q-tip to clean the goop from the corners (gross i know :P) and i guess it irritated my eye a bit ;)

  6. The shade looks so good on you Suma! I have about three or four of these and I so love them. I won't say they are the best ones around, but I don;t feel for the price, they are anything less than those!! You are so right! I should have then all and this shade goes to my list.

    I always so like your hair!

  7. Love this shade..looks really good on u Suma :)

  8. Cute blog!

    Please visit mine as well.. I am new to blogging.

  9. It's a pretty Color wish we have faces counter close by


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