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Trend Alert (F/W 2012): Colors On The Runway this Fall

I got it from the horse's mouth (yeah yeah I just checked out the Pantone site) and ladies and I am super excited to bring to you all the colors that you should be sporting this Fall or rather Winter :) So without much ado, lets get started, shall we...

Everyone knows that Tangerine or a more Neony Orange ruled the runways this Spring and there is no denying the fact that it has been one of the most successful color trends ever in both the fashion as well as the beauty industry :)  

The trend with Orange continues this Fall but Neon or Tangerine Orange has given way to a more mellowed cousin called Burnt Orange :) Now we all know burnt orange is the color of Fall and remind you of Autumn leaves and well this trend is inline with it... So ladies rock this shade as much as you can cause we never know wha could be the color of 2013 :D

2. OxBlood 
Not a very cheery name, after all anything to do with blood cannot be really pheromone inducing now can it... And as the name suggests, it is a dark and a moody color that could be described as either a dark maroon or a rich wine color. But do not be fooled by the moodiness of this shade cause this is one shade that is scorching the runways! Be it in leather, faux fur or even denims, this is the color to be seen in! 
I personally feel it spells elegance and sophistication like none other :)

3. Green (Hunter or Ultramarine)
I have been waiting for this shade of green to start trending. This Rainforest green is a brooding shade that gives a touch or warmth to your skintone. It brings out the golden glow on your skin and is one of the most flattering shades for Indian skintones. It suits everyone!
 When paired with a brighter shade like Chartreuse, it makes a striking colorblock that is guaranteed to make you the focus of every occasion.

4. Gold
Nothing spells royal like a touch of metallic golden in your ensemble and if you are a lover of Golden then this is the season to rock it! For accessories to embellishments, from highlights to full bodied gold, flaunt it as much as you can cause Fall 2012 is all about being boldly royal!
 If you are one of those who hate the "bling" then a softer honey golden shade is just right for you. So don't be shy and get yourself draped in this rich hue.

5. Cobalt Blue 
Enough of the dark, moody shades you say? Then Cobalt blue is here to the rescue :) This is a winter cousin of Electric Blue and adds a touch of brightness to your attire without going overboard. Blazers, trousers, skirts and dresses, all can be sported in this gorgeous shade!
 One of my personal favorites, I feel the most confident in this shade and it brings about an air of sophistication to the wearer :)

6. Pink
It's about time this cheery, feminine shade made a comeback on the fashion scene. Nothing brightens up your day like a dash on Fuschia Pink and nothing looks more feminine than a smack of pastel pink. 

Whichever shade you choose of this gorgeous color, you cannot go wrong this Winter...

7. Chartreuse
Now this is one shade I promise will be a favorite for all Neon lovers! Also known as Fluorescent Yellow or even Apple Green, this neony green is not for the faint hearted! You wanna go bold, wanna wake up your inner fashionista, then baby this is the color to rock!

8. White 
Need a bit of respite from all the bursts of color? Then white is what you want to go for... Not the bright white, not the "Rin Safedi" white, but a more mellowed Winter White that reminds you of sunny beaches and flowy canopies.... 

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  1. Loves the post!! very informative.<3

  2. Lovely post..tangerine for me I have gone all whacko over orange


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