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REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Color In Cherry Kiss

Before Maybelline launched it, I never ever wushed for Baby Soft Lips. I mean come on! I have wished for Angelina Jolie Lips, Soft Lips, Kissable Lips but who ever thought of Baby Soft Lips? I know right! Ha ha :D

But then am a beauty blogger, am I not... And I am a girl... The moment they launched it in India, I had to have it and so I got myself the Color version in Cherry Kiss :D

Its basically a regular lip balm in stick form with a really mild Cherry flavor and a almost non-existent reddish tint. I like it cause it is super moisturising, makes my lips all shiny and does not have a strong fragrance :) To be honest, it is quite addictive you know! You just want to go on re-applying it :)

But if you want to compare it to other lip balms, it isn't anything extra-ordinary... I mean its good but nothing about it makes it stand apart from other good lip balms...

The only con that I find with this product is that the diameter of the "stick" is a bit too big for my thin lips…

Simple Ways To Keep Yourself Updated With The Happenings At ISLM :)

This you could say is like one of the most blatant self promotion post of mine ;) But then you could also say that it is my way of ensuring that all my readers get to be updated with the latest happenings ISLM behind the scenes :P

You could all of the below, if haven't already done! :D

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Celebrity Makeup: Madhuri Dixit

I have never been a fan of Madhuri Dixit. Yeah I know weird and stuff but I have somehow never took to her. I have always found her looking older (read matured) than her co-stars, her looks have always been dated, her outfits are super OTT and blingey for my liking and I absolutely hate her hair. But I haven't said a word cause she is like this diva of the 90's and has made a lot of hearts and well other anatomical parts flutter with her "acting" and dancing and well some say even her smile. So let's leave it at that.

But when I came across this look of hers, I could not control myself from posting about it...

There is just nothing I like about the look here... From the mis-matched lipstick shade to OTT bronzing to one wash of Orange (?) eye shadow, nothing works for me or rather for her...
Trying to match your eye shadow with your outfit is one of the biggest mistakes one can ever do and well the Indian mauve-brown lippy isn't helping her case either...

Weekend Updates, #FluRants, #InstagramWeekends

I have not been well since past couple of days and needless to say I could not and well did not do any makeup or wear any extra ordinary outfits ;) I was just too lazy, sluggish, lethargic and well ill to take any interest in anything other than meds, sleep and maggi... Yup Maggi is my fav food when I am sick and it sure serves as comfort food.

But I did do a lot of tweeting and a bit of instagramming ;) And for those who do not follow me on Twitter (Twitter handle @ISmplyLveMakeup or @ssamyukta) or on Instagram (@isimplylovemakeup), here are some of the updates and flu rants :)

How was your weekend? Hope it was better than mine ;)
Miss you guys!

Outfit Post: Subho Bijoya At Office

Subho Bijoya... Happy Dussehra :) Even though yesterday was this much celebrated festival of India, we did not have a holiday in office and to top it of, yesterday was the busiest day of my life! :( In order to keep us cheered up, our office people decided to declare the day as Traditional Day and well yup we were expected to dress up in our traditional best and come to work! ha ha ha.. I love the irony!

So anyways, I chose one of my favorite suits, which I guess I have already featured here on ISLM :) Its a raw silk green kurta with silk threaded embroidery and maroon churidaar and dupatta to go... Its a simple yet elegant suit and I love it for that :)

Makeup Break-up
1. MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure -> All over lid
2. Colorbar Eye Shadow in Black Tied -> Crease
3. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia
4. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Creme Cup 2

I wore the bengali symbol of suhaag i.e. Shaankha, Paula and Noa/Loha too :)

Outfit Post: A Day Out with Mamma to the First Indian Starbucks

By now everyone knows that Starbucks has finally entered India in alliance with Tata and their flagship store has been set shop in South Mumbai at the Hornimun Circle Area... So this weekend when I went to Mumbai, I knew I had to go brunching with my mom to Starbucks and yay what an experience :) Now of course everyone says that Starbucks is one of the most overrated coffee shops in the world and all that jazz but really I am having a 60 seconds of fame thing going on and plus come on Starbucks is finally in India, is something I really think we as Indians should celebrate :) Foreign investors coming to our country to earn money is like a big deal people!
Isn't it awesome to see the Starbucks sign in Hindi/Marathi? ;)

Here, is what I wore...

Outfit Breakup
1. Electric Blue Denims: WESTSIDE
2. Baby Pink Top: PUNE CENTRAL
3. Nude Ballerina Flats: CATWALK  (this one's for you Sheetal ;) )

My mom's Fashionista moment ;) Isn't she cute? :)

I love her peach denims! I am so gett…

Outfit Post: For A Night of Catching Up!

It's been a while I have left school (understatement of the year but whatever!) and well I am guilty of not being in touch with most of my school mates over all these years... They have been catching up and meeting up but somehow I could never get the time or the situation was just not right. So finally this weekend when I went to Bombay, I decided to pester my school friends who live in Bombay to finally meet with me. We met up at this awesome place called "Big Nasty" in Bandra and conversation just flowed :) It was great getting back home super high and then acting as if everything was normal in front of my mom! LOL :D

This is what I wore... Simple but quirky ;)

Nope! It isn't an all black outfit... Why? Check out the next pic :)

Outfit Breakdown
1. Black Corduroy Skirt -> MANGO
2. Top -> GLOBUS
3. Nude Ballerinas ->  CATWALK

Lemme know how you like my simple yet quirky outfit ;)

P.S. Apologies for the really bad quality pictures :(

REVIEW & LOTD: Colorbar True Gloss Lip Gloss in Natural Tan

You know how every one keeps chanting the term MLBB? Well for those who still find it to be akin to Heiroglyph, MLBB stands for My Lips But Better. Honestly? I have always been jealous of those who have found their MLBB shades and needless to say I have been on the lookout for it myself... But all in vain. I did come close to find my ML (My Lips) shade in MAC Taupe, but the BB (But Better) part is something that has been eluding since like ever! So imagine my surprise when I finally got myself Colorbar's True Gloss Lip Gloss in Natural Tan and found it to be my MLBB :D Oh yeah baby, I am now a proud owner of an MLBB lip gloss :)

It was out of sheer accident that I bought this. I had got myself the bright pink shade in Vintage Rose and since it turned out be one rocking product, I ventured into Beauty Center to get me some more shades in this range... Yup I bought a couple of more shades in Pinks and Oranges too. But when I saw this shade, a tiny little voice from inside of me pes…

Hair Color? This is how I made up my mind about it!

Now let's face it, I have terrible hair... No really I do... Let's say what God didn't give my hair, compensated it with my skin and I sure have bad hair... People tweet and rant about Bad Hair Days, but for me Bad Hair Days are like any other day and it is the Good Hair Days that I actually tweet and post about ;) You get the drift don't you? :P

So every time I plan to do something new to my hair like rebond, straighten, color or even get a haircut, I have to like give it a lot of thought and totally research things well... And this is what I went through last week when I suddenly decided to color my hair... Now my hair is like the darkest of browns and am totally against getting lighter brown or even blonde highlights... Nope they wouldn't suit me and my coarse hair... I was looking more at shades like Burgundy and Dark Reds but I wasn't quite sure :(

Then I had a mentos and meri dimaag ki batti jal gayee, yup that's a bit of drama that I like to add her…

What To Wear: For A Stroll In The Club Golf Course By The Sea

I love where I stay in Bombay... I stay in Colaba in South Bombay and there is no place else in the country that can match to it... Sandwiched between the Arabian Sea on one side and the best street shopping market in the city i.e. Colaba Causeway on the other, rich with heritage buildings and monuments and even cobbled stone streets in some stretches, "old town" i.e Colaba is sure a part of paradise :) *Touchwood*...

The last weekend that I was in Bombay, we had a Mumbai Bloggers Meet on Saturday, which by now am sure you all know about... So I kept Sunday for my mom solely and we spent the whole day in leisure almost like we were having a best friends' day out :) Around 4:00 pm in the afternoon, my mom started craving some chaat and we decided to go to the US Club where we could stroll along the sea and also satiate our yearning for some chatpat stuff :)

So this is what I wore...

Outfit Breakup
1. Top - Mango
2. Shorts - Local Boutique
3. Ballerinas - Catwalk

REVIEW & LOTD: Bad To Bronze from Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Tattoo Range

Yes yes yes... Another review on yet another Maybelline Eye Tattoo... But this time it is Bad To Bronze... And well I wore it to office... Yes it is a very wearable to office color on its own but can be made dressy with either pairing it with a dramatic colored eye shadow or using it as a base underneath a more shimmery shadow... On its own it subtle and well very flattering is what I finding out as the day progresses. Honest to God, I am really getting a lot of appreciative second glances and well even thinrd and fourth and I must say it is totally feeding my Ego ;) Yeah I know Ego is a bad thing and all that jazz but just sometimes feeding it some fodder can do wonders to your self confidence especially if you have a HUGE PRESENTATION lined up later in the day ;)

So anyways, this shade isn't really bronze-y but is rather like a pale champagne color on my lids and no my lids are not pigmented. They simply blend with my lid color giving it a subtle glow... I love it :) And if I s…