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Which Is The Right Foundation For You? (Part-1)

This is like I think the most asked question and the most difficult question to answer... Let's have a show of hands about how many of you are with me here :P

When I started out with make-up, I was shit scared of wearing foundation cause I did not want to look like a ghost and kept looking for answers to this questions on various blogs and forums. Today, when I am a seasoned beauty blogger, I still dread my readers asking this question to me. Why? The reason simply being that we have very very different skin textures, skin tones, body heat, pH balance and well expectations from a little wonder that we call a foundation. Yes all of these factors contribute to finding the perfect foundation for yourself and it is no easy task to "recommend" a single product to anyone.

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So I thought I'll go ahead and list out the factors that one needs to keep in mind when going for a foundation. Also, do note that this post is a 2 part post and the 2nr part of the post will be coming along pretty shortly as well, where I will be listing out some of my really favorite foundations...

Foundation according to one's skin type
I cannot even begin to tell you all how important it is choose a foundation that is according to your skin type. Yes it is the most important factor and the most significant attribute in making or breaking your look. 

It's terrible to see a matte finish on a dry-skinned beauty because with time, dry skin tends to become drier and by the end of the night you will left feeling really uncomfortable due to your stretchy skin that will also end up itching a lot. Trust me, I have really dry skin and I have been through this particular trauma.

On the other hand, oily skinned ladies will face the issue of their skin becoming more and more oily as the evening wears on and having a matte skin when you started the evening would really help! 

Foundation according to one's skin tone
With our lives being under microscopic scrutiny through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like, every moment of our lives especially celebrations are recorded in pictures and images for everyone to see and "judge". It is of therefore of utmost importance to have everything right and that starts with the right foundation!

I cringe when I see a beautiful face made "unpretty" because of the use of a wrong foundation. The biggest mistakes we tend to make when using a foundation is getting the undertone all wrong... Just because you and I both are on the fairer side doesn't mean that you and I will suit the same foundation. It is extremely important that you know your undertone. I have a yellow undertone and I make it a point to pick up a yellow-based foundation only even if the SA is telling me the other way round.

If you want your foundation to blend seamlessly into your complexion, you must match it to your undertone.

Different Foundations for different seasons
Yes I have different foundations for different seasons and it is one of the major factors that contributes to you looking flawless 365 days a year. I tend to use a lighter coverage foundation during the summers and a "heavier" foundation during the winters. I avoid foundations during the monsoons cause I have a phobia of clogged pores during the humid weather.

Different Foundations for different weathers
My parents stay in Mumbai, which is humid to the core and I stay in Pune, which is like one of the driest places I lived in. The dryness in Pune and the humidity of Mumbai just 200 kms afar never ceases to amaze me. But keeping geography aside, the point to note here is that have different foundations for different cities is the key to not being caught like a deer in the headlights...

I love using my Maxfactor Second Skin liquid foundation in Pune and Colorbar's stick foundation/TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation in Mumbai. 

Which one should I go for? Liquid, Cream/Powder Compact or Stick?
This again is something that you'll be able to answer yourself with a few experiences in your pocket! I generally prefer a liquid foundation when I know the evening is going to be long, maybe stressful and well when I will be alternating between AC and non-AC.

When I was getting married, I had used my Maxfactor Second Skin Liquid Foundation on myself. It stayed put all night like how a good foundation is supposed to but the amazing thing was that it did not oxidize! With stress, our body starts releasing a lot of hormones and pheromones and not to forget heat that tends to oxidize the foundation and make it go darker. I have seen out of my own experience that liquid foundations tend to fight oxidizing more effectively than the cream compact ones.

Once the foundation is done, I am ready to go right?
Wrong! Once you have found your perfect foundation and it blends into you, it is really important to "sculpt" your face. A foundation especially heavy coverage ones tend to make your face look flat as they hide every indent, every curve on your face. Thus you need to highlight and lowlight your face to give it dimension. If you are not confident using a bronzer or a contour shade, just a dab of blush at the right location can do wonders!

Some cardinal rules that I follow:
1. I always use a primer under my foundation.

2. I always moisturise my face before applying the primer

3. If I feel the foundation not gliding smoothly on my face then I run far away from it. For dry skin beauties, your foundation should easily glide on your skin. For oily skinned beauties make sure that your foundation does not glide too easily on your skin :P

4. I mostly use a light coverage foundation and so always keep my face bleached... Fine hair visible under the foundation is as gross as it can get.

5. I always buy a yellow-based foundation as it suits with my undertone. 85% of us Indians have a yellow undertone. 

Do not listen to anyone... Do your research and do not be afraid to try out a couple of foundations before you settle onto the one that suits you best :)


  1. hi...nice post & a long one too :P
    Maxfactor was my first foundation which I got in Jan before that I used only tinted moisturizers. It suits my skin & tone well, so I dint bother looking for others.

  2. wow dat was very informative samyukta :)

    waiting for ur second post now!!! :D


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