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REVIEW: Vivel 3-in-1 Face Wash+Scrub

OMG I feel like I am doing a product review after ages and yup it has been a while hasn't it :) Thanks to all of you, who missed and actually wrote to me saying so :) It is mails like these that make my hobby of being a beauty blogger all the more special :) Thank you!

Today, I shall be reviewing Vivel's 3-in-1 Face Wash+Scrub for soft, clear and glowing skin. It is supposed to be "All Skin Types" and "For Everyday Use". It contains jojoba beads, which are nothing but Jojoba esters created by complete hydrogenation of Jojoba oils. The oils are used as emollients and the esters or the beads are used for exfoliation.

Vivel Face wash+scrub is actually what is it called. It has these exfoliating jojoba beads floating in a face wash. The exfoliating beads are just right, they are not at all harsh and neither do they dissolve in water very fast. I loved the product as a scrub. It does have a strong fragrance but it isn't unbearable or synthetic smelling.


Which Is The Right Foundation For You? (Part-1)

This is like I think the most asked question and the most difficult question to answer... Let's have a show of hands about how many of you are with me here :P

When I started out with make-up, I was shit scared of wearing foundation cause I did not want to look like a ghost and kept looking for answers to this questions on various blogs and forums. Today, when I am a seasoned beauty blogger, I still dread my readers asking this question to me. Why? The reason simply being that we have very very different skin textures, skin tones, body heat, pH balance and well expectations from a little wonder that we call a foundation. Yes all of these factors contribute to finding the perfect foundation for yourself and it is no easy task to "recommend" a single product to anyone.

So I thought I'll go ahead and list out the factors that one needs to keep in mind when going for a foundation. Also, do note that this post is a 2 part post and the 2nr part of the post will be coming al…

Reader Appreciation: Shruti Kulkarni on her wedding makeup

If you guys follow and read my blog regularly, you wold recollect that a while back I had, had the opportunity to do a wedding makeup for a friend's friend Shruti (now she's my friend too)...  If you don't then here's the link to refresh your memory :) Well, she is now back from her really long honeymoon ;) and decided to write me an email to thank me. Well I must say I should be the one thanking her for for faith she put in me, an amateur makeup enthusiast to do her wedding and reception makeup.

Here is what she has to say :)

My sincere apologies for delaying this so much....I wish I had done this much earlier but somehow I wasn't very confident if I could put this up as perfectly as I wanted it to be or felt about it with my experiences.
But this delay has been long enough now and I thought I might as well write it down for you and your blog followers to know than wait for the right time.

June 2012 (the month I was going to get married) arrived much earlier t…

My Favorites: From The Body Shop

I have ladies and gentlemen decided to start a brand new section where I shall be listing out my favorite products from a particular category like fav products from a particular brand, fav products for traveling, fav products for a particular season and the like and also a link to their reviews... I am hoping it will useful for a lot of you :) So here goes...

My today's post is about my favorite products from The Body Shop :)
These are like most of the TBS products that I am using at the moment... There are a few others that either expired or got over or well are just not worth the mention ;)
And here ladies and gentlemen are my current favorites :)

1. TBS Banana Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner duo is something that I am lately swearing by. Since the day I have started using them, my hair hasn't been better :)
Review Here

2. TBS Peach Body Butter

I love this body butter for it's refreshing and very yummily real Peachy fragrance. Everytime I smell it, I wa…

Makeup Vs Natural Beauty

The title of my post is quite misleading... In the sense that my today's post is not gonna be listing out a comparison between the two, rather I am on the hunt to prove that people even implying that they are both related (in an opposite) is actually baseless and utter nonsense.

With social networking all rampant, people keep coming out with thoughts and quotes of the day and even "inspirational" pictures about how natural beauty is important and makeup masks it... It's all booger and I think we need people to realise that makeup isn't all that bad especially when you are doing it cause you enjoy it.

Boo to these....

Tell me, people who do makeup aren't they naturally beautiful? Or are naturally beautiful people not to do makeup? I mean isn't the whole debate utterly useless? Why should there even be a relation between makeup and Natural beauty? I am naturally beautiful FULLSTOP I love doing makeup FULLSTOP Why is there a need for me to justify why I need…

Celebrity Makeup: Neena and Masaba Gupta

This is just a one liner post... Ok may be 3 :P

The mother-daughter duo, Neena and Masaba really have a swell sense of style that can be best described as quirky and individualistic but makeup-wise? They really need to get their Pink shade of lipstick sorted. Ladies... go for any any color you fancy but remember to pick out a shade of that color that enhances your complexion and not make you sallow and ill!

Raise hands (ok comment) if you agree :P

Image Source

Celebrity Makeup: Kareena Kapoor (Again!)

One celebrity who rarely ever gets her makeup wrong in Kareena Kapoor and the best part about her looks are that they are never boring... She doesn't really stick to a particular kind of look and somehow whatever she does looks just so awesome on her... And this look was no different... It was spectacular, went really well with her gold sequined Atsu dress and my my did she look glamorous or what!

She went with a subtle black winged liner and pretty Red lips... My kind of makeup for sure!

Ok, I really need to give this to her... She has some very obvious arm-candy (read fat arms) but she embraces them... I should pick up a couple of pointers about loving your arm candy for sure ;)

Image Source1
Image Source2

Handlooms Of India Photoshoot Looks...

Helllloooooo my beautiful readers :) If you follow my blog regularly or at least are on FB and twitter with me you'll know that I had been chosen as the Face of Handlooms Of India? No, you didnt know? Oooh check this post out then...

Anyways, with their online store launch on Ganesh Chaturthi i.e. 19th September, the photoshoots for various of their products are now in full swing! And that means I have become even more busy... Phew! But I am enjoying every bit of it :) I am today gonna be sharing a few pics with you all (at least the ones I am allowed to share :P) to give you guys an insight about the makeup I did and the looks I was ask to sport :) So here goes...

There are three major looks that I sported that require a mention here...
1. Look 1: Manic and esoteric for some gorgeous hand crafted Camel Bone jewellery. For this I did a fierce and thick winged liner look. I did it for me and another model...

2. Look 2: Modern and eclectic for a traditional handloom called Khand th…

Celebrity Makeup: Kareena Kapoor

Let me first start by saying that I am not much of a Kareena Kapoor fan but the makeup looks that she has been belting out one after the other is sure getting me into a tizzy and I am totally in love with her for this. I was on a makeup hiatus since a while but checking out Kareena Kapoor's looks these past few days and I am all revved up and ready to restart my EOTD posts ;) Parita has already requested for one ;)

But today's post is specially dedicated to this uber cool, ultra chic and super hot smokey eye makeup that she sported with a pristine white dress at a promotional event for her movie "Heroine".

The dress as such am not really a fan of though I don't hate it either... I think its the sleeves that are making me a bit uncomfortable especially with the busy necklace and the heavy eye makeup! If I had to make the outfit a lit less busy, I would make the dress either sleeveless or with fitted 3/4 sleeves... The makeup and the necklace stay! :D

But the post…

REVIEW: The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter

Hellllloooooo everyone... It feels like a decade that I posted on ISLM (yup I do love a bit of exaggeration here and there :P) and it feels awesome to be back :) I plan to review TBS Spice Vanilla Body Butter and I know it has been reviewed like 27,836 times on the beauty blogosphere already but aren't you a tad bit curious about my take on it? ;)

Spiced Vanilla is a beautifully rich vanilla scented body butter that isn't too sweet. It smells more like a cinnamon doughnut than anything else ;) Its a perfect fragrance for the colder months though and because of the richness of its fragrance I cannot see myself using it in warmer weather... For summers I prefer fruity fragrances like Peach body butter, mango body butter and satsuma body butter... For winters I am loving Spiced Vanilla :)

Though the tub does not specify any skin type, this particular one is suiting my dry skin to the Tee. Just a layer and my skin feels all smooth and pampered. Its fragrance stays on for like rea…