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REVIEW: The Body Shop Apricot and Basil 100% Biodegradable Shower Gel

Yes yes yes, I hauled and TBS and now TBS reviews are the kind of posts that you will be literally bombarded with :P Today it is The Body Shop Apricot and Basil 100% Biodegradable Shower Gel from the Earth Lovers Collection...

True to it's name, it sure is a treasured collection for Earth Lovers because of it being 100% biodegradable. It is sulphates and paraben free and if you are still not happy then let me tell you that the bottle of the shower gel is made out of 100% recycled plastic... Now this sure should be a great way of celebrating The World Environment Day! Ha ha :)

The light green semi transparent bottle itself looks really pretty and feminine and the interesting combinations that TBS has come up with where core ingredients are concerned and simply so attractive! Apricot and Basil in a shower gel... Now who could have thought of that? It's pure genius :)

The shower gel lathers up really well and a small amount goes a long way without a doubt! And that's where the good things end...

One major issue that I have with the product is that it is very very drying and not a very comfortable product to use for people with dry skin... And do note that this review is during the Monsoons!!! Oily skin and normal skin would just love it! :) Another small con with the product is that the product itself is very "runny" and not at all like a shower "gel"!

Images of the Product:

Ooooohhss And Aaahhhsss!!!
1. It is 100% bio-degradable
2. It is sulphates and paraben free.
3. The bottle itself is very pretty :)
4. It has a subtle lingering fragrance, which is rather fresh and not at all sweet.
5. It is without a doubt very refreshing, I think its the "basil".
6. It is quite easy on the pocket especially when compared to other TBS products :P
7. Comes in a variety of combinations and hence it is really easy to choose on the basis of your preference :)

1. It dries up the skin and hence isn't very suitable for dry skin.
2. The texture of the product is quite runny and not at all like a gel!

It costs INR 390/-

Unfortunately, no! I really prefer moisturising or at least non-drying shower gels.

Do I Recommend?
It is very drying for dry skin but that spells good news for Oily skinned and even noramal skinned beauties out there :)

Overall Rating:
7/10 -> Dry Skin
9/10 -> Normal/Oily skin


  1. dries up the skin :( not for have you been?

    1. yup :( its a downer :(
      i have been doing good Pari, just a bit under the weather over the weekend :( what about you? listen my b'day is coming up and i want to order a cake ;)

    2. oh wow..sure dear..just email me the details na :) btw you use colorbar's precision eyeliner a lot na? i was trying to find the review but didnt find have reviewed it na? pls let me know hows it coz m planning to order one :)

    3. yup will surely mail u details ;) and yeah i love the colorbar liner... will be doing the review tomorrow so just stay put :)

    4. kewl..then will order after your review only :) thanks

  2. nice review suma darlin..i can see ur tbs mania these controlled myself alot this time otherwise am also a tbs addict..hehe..

    1. hahahahah yeah TBS mania is the right phrase for it ;) and TBS is soo addictive na!!!

  3. even I noticed that these were very runny. I was thinking of getting the watermelon one (the variants are real work of brain! ) but if its so drying even for rainy days then I better stay far far away. Thanks for saving my 390 bucks...hugs

  4. i use the lemon n thyme and pear&lemongrass ones...i didnt find them drying (i have dry skin 2)..but i agree that they are quite runny n therefore i end up using more product than needed!!i might not buy them again!!


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