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Celebrity Makeup: Amrita Puri

My love for Red Lips and Bronzer is common knowledge now and anyone sporting a red lipstick becomes my instant favorite... However the shade of the lipstick on Amrita Puri below with the white blingey saree seems to be a bit off...

I love the saree separately and I totally love the makeup if I just see her neck up, so I inferred that the issue lies with the pairing of the saree with the particular makeup! Yup! I have always been good at analytical mathematics :P

The makeup alone would look awesome with a western black/royal blue/emerald green gown... With the saree in the picture, I would have gone for a brighter shade of red lippy... Maybe MAC Ruby Woo or Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Hot Hot Hot or even Lakme Absolute in Classic Rose.

Btw, I love the way she has her bronzer applied... She totally rocks it! :D

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Reader Appreciation: Thank you for cheering me up :)

You all know that I have been MIA since a fortnight now and even though I did tell you all that I shall be resuming to write again but I haven't been able to keep my promise to you all... I apologize... It's just that I have been going through a rough patch right now... But I received an email yesterday from one of ISLM's readers and well it really helped me to bounce back :) Thank you Sree :)

Here are her words of appreciation...

Hi Samyukta, This is Sree from Chennai. I am basically born and bougt up in the suburbs of Mumbai.Came in to Chennai like a couple of years before a project Change(Yeah,Software Engineer !!) and got married and settled in Chennai.We just celebrated our anniversary this June . ***Blushes**** I came across your blog like a couple of months before and I instantly fell in love with it. Your style of blogging is just so impressive and makes me just get glued to it.To be frank,after reading your blog,I don't find any other blog this interesting.…

I Love You All!!!

Ladies.... I have missed you all sooooo much...
I have been missing in action since almost a fortnight but let me tell you all that I am now back and will be posting regularly from now on :) I have had a few personal issues to deal with but I would like to thank you so much for all your emails and texts and the concern and support you guys have showed to me the past two weeks... It really means a lot and I am so touched! Not only that, my GFC followers almost increased by 15 in these last 15 days and I am so psyched by the fact that you guys love me so much :)


REVIEW: Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color In "Flirtatious Pink"

In addition to the TBS fetish, I am also on a Colorbar roll and yup you will be getting to read a lot of Colorbar product reviews as well :) Today I bring to you ladies and gentlemen, Colorbar's Take Me As I Am Lip COlor in "Flirtatious Pink". Do not relegate it to being a "too bright a pink" and "it won't suit me" categories cause even though it is called flirtatious and we might mistake it for a bright hue of Pink, Colorbar has very thoughtfully made it a yellow pink that is sure to suit almost all Indian skintones :) Yay for that :D

Why did I buy it? I don't know... I was just loitering inside Beauty Center at Crawford Market when I realised that I needed to buy my Colorbar (Precision) Watreproof Liquid Eyeliner as I had already finished my third bottle when this little chubby thing caught my eye. The SA was more than happy to show me all the shades and very proudly said, it comes with its own sharpener. Believe it or not I was sold at tha…

REVIEW: Colorbar (Precision) Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

We beauty bloggers are known (and sometimes expected) to keep trying out new products that keep getting launched in the market, but like everyone else we also have a selected few products that are our favorites and we keep going back to them :) Isn't it? Well for me Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Black is one of them. I am on my fourth "bottle" and well I am yet to come across an eye liner that competes with it terms of price, pigmentation, staying power and waterproof-ness.

This eye liner has a decent pigmentation and though it may not be the "jettest" of black but it sure is black enough for me. The feature that makes it a champion for me is that it is really waterproof without even flaking... Another super awesome feature of this eye liner is that it stays out on my lids without rubbing/transferring even though my lids are super oily. Lakme intense artist transfers and even duraline mixed eye shadows don't hold up on my oily lids. But this Colo…

REVIEW: The Body Shop Apricot and Basil 100% Biodegradable Shower Gel

Yes yes yes, I hauled and TBS and now TBS reviews are the kind of posts that you will be literally bombarded with :P Today it is The Body Shop Apricot and Basil 100% Biodegradable Shower Gel from the Earth Lovers Collection...

True to it's name, it sure is a treasured collection for Earth Lovers because of it being 100% biodegradable. It is sulphates and paraben free and if you are still not happy then let me tell you that the bottle of the shower gel is made out of 100% recycled plastic... Now this sure should be a great way of celebrating The World Environment Day! Ha ha :)

The light green semi transparent bottle itself looks really pretty and feminine and the interesting combinations that TBS has come up with where core ingredients are concerned and simply so attractive! Apricot and Basil in a shower gel... Now who could have thought of that? It's pure genius :)

The shower gel lathers up really well and a small amount goes a long way without a doubt! And that's where t…

REVIEW: The Body Shop Banana Shampoo And Conditioner

I have never ever liked to eat bananas... Never! My dad swears by them but he could never get me to eat them but the day I laid my eyes on the TBS Banana shampoo and conditioner, I am seeing bananas in a totally different light... I might even venture into buying a dozen when I go fruits shopping the next time... Ha ha!

I have severely dry and frizzy hair and yes you may call them damaged as well, I will not take offense to it :P But they have been tamed to quite an extent when I started using the TBS RainForest Shampoo and Conditioner duo... I was really happy with it until I smelled the Banana Shampoo on one of my impromptu visits to TBS. It was love at first smell. Literally! I didn't buy it then cause I wanted to first finish my RainForest range and well needless to say, the day it got over, I rushed to TBS and got me these beauties :)

The Banana shampoo and conditioner look similar with a slight difference in their consistencies. They both look like freshly made banana shake…