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REVIEW: Johnson's Baby Lotion on Adult Skin

I am itching to do some makeup EOTDs and LOTDs since a while now but with guests at home I am not getting any time... So for a while you guys are stuck with me doing reviews. Not that my reviews do not need much efforts but as compared to EOTDs and LOTDs, reviews are a little bit less demanding where time constraints are concerned... Don't you agree? :)

Today I shall be reviewing the Johnson's baby lotion and before you raise your eye brows and say to yourself "WTF" let me make it absolutely clear that I bought it when I was out of a moisturiser and needed one pronto! This was the only one available and so I just bought it. I figured if it was good for babies, how could it be bad for me? The truth? Read on ;)

Johnson's Baby Lotion is Clinically proven to be mild and mild it sure is. It has a soft and soothing fragrance, which I love. Once applied it gets absorbed really fast and does not leave a residual oiliness or greasiness. It would be perfect for normal skinned beauties and oily skinned beauties sure can give it a shot for sure. I being dry skinned need to apply it at least thrice consecutively. I need to reapply after about 3-4 hours and that is a bummer especially if I am wearing makeup on top. I hate to re-touch my moisturiser cause it means that I have to wipe away my blush, re-apply the moisturiser and then reapply my blush. Not nice :(

But is seriously is soothing and totally makes my skin glow and look nourished and hydrated.

Image of the Product

Oooohhss And Aaaahhsss!!
1. It gets absorbed immediately and does not leave a greasiness on the face.
2.  Has a very soft and soothing fragrance that lingers on for the whole day!
3. Does not cause any reactions or allergies.
4. If it is mild for a baby then it really couldn't be harsh on your skin!
5. Very easily available in all general as well as medical stores.

1. Needs reapplying after 3-4 hours.
2. A bit on the expensive side

It costs INR 90/- for 100 ml

Would I Recommend?
I sure would recommend it to people with normal skin hands down! It could even prove to be a boon for oily skinned beauties... Dry skinned beauties if you don't mind reapplying your moisturiser after every 4 hours then you have found yourself a winner but only for Summers! It could in no way battle Winter's dryness!

Overall Rating:


  1. ooohh this is why ur all glowy glowy :))

  2. I am having this and time to try now :D :D Thanks for the review

    1. :) what is your skin type Lancy?

    2. Mine normal to oily :).. In winters, its just 'normal'

    3. me tooo..its goood....i like it

    4. me tooo..its goood....i like it

  3. Doesnt work for me at skin gets dry after an hour of applying it...

    1. i get that feeling after about 3-4 hours :( but the first two hours after application is sure bliss :)

  4. I used to use this 3-4 yrs back totally for the fragrance <3

    1. i soo know what you mean Pari ;) the fragrance is sooo calming na? :)

  5. it suits my skin during summers...i need to get one ..the previous bottle finished !

  6. I use this as a gentle cleanser :)

  7. I would love to use tis product now
    totaly fit for my skin type
    n even suits my daily routine as i can apply it aftr 4-5 hrs. Without a prob.
    thanks 4 d reviews
    they r realy helpfuk at times ;)

  8. I use the Johnson's baby aqueous cream for dry skin. It is thicker than the lotion and I find that there is no need to re-apply and it does not make my skin oily. Maybe you will also find the thicker cream better! :)


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