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Purple & Bronze Smokey Eyes

Hey everyone :) I had been itching to do a "look" since a while now and though I wasn't really getting any time and was at times feeling lazy, it just kept getting shelved :P But I finally did a look last night and you guys be the judges of how it turned out to be :)

I have used 4 shades of eye shadows to create this look and I feel quite achieved looking at the blending... If you guys want I can do a tutorial for this look as well. Lemme know if you need a pictorial one or a video tutorial :) I will be happy to do either :)

Products Used
1. Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick With SPF 30
2. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia
3. Maybelline Blush in Apricot Flush
4. Lakme Fantasy Collection Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer

1. Inglot DS72 (Sparkly Purple)
2. MAC Folie
3. MAC Antiqued
4. Colorbar Black Tied

1. Colorbar Take Me As I Am  in "Flirtatious Pink"
2. TBS Lip Treatment Gloss in "Beige SParkle"

Yes I have loads of "grey" hair :( Its a heredi…

Mumbai Haul

Its been a while I did haul posts and well it isn't really a surprise keeping in view the makeup ban I had imposed on myself :P But this time when I went to Mumbai, I knew I was going to let myself get tempted and well just HAUL :D And Haul I did :) I hauled at Beauty Center (Crawford Market) and TBS and I think it would be really honest on my part if I told you all that I am literally broke! But enjoying every moment of it ;) Ha ha!

Here are some pictures.... Sighhhhhh... You have no idea how fulfilled I feel :)

The Products (Some Are Repeats As I loved Them So Much)
1. TBS Spiced Vanilla Body Butter - Repeat
2. TBS Earth Lovers Apricot and Basil Shower Gel
3. TBS Jewelled Heart Compact Mirror
4. TBS Swedish Spa Body Scrub
5. Colorbar Take Me As I Am in "Flirtatious Pink"
6. Colorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick With SPF 30 in "Au Natural"
7. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in "Summer Rain"
8. Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Liner in "Black" - Repeat
9. Maybe…

Reader Request: Suggestions For Long Wear Foundations For Office

Navya says,

Hi Samyukta,
Your blog is very nice and has given me inspiration to take make up seriously. I really wish that you should have been in my office so that i would have been able to learn each and every thing from you face to face :). I really like your "Office Look" series. The only thing i want is that please let me know the foundation you use for every day wear in office (basically for long hours which one is good). Haan and one post on night creams which are available in market and their pros and cons.
I really would appreciate your help/suggestions. Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi Navya... First off thank you so much for all your kind words :) Am so glad that you like my "Office Look" series :) All thanks goes to Pranali for motivating me to do it...

Regarding a long wear foundation suitable for office, I do not use any but I could surely suggest a few... Do note that I am listing out "light coverage" foundations as heavier…

Weekly Roundup1: Rants, Instagram et al

I am going to Mumbai yet again! :D And this time it's special cause it'll be like a reunion of sorts... Family side as well as my school friends' side :) Plus since the pati is out of town, I'll get to have a guilt-free trip without having to worry about what he had for dinner and if the maid came to do "bartan" and all that gharelu stuff ;) On the flip side my mom-in-law who really keeps worrying about me being alone here will get to have some rest mentally not having to worry about my safety! :D hehehe Isn't she sweet? :) Plus my mum in Mumbai is ecstatic cause this weekend not only her daughter (ahem! me) but also both her sisters are visiting from Kolkata and Nagpur.... So she is like on Cloud 9 or something :D And of course papa is just so relieved that I am coming to give him company cause else he would have been totally smothered by his "saalis" hahahahha :D

And most important of all, I get to visit MAC :) Cause Pune MAC is shut due to a …

REVIEW: Kiehl's Stylist Series Silk Groom Serum

Unlike my skin, my hair has a mind of its own... It ignores my pleas, my efforts behind it and completely disregards the amount of money I spend on trying to tame it... Sometimes I feel like pet owner where my skin is a dog and my hair, a cat :P Strange analogy, I know... But pet owners and lovers will agree for sure ;)

This was the story of my life until I found Kiehl's Silk Groom Serum. This was the first product that I bought from Kiehl's and I must say that this totally got me hooked to the brand! I got it from the Kiehl's store in Inorbit Mall in Mumbai when Jinal, Preetha and Jyoti had met up long long time ago ;)

What The Brand Claims
"For A Glossy, Non-Frizz Finish". This unique, ultra-light and non-greasy serum tames frizzy and rebellious hair for a groomed look with a glossy shine. Infused with a blend of natural oils derived from Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and Soy beans, our formula smoothes frizz and dry-ends and controls hair without weighing it d…

How To Wear: Flower Power To Office ;)

I am in a superb mood today... Why I dunno and well when I am in a good mood, I take a looobnnnngggg time to dress up for office ;) Plus I was in the mood for some Red and some flowers and so I took out this top of mine... Now before I go any further, lemme clarify that I am a simple makeup-ista who also loves to dress up and so there will be instances when I will repeating some part of my outfit sometimes... It could be my denims, my shoes so bear with me... I generally tend to repeat my clothes very often until I clear my wardrobe and the clothes lying at the back all forgotten come to the fore :P And this phenomenon takes place once every two months ;)

So anyways... Coming back to my today's outfit, I wore this and I am so loving my outfit today ;)

Jeans: Lee
Top: Mufti For Westside
Peep Toe Pumps: Catwalk

MAC Folie in the crease
MAC Honesty on the lid
Maybelline Gel Liner
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara
Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia
Colorbar Velvet Matte Lippy in Over The…

REVIEW: The Body Shop Peach Body Butter (For All Skin Types)

I never ever buy body butters and body lotions that say "For All Skin Types"... Nope! I know I have super dry skin and so I always stick to "For Dry Skin" but I had to had to give in and buy this "All Skin Types" Peach body butter only because it smell heavenly. Now let me tell you this... I generally love all fragrances from Body Shop but this one was different. It was so fresh, so real, so fruit-like! Wow! It actually smells of real peaches. I really really wonder how TBS manages to garner these fragrances into their products...

Body Butter wise, I think it would be perfect for people with normal skin... I really could have done with some more butter-y consistency that would be more moisturising for us dry-skinned beauties... My friend with normal skin totally fell for it... Consistency as well as fragrance wise :) The best part about the fragrance is that the smell stays for almost 6 hours! I really dig that about this body butter :)

Image of the Produ…

I Am The Face Of Handlooms Of India :)

Oh wow! Just saying it makes me feel so awesome! :) If you guys follow me on twitter (you don't? Then you better :P) then you'd know that I had been approached by someone to model for them... Well now let me break the news to you all... I was asked by Handlooms Of India to be their "face"!!! How cool is that?
Well, they are a Pune based enterprise who were looking for a "known" face in the blogging world and Ahem! they chose me! Ok, the fact that I am based out of Pune also helped I guess :P But you guys have to believe me when I say that it feels really cool :D Ha ha! Apart from the "cool" factor, the fact that I got to dress up in these beautiful handloom sarees and don these beautiful pieces of our Indian heritage was just so exhilarating! And then I got to do my hair and makeup, which was simply the cherry on the cake ;) He he... 
Here's something about them in case you are wondering what is it all about (straight from the horse's mou…

What To Wear: To Work On A Big Meeting Day

Though my organization doesn't really have any dress code as you all already know but then there do come days that warrant a bit more of a "formal" attire as compared to the other days. These days are generally when a senior manager is visiting your team or when you have a presentation to give or when you are meeting a client. One such day was Tuesday and this is what I wore...

Black Shirt: Calvin Klein
Dark Denims: Lee
Peep-Toe Slingbacks: Enroute

1. Maybelline Gel Liner as Kohl
2. Colorbar I-Glide Pencil in NavyBlue for a Liner
3. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia
4. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Bare
5. Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm as gloss

Did you guys like the look? 

REVIEW: The Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Sweet Lemon

Oh yeah baby... I hauled at TBS :) I said ba*ls to my makeup shopping ban and went all out and shopped at TBS... La la la... It makes me feel so good ;) LOL... I entered the TBS store at Phoenix Market City with my mind already made up as to what all I wanted to purchase and well I bought these :)

A few days ago while I was researching for TBS products I realised there wasn't many reviews on Indian blogs about these beautifying oils that TBS had come out with... I knew in an instant I had to try out these oils and review them for you guys here ;) *yeah yeah I am so considerate :P* But honestly? You really cannot keep a dry-skinned, oil-junkie away from a beautifying oil now can you? ;)

I picked up Sweet Lemon cause I wanted something citrus and I was sooooo over choco and cocoa fragrances! Fragrance-wise I do not regret cause it really smells fresh though to some it may smell a tad bit like "Lizol-Lemon" :P Am just saying, smell all the oils and then buy the fragrance y…

What To Wear: When You Miss Summers During the Monsoons...

I hate hate hate the monsoons, I simply loathe the rainy season and the muck and gloom it brings along with it. I each year invariably miss the sun and the cheer whenever it starts to pour and well that's how I spent my weekend (well apart from the photoshoot I have been hinting at)... So this weekend when we were having a little get-together with friends, I decided to take out my most summery outfit, complete with big floral prints and wear it :)

Here's the outfit...

Dress: Design from the internet, stitched by my tailor
Peep-toe Pumps: Carlton London (courtesy of Brandmile)

1. Black winged liner look
2. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia
3. Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm

1. Pouf and a high ponytail :) Tutorial here

Hope you guys like the look :)

Hair Tutorial (Video): Three Ways To Pouf Your Hair

On popular demand I am here with my first hair tutorial :) It's a basic tutorial that shows you three ways to pouf your hair and look all glamorous Hollywood style ;)

I hope you guys like it and do like and comment on it. And yes please do subscribe to my youtube channel here:

And here's the link if you want to watch it directly on youtube :)

You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here :)

Tutorial: Cover Inspired Bold Winged Eye MakeUp

Hello everyone :) I feel all bright and chirpy today cause I have had a super productive morning and well nothing cheers me up more than ticking off items off my "To Do List" :) Raise hands if you feel the same :) And one such item on my to-do list was to do a tutorial for a look I had done a long time ago here and which many of you and specially Roshini has been waiting for :)

Ok, if you are one of those who don't check embedded links like me, then to remind you all, this was the look I had done inspired by Harper's Bazaar's Anniversary Issue where they had Vidya Balan look smoking hot in straight bangs and sultry eye makeup :) The following was my version and this is the tutorial for it! (Yes Finally!) :D

Products Used:
1. Maybelline Gel Liner
2. NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skintone
3. MAC Zoom Fast Lash Mascara
4. Black Eye Shadow
5. Flat Smudger Brush (Colorbar Brush No 122)

1. Apply eye shadow base generously on your eye lids as well as under your eyes.