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This Or That: Colorbar I-Glide Pencils vs Faces Long Wear Pencils

It has always been a bone of contention whether the Colorbar I-Glide Pencils were the ones to go for or whether the Faces Long Wear pencils fare better. Of course both are dear to us beauty bloggers and to all beauty enthusiasts but seriously sometimes even I am at a loss at what I should really go for. Both ranges of pencils have similar shades and similar staying power even on oily lids, so getting confused between the two is an expected deal :)

Hence, I am trying to make an endeavor to make it easier for everyone of us to finally make a decision where these two pencils are concerned :)


Colorbar I-Glide & Faces Long Wear Pencils
Staying Power
They have similar staying power. They stay on for more than 8 hours easily.
Performance on Oily Lids
They both stay on and do not transfer or smudge on oily lids. I have super oily lids and I vouch for them both
Both are super smooth texture-wise and glide on like a dream!
With Faces stores open nationwide plus with the advent of various online beauty portals, availability of both is not an issue.
Ease of Removal
Both are waterproof but can easily removed with soap or makeup remover. No tugging, no scrubbing :)


Colorbar I-Glide Pencils
Faces Long Wear Pencils
They cost Rs. 375/- per pencil
They cost Rs.249/- per pencil
Each pencils weighs 1.1 gms
Each pencil weighs 1.5 gms
Color Selection
Decent range of shades available
The range of shades available in this pencil is a tad bit more that those of the Colorbar ones :)

Though the competition was really close, Faces Long Wear Pencils win by a slight margin mostly on the basis of the cost of the pencils :) Other than that it is super difficult to judge on the better pencil :)

What is your take on it?


  1. Faces ones for me..I totally love them..colorbar has become even more expensive re its 399 now

    1. They increased prices for I-Glides too? These pencils were already on the expensive side and now its almost 400 bucks? LOL.. what are they even trying to do?

  2. Both of these are so similar....Sad!!! Colorbar lost because of price factor...The I-glide pencils look prettier than the faces one though

    1. hahahah yeah the silver colored pencils tend to be very eye catching :) though i like the black sleek looking Faces pencil ka look as well :)

  3. I adore the faces one . . . havent used colorbar but i dont want to spend 400 bucks on a similar product !!!!

  4. Hands down Faces for me! colorbar have increased prices for most of their products dont know where they are going with that :P

    1. i swear! I see no logic in increasing prices for everything! Even MAC is doing that! I think they are following the petrol prices ka trend :P

  5. thanks for comparison post, it is really difficult for us to get these in our place

  6. yay!am gonna hoard more faces pencils now..thanku Suma..:)

  7. colorbar is hiking price every 3 months I guess! For me, its faces when it comes to these pencils!

    1. i know! I wonder why they keep doing that! As such I really like Colorbar but the price hikes are really putting me off! :(

  8. I love both!but colorbar keeps hiking its prices un necessarily.. Idiots!

  9. Woww liked your post! Loved the way you compared! Totally agree with all points you mentioned!

  10. i love faces eye pencils..will buy some more shades ^____^
    but man! colorbar is increasing prices like crazy! heard their blushes are now Rs.575..wth !O.o

  11. Replies
    1. happy to help :) Oh god that sounded sooo Vodafone! :P

  12. So true, totally agree with that. I recently tried the Avon glimmerstick, even those are fabulous and no sharpening required but they totally lack variety in shades :(

  13. nice comparision..havent tried both the brands.this will help me decide.

  14. That brought fond memories of school class work where we used to tabulate diff n similarities :) lol.. beauty is serious stuff.. and it will be the faces one for me also..

  15. hi der plz join my blog..i hav join yours...

  16. I like the faces ones hands down, I feel their texture & quality is much better and they also seem more pigmented to me as compared to colorbar.

  17. I recently came across ur blog n i have to say i totally love it..i love ur style of writing ...and thanks for the detailed comparison..i face the exact same dilemna whn it comes to them..but bcoz of colorbar constantly increasing their prices im turning to faces more n more..absolutely love the sheen of their navy blue eye pencil

  18. super useful post! Thanks for doing all the hard work! :)

  19. I bought my first i-glide pencil in Cocobar 02 just yesterday and now I know why there is so much of craze for this i-glide colorbar pencil in the Indian beauty blog world! I am loving it!


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