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READER QUERY: Tips For Natural Looking Makeup

Hi Samyukta,

Thankyou for your response !
I am a make-up fan, however, don’t like patchy/loud makeup..After seeing your nude make-up, I’ve fallen in love with it and would be keen to learn the techniques…Also, would like an advice on whether it will suit me & what best colours could go with my complexion...I would appreciate if I could be one of the selective few to understand this style from you J

Reshma Suri

Thank you Reshma for your kind words :) I am so glad you liked my nude/natural makeup look and would like to try it out for yourself too :) I feel honored...

Here are a few looks of mine in neutral/nude makeup...

If you observe all these looks closely, you'll notice a pattern... Glowing skin, defined lips and healthy glossy lips. So we're gonna see how we can achieve that today...

Now before I start with various techniques and pointers to achieve a flawless natural lool here is a list of tools and products that we shall be needing:
1. A blending brush 
    I recommend either Faces 106 or MAC 227 brush

2. A neutral eye shadow or an eye shadow palette
    I recommend either Maybelline Diamond Shine eye shadow quad in Copper 
    Brown or MUFE Star Powder in Shade 940 or actually any neutral shade that 
    you have would do :)

3. A nice highlighter and bronzer
    I love using the Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter Duo.

4. A Nude Lipstick (Matte preferable)
    This should be any lipstick that looks nude on you. I recommend either 
    Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Bare or any of the nude MAC lippies... I 
    personally prefer MAC Taupe :)

5. A Clear Lipgloss
    I love using Body Shop's Lip Treatment Gloss in Beige Sparkle. You could use 
    any of your favorite clear glosses :)

6. A light to medium coverage foundation which gives a dewy finish 
    rather than a matte look.
    I have dry skin and I swear by these three foundations: Maxfactor's Second 
    Skin Foundation, TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation and   
    MAC Mineralize Compact Foundation with SPF15. 

7. A Concealer
    If you don't have a dark circles problem you can easily get away with 
    Colorbar's Stick Concealer. I use it and love it! If your dark circles' problme is 
    more persistent I would suggest MAC Select CoverUp concealer. 

Now for the basics... When doing a nude/natural makeup there are the basic steps,
1. Since we shall be using only nude/neutral colors, it is important to give your maximum efforts to your skin. We need the skin to look flawless and polished. Avoid going for a matte look as it tends to look severe. Rather aim at making your look glowy and dewy :) It automatically takes years of your face and makes one look fresh and attractive.

2.  Try to use a light coverage foundation if you already have good skin... Go for medium coverage if there are a few areas that you want to cover up. DO NOT use a heavy coverage foundation. It ends up looking all "made up" and hence defeats the purpose of a natural looking makeup :)

3. Use concealer on the under-eye region. Yes using a concealer is a must. You can skip other regions, but under eye concealing should not be skipped. It can make or break your whole look in a second!

4. Use the concealer under your foundation!

5. If you wish you could finish off the base makeup with a finishing powder especially if you are worried about oiliness. I generally do not use a finishing powder cause not using one works for me better than using one :)
If you are using a finishing powder be sure to use one without any glitter or reflecting particles!

6. Once you are done with your base, apply your eye primer and then your neutral eye shadow on your lid with a flat eye shadow brush in a "pat-pat" motion. Do not rub or swipe the shadow but "pat" it to apply for better pigmentation.

7. Next taking a blending brush, blend the edge of the eye shadow in the crease area in a wiper motion. This basically blends out the harsh edges of the eye shadow and gives a more "natural" look to your eyes :)

8. Next apply a brown liner on your LOWER lashline. And apply a thin black line of liner on your upper lashline. The key is to have a lighter liner on your lower lashline and a darker shade on the upper lashline. This makes the eye pop up and not look tired!

9. Then apply some highlighter shade to your browbone area. I strongly recommend MAC Ricepaper for skintones NC36 to NC45.

10. Finish off the eye makeup with a lavish coat of volumizing mascara :)

11. Next apply a neutral looking cream blush patting it with your fingers... Then apply a matte powder blush of your choice on top of it very lightly.

12. Apply your favorite nude lippy and top it off with a hint of clear gloss only in the middle of your upper and lower lip.

13. Finally finish off with a sweep of highlighter on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and the center of your forehead. 

Now, these optional tips are to be followed according to season and occasion.
1. If it's Summer, instead of the cream and powder blush combo, you could use a bronzer on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose and bit on your chin. This gives a sun-kissed look.

2. If it's the rainy season, be sure to go for water-proof makeup and instead of a nude lippy go for a bright shade like Coral/Pink. 

3. If it is the Winter season, you can go for a richer shade of lipstick like Berry, Plum or Fuschia Pink or my favorite Red :)

4. If the occasion asks for a "dressy" look, instead of a neutral eye shadow go for a golden eye shadow and instead of nude lips go for a brighter shade.

5. If you are getting ready for office, you can altogether skip the highlighter.

6. Finally, if you just want a change from the routine natural looking makeup, use a pink eye shadow on your lids and define your lower lashline with kohl instead of a brown liner :) But remember to line your upper lash line with a black liner.
Line your upper lashline with a fun, colored liner like Metallic Blue, Silver Grey or even Green :)

I hope this post helps you Reshma and even anyone wants to add anything else then please do so through the comments section :D 


  1. such an elaborate one Suma..awesome..really helped me too..thanku..:)

  2. very nice post dear and very helpful

  3. Samyukta i have seen a lot of gals wearing makeup but i really appreciate d way u wear makeup without luking OTT

    1. wow Vanu thank you so much :) you have no idea what a huge compliment this is :) you've made my day :D

  4. Hi... I am a silent visitor of the blog and I love it! I had a minor suggestion... Dont you feel you should not arch your eyebrows so much? It tends to give a very surprised look in every picture. I thought earlier you just raise your eyebrows to show the shadow, but I started noticing in other pics too... Your eye are gorgeous and cheekbones and so I feel if you reduce the archs and slightly straighten them out, your face will not look so round also. I am a orthodentist and have studied facial features.... Errr, plz dont mind and its ok if you dont publish this.... It is just a suggestion, because I really really like your features otherwise.... I am sorry if I offended you, after all its your choice....

    1. ooooh constructive criticism! Thank you Anonymous for the suggestion :) yup i agree i have eye brows much higher that what is normal but can't be helped cause that's how it is... I don't really get a lot of hair growth under the present line of my eye brows, which thankfully results in a lot of space between my eyes and my eye brows... And if i straighten the arch a then my face tends to look more square :( Honestly? I prefer round to square :) Plus i have a huge forehead and well a straight brow doesn't really work well with that now does it?

      but its funny cause you seem to be the only one bothered with it ;) of course may be cause you are the qualified one here... though i never knew that orthodentistry concerned itself with facial features that had nothing to do with teeth and malocclusion too... how interesting it must be :)

    2. Oooh thats fine then... Ya, ortho covers a lot of stuff... I know about facial features because of a class I took to prepare myself for oral plastic surgeries... I study in the US.....
      And I am not bothered by it at all.... I love your makeup and it suits you to the T... especially the winged eyeliner.... It makes you 'Smize' as Tyra Banks would say.... It was just something I thought of when I used to see your pictures.... Plz dont take it otherwise...

  5. really like the optional tips .. love the effort you put in Suma for making the posts so detailed and useful for your readers :) ..

    btw do some videos when you have time ..

  6. For someone like me who is really jahil about makeup, this is a big help!


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