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REVIEW: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in "Hooked On Pink"

I knew I was on the right track by banning myself from buying makeup when last Friday, while clearing my dresser, I found a brand new tube of Maybelline's Colorsensational Lippy in Hooked On Pink. Imagine! A brand new and forgotten tube of a lipstick. Yup! I found some more stuff as well but that's for future posts...

Now coming back to this Maybelline lippy, I was so excited of finding it that I have been wearing this lippy everyday since Friday :P And well I love it at the moment :) Its a pretty plummy pink (on my lips), not as bright as the other pinks that I own and still a little brighter than MAC Craving :) Its a super versatile shade that would suit many Indian complexions (mind you I said many and not all) and would be gorgeous in the three seasons that we get in India viz Hot Summers, Cool Winters and well sticky monsoons :P

You all know the moisture extreme range from Maybelline is super hydrating, has a decent satying power of about 3-4 hours and well is easily within our budgets :)

One downside of this product would be that a single swipe of this lippy isn't enough to cover my pigmented lips. I need at least 3 swipes for it to look decently opaque on my lips :(

Image of the Product

Maybelline COlorsensational Lipstick in Hooked On Pink


Yes, that's my In a Hurry Office Face :P
Oooohhhss And Aaaahhhsss!!!
1. Moisturising and perfect for dry lips.
2. The shade is flattering on many Indian skintones and well wearable in all seasons.
3. Not expensive!
4. It has an attractive tube and looks pretty on the dresser!
5. Very very easily available in all cities across India :)

1. Pigmentation isn't too great for pigmented lips :(
2. A very common shade of Pink and I guess is easily dupable, though at 299/- I doubt you'd need a dupe :P

It costs INR 299/-

I am not sure.. I might as well try some other shades from this range... This isn't really a rare shade of Pink now!

Would I Recommend?
If you are looking for a budget buy in pink lipsticks and if your skintone is Indian light or medium, you can buy it with your eyes closed. If perhaps you are on the Indian darker side or have pigmented lips like I do, then I would suggest you to first try it before buying :)

Overall rating:


  1. lovely shade Suma..u look soooooooooo cute..

    1. hahahah i dont look cute i look retarded Preetha :P

  2. Its a gorgeous pink shade and suits you very much..adorable you look :)

    1. it is a pretty and a wearable pink isn't it? :)

  3. pretty shade !! looks good on you :)

  4. the shade is pretty..suits you totally. but i think they have increased the price to >300!..saw in an online site..not sure

    1. sighhhh everyone seems to be increasing prices of everything :( there'll be a day when I wont be able to afford anything :(

  5. i have dis...and I love it like anything...its my HG berry-pink lippy :)

    1. hahahahah yup you told me that its one of your fav lippies :) hehehe.. how u doing vaise bidzi? when do the exams get over?

  6. I have the Hooked on Pink the shade..and its Colorsensational na Suma..not Moisture Extreme..

    1. oooh grave mistake on my part :( thanks for the correction :P yup I have the gloss too and its a pretty shade no doubt :)

  7. stumbled here.... :) i have this and love it to bits.... i'd always thought you recommended this to me! when you said your tube is new, i was like... errr... then who did???

    oh and i wore that red lipstick on a lunch out with mom! I found my perrrrfect red... thanks to you *muah* i wore it as a stain though and am just waiting for an occasion to wear a full bodied red lip!!

    btw, kuhu is totally into makeup these days... she opens my drawer, picks my brush and says, "mumma makeup karna hai" I think it is the MAC effect... ;)

    1. Anksssss its been sooo long :D How have you been? How is Kuhu :) awwww she seems to be a makeup-ista in the making ;) Love her sooo much :) Hmmmmmm yeah i dont think i recommended you this lippy though I may have recommended the Hooked On Pink Lipgloss... thats awesome too ;)
      and am so so so glad you are loving Classic Rose :) It is a superbly flattering shade of Red na :)

    2. Kuhu is awesome Suma... she really charmed her grandparents :) now i think Ankita recommended it to me! am not sure... and i got the gloss too... together, they make a powerful pink lip... classic Rose is soooo flattering... i made mum wear it too, as a stain and she loved it as well!

      how have you been?

  8. Suma the color looks nice on you.. It instantly brightens up your face. I love the inglot 33 swatch more... you Pree and Jyo picked 33 together na.. it looks fab..

  9. Nice pretty pink..looks very close to Mufe one..does it have cool undertone?
    Recent post:

  10. Ah, the joy of finding things that you've forgotten about is the best! Especially, if it's make up! Anyway, this shade looks really good on you. I'm tempted to pick it up :P

  11. u r luking v cute and loved ur new luk

  12. ooooh what a pretty likey me wanty..but i already bought colorbarz oh my magenta n its pretty much the same shade...oh forget it..i still want it <3..hee hee


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