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Blog Award Backlog

Hello ladies :) First off, I am hoping that you guys have noticed and liked my new blog layout :) I wanted it to a no-fuss look and well this is what I could come up with at the moment :) Let's see if I can make it a bit  more clutter free :P (I doubt it though).. Ha ha...

So anyways, today I am posting about this award that I received from a dear Italian blogger friend at

The rules of the award are as follows:
1. State 7 random things about me
2. Award 15 blogs with this award...

So here goes...
7 Random things about me (That you do not already know)
1. I am a Virgo (by Zodiac) and the OCD freak (characteristic to Virgos) in me has started showing it's horns post marriage. I am always dusting and folding clothes even when they are already folded!
2. I love dogs, my favorite breed being Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.
3. I abhor Thai food and love love love Italian and Mexican cuisines.
4. My favorite High Street Brand for Apparels is Mango.…

My New Banner :)

REVIEW: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in "Hooked On Pink"

I knew I was on the right track by banning myself from buying makeup when last Friday, while clearing my dresser, I found a brand new tube of Maybelline's Colorsensational Lippy in Hooked On Pink. Imagine! A brand new and forgotten tube of a lipstick. Yup! I found some more stuff as well but that's for future posts...

Now coming back to this Maybelline lippy, I was so excited of finding it that I have been wearing this lippy everyday since Friday :P And well I love it at the moment :) Its a pretty plummy pink (on my lips), not as bright as the other pinks that I own and still a little brighter than MAC Craving :) Its a super versatile shade that would suit many Indian complexions (mind you I said many and not all) and would be gorgeous in the three seasons that we get in India viz Hot Summers, Cool Winters and well sticky monsoons :P

You all know the moisture extreme range from Maybelline is super hydrating, has a decent satying power of about 3-4 hours and well is easily wit…

REVIEW: MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

I have always been using Maxfactor's False Lash Effect mascara and when I finished my second tube I decided on moving on and trying something from MAC. I have been enjoying a very good and a comfortable relationship with MAC so trying their mascara was something that came naturally to me :) So I went and tried out a couple of them... I tried the opulash and the Zoom fast and finally decided on the Zoom Fast and brought this baby home :)

The MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara comes in a rubber-ized no-fuss tube, which is a simple long pipe like tube with an equally long and thin brush. The mascara is very true to its name and coats each and every lash generously making it look more volumized, lengthened and BLACK in a Zooooooommm :D I am as of now loving this mascara.

One gripe that I have of this mascara is the fact that since the brush is really thin I always end up rubbing off some of the product on my lashlines as well but then again that could be attributed to my lack of "…

Entry1 (Cotton Candy Eyes) For VanityNoApologies' Makeup Contest

Heylo people :) Here's me participating in an eye makeup contest organized by L'Oreal and VanityNoApologies :) The link for the contest is here

I have done a sparkly pastel eye makeup that is fun and fancy at the same time :) It reminds me of cotton candies :) I have used pastel pink, green and blue eye shadows to give it a cool yet ethereal feel to the whole look :)

Quoting Anshita: "Come up with an eye look that involves bright and colourful shades. Make sure the look is wearable so all the people here get some nice ideas to try out next time."
This look is wearable and I myself wore it yesterday! So here's the look :)

The products that I have used are as follows:
1. Eye shadows from Sleek iDivine "Original" palette.
2. Maybelline Gel Liner in my waterline.
3. Sleek Black eye shadow as a liquid liner using Inglot Duraline on my upper lashline.
4. MAC Zoom Fast Lash Mascara
5. MAC Ricepaper as highlighter.
6. MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as base

Hope you guys …

Celebrity Makeup: Priyanka Chopra...

Every time I am going through either a celebrity fashion blog or a fashion/celeb magazine and there are sightings of Priyanka Chopra in her body con dresses and mini skirts and the various ooohhss and aaahhss that everyone seems to be doing seeing here fit body and her fabulous sense of style, I cannot but help ignore all that honing onto her makeup. I hate it! I have never hated anyone's makeup as much as I hate hers... Chalky powdery foundation and brown lips never appealed to me but what makes it worse is that she never changes it!

Be it in a classy Dolce & Gabbana gown
Instead: A Red lippy instead would have looked FAB! Eg: MAC Ruby Woo
In a bright Lanvin dress
Instead: A Coral-Orangy lippy 

In a Monisha Jaisingh dress
Instead: A Brigt Pink/Fuschia lippy hands down would have been my choice!

In a feminine Manish Malhotra suit
Instead: A light pink lippy 

Or even in a casual "traveling" avatar...
Instead: A nude lip gloss definitely!

those signature brown lips need to …

What To Wear: For A Visit to A Spa

This post has been long due cause the pictures are of two weekends back... But somehow it kept getting shelved and today while "cleaning up" my laptop's hard drive I came across these and I was like I have got to post this before the monsoons arrive :P Ha ha!

So here goes I wore this partially floral dress for a visit to the Spa with my bestie Prajakta and well I'll let the pictures do the talking now :)

Dress: Globus Flats: Catwalk
I wore minimal makeup with no base...

Eye Shadows: MAC Sushi Flower (Inner Lid), Inglot DS494 (Outer Lid) LipGloss: Maybelline Colorsensational Gloss in Hooked On Pink

Reader Query: Light Makeup for an Indian Wedding

Jayde asks,

Hey Samyukta, I've got my brother's wedding coming up and I'm not a big fan of heavy make-up and only ever use nivea lipbalm on my lips. But one of my Bhabhi's (sister-in-laws) decided that we are all going to get dolled up! 
I have incredibly fair indian skin and have been burdened with quite thin lips. I want quite a natural look rather than walking in looking like a clown, so no typically bright colours. What natural colours and make up brands would you recommend to enhance my lips? P.S.  Yeah, I live in the UK unfortunately. We are mixed race - my mum was Spanish and my Dad is Indian Gujarati. However, my dad's features turned out to be more dominant, so I have deep dark brown curly hair and brown eyes with fair skin.
My brother will be having a traditional Gujarati wedding ceremony based in London, so what would you advise? Nothing too bright? I'll be wearing a turquoise Saree if that helps in any way .. 
Hey Jayde, first off I just can…

My Rant: Just Like That (JLT)

Hello people :) I don't know if it has become notice-able but I have been slacking-off from doing posts and replying to all of your comments... I am sooo very sorry about that, especially the not replying to comments part :( I know it's super rude on my part...

But it's just that I have been really busy and now the monthly woes that have gotten to me and left me helpless, hapless and totally in a b*tchy mood :( Sighhhhh... So anyways, I had to give you guys so many updates you know, so I thought I'd just do a mass mailer kinda post where I'll update you all about what went through my life these past few days :) *trying to create suspense where there is none* :P

First off and the most important of all, I met Anks of Novice Makeup. Yup! I met her :D She had come down to Mumbai on Sunday and well last weekend I was in Mumbai too, so we agreed to meet up at Phoenix Mills compound at Lower Parel. It was awesome! :D Just as if we meet each other every weekend or somethi…

READER QUERY: Some Simple and Natural Looking Make-Up Ideas

Rupali asks,

Hello ma'am,
This is Rupali.. a computer science lecturer at an engineering college.
I visited ur blog today..its really wonderful.. thanx for all the info that u've provided there.. u r doing a gr8 job. i think i would be regular reader of ur blog now:)
Actually i needed some help.. this week my would be in-laws r coming to see me for the first time..and i want to present the best of mine in front of them. but the problem is i dont even know the abcd of makeup.

can u just help me out in doing makeup which makes me look no less than my would be husband, who's a handsome guy staying in johaanesburg?? one thing to point out here is that the makeup should be as natural as possible, i.e. light, sober, not gaudy. my skin type is oily & wheatish . To keep it clean i use besan-haldi, lemon juice & aloe vera extract.

looking forward to your response..

thanx & regards

Hey Rupali... First off congratulations on such a happy occasion :) Secondly I mus…

MAC Lipstick in 'Ruby Woo' & An Attempt at The Pin-Up Girl Look

I have been itching to wear my Ruby Woo since the day I got it and well even though I haven't been getting an opportunity to wear anywhere outside, I just keep applying it on me at home... So it was natural that I would want to do a post about it. Now the thing with MAC Ruby Woo is that it is no ordinary Red lipstick. It is a cult Red Lipstick and in order to honor the "Retro Matte" part of it, I had to a special look... and well what better than an all American Pin-Up girl look ;)

Yeah yeah I am no model-shodel but then a girl can dream can't she? Especially in the confines of her own home? ;) Ha ha! So anyways without much ado, ladies and gentlemen I present you THE look :D

For those who keep asking me to post the "other" side of my face ;)

I have Asian eyes with an almost absent crease and hence I have done a "cut-crease" technique here in order give some depth to my eyes and give an illusion of a crease...

Products Used:
1. MAC Ricepaper…

Smokey Eyes Revisited with MAC Club...

Yup I know smokey eyes aren't trending this season except if done with blue but who really cares? :) Makeup for me is a type of art that I am averagely good at as opposed to the conventional art forms of sketching, drawing and painting ;) The make-up looks that I do is dependent on my mood and doing a look that I am not in the mood of just doesn't come out right... Quite often, I start out with something and it results in something very different...

For this EOTD, I started out with making a cut-crease on me but that just ended up being this gorgeous smokey eye look :) Hope you guys like it as much I did :)

What To Wear: To A Dinner Get Together with Friends

This is what happens when you force a beauty blogger to stop buying cosmetics... She takes up the challenge, stops buying makeup products, ends up buying new clothes and shoes with the money saved and slowly makes "space" in her beauty blog for some fashion and outfit posts... Yes I am Samyukta and I am a Shop-a-holic and of course I am guilty as charged to the phenomenon described above.

So yeah yesterday I had a happy co-incidence of buying myself a new top and then was invited to dinner. Needless to say I wore my new top to dinner and well my today's "What To Wear" post is all about it :)

What I wore was a navy blue chiffon "bandage" top from Van Heusen and paired with Black super skinny Jeans from Lee and my suede peep-toe pumps from Enroute... I carried a dull green lizard skin clutch from Hidesign... Ideally a long gold chain necklace would have looked fabulous with the outfit but since I hate (read allergic to) wearing imitation jeweller…

What To Wear: To an IPL Match...

Yes I know you know that I went for the IPL match between Pune Warriors India and Royal Challengers Bangalore yesterday at the Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium :P Well to be honest I am not really an IPL fan, ok seriously I am not even a cricket fan. I know I know I am an Indian and cricket is suppossedly our "religion" but I am somehow more of a footbal fan... Sigghhhh it's my East Indian blood speaking again I guess :P

So anyways, even though I ain't much of a cricket fan I still went for the IPL match and well I must say the excitement at the stadium is sooo electrifying that you cannot help but be a part of it... Of course I have been to live matches before especially Indo-Pak ones and it's always the same excitement :) This time we got some really awesome seats, which was like the fourth row from the front, just behind the cheerleaders squad :D Hahahahaha, imagine the fun the "pati" and the guys had :P Ok, in all honesty the "phirangi" cheerle…