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Whipping Up A Storm: Body Lotions and Body Butters on the Face?

I know I will be a whipping up a storm when I say what I am going to say and well it is quite possible that I will have almost everyone against me but still let me say it :P
I often use a body lotion and in extreme cases body butters on my ----wait for it---- FACE!

Seriously I do... I have very very very dry skin... I know a lot of people wouldn't believe it cause many of my friends and people I know say that it doesn't look that way, but honest to God I have the driest skin God could have ever "blessed" anyone with :P And since eternity I have been using Body lotions on my face... I started out with Vaseline body lotion then graduated to Garnier's Body Cocoon and in Winters even use TBS Body butters on my face. Yup the TBS SA actually was scandalized and almost "scolded" me for doing so but then I am stubborn person! :P

There is only one "logical" reason that I could fathom as to why body lotions and butters shouldn't be used on the face …

Trends: S/S 2012 (Part 2) -> Extreme Smokey Eyes albeit Navy Blue, Nude Lips and Sporty Cheeks

Well well well if it isn't the weekend already! :) And well last night I went totally overboard with makeup. In a span of half an hour I did a total of 4 looks! Wow it was like the Godess of make-up had entered me and was making me whip out some super HOT looks one after another ;) LOL... Yup I know I have some serious humility issues :P

So anyways, its Saturday today and I am back with another set of trends that are well trending with S/S 2012 season :) So here goes...

1. Extreme Smokey Eyes (GUCCI)
Surprising or not surprising, smokey eyes are super in :) Yup I am one happy girl this Summer ;) But there are a few pointers to be kept in mind... Like forget black and embrace Navy Blue this season for a "cool" smokey look. You needn't be neat, but that doesn't quite mean that you can go overboard with just any kind of strokes :P You need to cleverly understand how to make it look beautiful even when the blending is uneven ;)

2. Sporty Cheeks (DKNY + Tommy Hilfiger)

Reader Appreciation: Manali Somani

You know the happy moment, the moment of exhilaration when someone appreciates you or your efforts. Well multiply that feeling 27 times and that is the degree of ecstasy I feel when my readers appreciate my efforts :) And I recently felt so all thanks to Manali :)
I had done a "Reader Request" post for her a few days back here. She had asked me for some tips on face contouring and some eye make-up tricks for a Navy Blue Saree she planned to wear for her farewell :) Well her farewell seemed to have gone really well and she replied back with a mail and a picture of hers :)

hey suma,
How are you? I hope ur doing gud.As i had promised i am attaching a picture of mine from farewell party. It was a great experience doing my own makeup...running here and there in saree I recieved quite a lot compliments and the bf was all head over heels.all he could say is"U look so pretty in saree". Thank u so much for making me do my makeup confidently.
Love, Manali Somani

Reader Request: Kareena Kapoor's Makeup For Tanned Skin

Ms Nyx asks, Hey Samyukta,
Let me begin by telling you that I have spent hours checking out your blog. Love the effort you put in and although I'm a new follower, I'm hooked. I have 2 requests.
1. I love how Kareena's makeup is usually a soft eyeliner, with blush and it looks like she hasn't used bronzer to sculpt her face hereand here - my prob is every time I use peachy blush like her I end up looking more tan than I am. Are there any alternatives except for pink? I don't want color to drain off my face. Please, could you do a Kareena Kapoor inspired makeup tutorial for tanned skin?
2. What's your take on mineral blushes for the summer? My powder blushes just disappear during the day and cream blushes ain't for me cuz it makes my skin oily. 
It'll be really nice to hear from you. Keep up the great work!
Love, Ms. Nyx of Bak Bak Queen

First off thanks so much Ms Nyx for liking my blog so much :D and appreciating the effort that I put into it :) Ya…

My Rant: My GOA Trip :D

PIC HEAVY (Warning)

Hello everyone :) As you all know I had taken a little hiatus from blogging and was MIA as I was busy getting tanned and drunk in Go-Goa :D Here are some of my pics and well a couple OOTDs and LOTDs and even HOTDs (Hair of the Day)... Hope you guys like it :D

We stayed at a cute "vintagey" hotel called Hotel Seagull near the Calangute beach, partied at Mambo's and on Anjuna, did water sports at Calangute Beach and spent a lazy afternoon on Baaga... In all it was a great weekend and well lots of money well spent ;) The only stumbling block was the 9 hours bus journey from Pune to Mapusa through the western ghats and back... I have severe motion sickness and well bus journey through ghats is something I seriously dislike! :P

The result all this is an NC48 skin, super hungover Monday coupled with major bouts of vomiting due to motion sickness and lots of cuts, nicks and bruises all over the legs and back due to the beach sand... But all in all well worth…

Trends: S/S 2012 (Part 1) -> Grazia: Neon Lips, Glowing Skin et al...

Some might think that this post is a bit too late, after all most blogs. mags and websites are done introducing us to the Spring Summer 2012 trends, but ladies and gentlemen you know how much ISLM loves to do things with a twist :) And of course you also know how much I love introducing newer features on my blog :P Yup! I am yet again starting a new feature called "Trends" where I shall do makeup, looks, EOTDs and hairstyles that depict the trends of the season :) Sounds like fun!

This first edition of the feature, I am showcasing 4 major trends of this season (2 of which are inspired by Grazia India April 2012)...  The trends featured today are as follows: 1. Bright and Fruity Lips (Mary Katrantzou)     Neon lips are "IN" this season and I have embraced the trend with open arms ;)     I am wearing Sleek Lipstick in "Coral Reef".
2. 3D Glow (Michael Kors/Louis Vitton)     The face they say this season has to be perfect and flawless with a little glow witho…

Reader Request: Make-up for a Pink Dress

Garima asks,


Hey samyukta, I am  big fan your blog and spl love d way have given tutorials for makeup.They are extremely helpful for newbies like me..Its a great effort u are putting into it;even tried doing face contouring using your tutorial and also  few eye makeups I needed a lil help of yours. I would be wearing a pink carrotish color suit fr wedding. If you can help me with the make up suggestion. I have small eyes and dark circles too. I am attaching pic of my dress for clarity of color. Thanking you:) loads of love
Email2 I basically fit into medium skin tone nd have just started using TV Paint stick by kryolan in FS28 and FS303 as concealer. If you can particularly help me with the eye makeup part.
Hey Garima :) First off thank you so much for following my bog and liking it so much :) It means a lot... And thank u for recognizing my efforts :D <3 <3 Secondly let me tell you that seeing your pics that you sent me in the follow up emails I totally loved your skin :) Gorgeous sk…