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REVIEW & LOTD: Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush in Floral Fucsia

They say earlier when make-up wasn't really a way of life, girls pinched their cheeks to bring that "blush" to their cheeks. But alas that never works for me. However hard I pinch myself I can never get that "virginal blush" on my face. But why should I lose out I ask myself and hence get myself a "blush" that gives me the just-pinched blush and better still, it stays on me for a much longer time :D So take that :P

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome the newest kid on my "blush block", Colorbar's Cheek Illusion Blush in Floral Fuscia :) Colorbar has changed the packaging of its blushes and also introduced a few new shades :) The packaging thus has become more striking and blingey :) Not that I am complaining ;) Floral Fuscia though looks quite muted like its older cousins Plum Brown and Just Earth, but on the cheeks it truly imparts a rosy blush that would suit especially warmer skintones :) While applying these blushes you will also notice that Colorbar has changed the texture as well and these are much lighter and powdery than their older cousins :) I took a couple of trials to get used to it cause they wuld fly all over the place but now am quite a pro at it ;) 

Floral Fuscia tends to make me look all sun tanned and quite exotic (I like to believe that :P). Ha ha I guess what I wanna say is that it totally transforms my look and makes me look like I am enjoying my Summers a bit too much ;) They really are little pieces of gems I have realised :)

Image of the Product


Oooohhss And Aaahhhsss!!!
1. The shade no doubt is gorgeous.
2. I love the lighter powdery texture of these new blushes
3. They stay on for like ever! Minimum 8 hours guaranteed!
4. The packaging is way prettier than before!
5. They do not cause any reactions or allergies

1. Colorbar has increased the prices of its blushes :(
2. At first you might find it a bit too powdery
3. The brush that comes with it still still quite useless.

I seriously don't remember how much I got it for but I guess it was for Rs.590/-

Definitely! I like the newer texture better than the older ones :)

Would I Recommend?
You go girl! Go get yourself at least one shade :) I guarantee that you'll love them :)

Overall Rating:


  1. that more than double the original price! btw i notice you used this one in your nude fotd. so m quite considering this! how is the shade different from plum brown?

    1. haha yeah they have doubled the prices and I guess thats cause of the change in texture.. abhi they ve made these blushes much lighter and hence they can be used for light as well as pigmented blush coverage :)
      this is very different from Plum Brown cause Plum Brown was more "earthy" and very subtle. This isn't neutral. It shows on your cheeks and a gives subtle rosy blush :)

  2. They have increased the prices of the blushes, didn't know that! But this one's a lovely shade <3

  3. Such an earthy pretty shade, it looks sooooooo good on you!

  4. They have increased the price from rs 250 to Rs 300 dear, not above 500!

    1. Are u sure taps? Cause i think i do remember paying more than five hundred :(

    2. No Taps.They have actually increased it to that much. M not sure exactly how much bt its more than 500 for suma said. :|

  5. woowww i loved the way u applied ur blush :) and this shade suits u so well

  6. looks wonderful but a bit like a light dusting of bronzer on ur cheeks

  7. you have to die for cheekbones..ok i know i said that earlier as well :)
    the blush looks amazing on you! gorgeous!

  8. This looks gorgeous on you :)will consider getting this one when i'm done with the many blushes i got :P

  9. wow!! new blush! i've gotta hav it!!!! hav to hav to hav to!!!! Sam!! take me shopping!

    1. Lol you'll not believe it zee but while writing this post I had only u in mind ;)

    2. haha! m goin bonkers bout it...even when i logged in to check the blog the only thing on my mind was blush! ;)

      btw, hope ur skin recovers super fast! :)

  10. this blush is seriously making u look divine Sam ;)... would ch the other shades out too in this new range...

    1. Yay thank you nidhi :) yup do check out other shades and let us know :)

  11. Thats a nice shade..but 590 from 250 :o Colorbar has gone crazy !!

    1. Yes I know! Though the new texture is really different and light

  12. I liked it on u that day only....Remember. :D Goes with ur skin tone beautifully. <3


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