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FRAGRANCE REVIEW: Playboy Play It Spicy

Yoohoo everyone :) Today starts a new week of hopes and aspirations and with the previous week ending so brilliantly (India winning over Pak in cricket of course!), this week promises to bring in more excitement and hopefully revelry (only if India meets Pak in the finals and then we win again :P). Also personally my past week ended really well cause you all liked my black smokey eyes tutorial and I myself got a sense of satisfaction after seeing the YT video :) So all in all a fulfilling week :)

This week needs me to really tie up laces, pull my pants up and do the following chores...
1. Send my giveaway prizes to Megha and Bidisha (I know I am so irresponsible and Lazy) :(
2. Send my 2999th prize to Parita (ok stop raising your eye brows)
3. Get myself a hair cut. Holi screwed my hair and I am planning to get my hair cut real short.
4. And of course do loads and loads of video tutes and other reader requests.

And I am starting with Nimisha's request for reviewing the Playboy Play It Spicy perfume. She had asked me for a review of it when I had initially bought it from and I like a very bad person totally forgot about it :( She then reminded me yet again and this time I am sticking to my promise :)

I honestly bought this perfume on a whim. I was short of cash but I still wanted to get myself a new fragrance and hence while going through's website, when I chanced over the Playboy "PlayIt" series and the bottles looked so cute, I knew I had got myself a budget buy :) Playboy has three fragrances in its "Play It" range, Play It Lovely, Play It Sexy and Play It Spicy. I expected one to be fresh citrusy, one to be sweet floral and one to be musky. I wanted the musky one and so I took my chances and ordered for Spicy, which I fervently wished to be musky and spicy ;) And lo behold the fragrance was all  wanted it to be excepting a single quirk :)

Play It Spicy has a very Oriental kind of smell, which is warm and enticing. A very close dupe would be Oriflame's Fire EDP. Both these fragrances smell very similar to each other only difference lies in the longevity of the perfumes. The Oriflame one stays on for like ever, on the other hand the Playboy one fades away after about 4 hours.

The spicy fragrances is warm and subtle, not the "in the face" kinds that tells people of your arrival much before you enter the room. Yes it isn't potent like that. It on the other hand has a classy, sophisticated fragrance to it that tends to fade away pretty soon :( Wish it stayed on for longer...

Rs.499/- for 30 ml
Rs. 695/- for 75 ml

Would I Recommend?
If you like these subtle fragrances and if you cannot get your hands on Oriflame's Fire EDP then you could go for this :) Also, if you like cute bottles on your dresses then you could go for this. It isn't expensive and so trying it out once is ok :)

Since my local beautician is an Oriflame agent, I have very easy access to Oriflame's Fire, so I guess I'll stick to that and gives this a break :)


  1. heya samyukta love uuuuu!! thanks for the review, i was expecting it to be very fruity smelling...& thanks for suggestin abt Fire

    1. you are so welcome sweetie... though it got delayed it a bit ;) nope it isn't fruity... its a pretty oriental fragrance... its nice :)

  2. I'm going to try this. It sounds nice & I liked it. If you've any other perfumes, review them too! Thanks :)

    1. hey Gauri :) Thanks for liking the review :) i sure will review other fragrances that i have though i have already reviewed a few before like Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea and SUnflower, TBS Love Etc, Marks and Spencer's True Red etc :) check the out!

  3. Sounds good <3 The packaging is pretty!!!

  4. i want to buy playboy............... want play it sexy.........

  5. I was drooling on these cutie pies while window shopping in purplle but am a bit worried buying them online..want a whiff before :P

  6. Awesome review di :)
    My mom is an Oriflame consultant, and my first job as soon as the new cat. comes in is to open those 'Try Me' pages :P Shameless I know :D
    May be I'll try persuading mom to get me one ;)
    Namita <3

  7. I liked the candles :) these days im so into fragrance wala candles :)

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