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Video Tutorial (Reader Request): Face Contouring

Manali says...

i would like u to help me out with face contouring...i really love the way u do it...a video tute would be really helpful..
and if possible use lakme absolute moon lit highliter to do the tute
i have my farewell next week...n i plan to do my make-up on my own...also if u can suggest some makeup tips(specially blush,e/s, lippie) for a dark navy blue would be an early evening function FYI....and yeah i have fair to wheatish complexion with yellow undertone(sorry for this kinda description but i dnt know my NC/NW number)...i can mail u a pick of mine(please let me know)...thanks a lot

Manali did mail her and her saree's pic and I must say that she is gorgeous :)
First off Manali your saree is a beautiful Navy Blue with a lot of golden detailing work right, so I would suggest you to stick with a dark blue and golden combo itself. Plus you say that its an early evening function, hence a smokey look or even a simple dark blue shadow would be quite out of place... 

LOTD: For the love of winged liners...

The rate at which I am posting winged eye liner looks is quite alarming cause I stand a chance of becoming a drag and well simply over-doing it. From where I caught the bug I don't know but it sure seems to be persistent and is now deep inside of me, refusing to get out. I sound as if I am talking about a virus but ladies seriously, the winged liner trend is going almost VIRAL. If you know what I mean :P

This time I did a winged liner with my Indigo blue Inglot Liner (shade 83)... And I am quite liking the result...

The confusion is if it looks better with a clear gloss or with the Pink lippy :) You comments and feedback is more than welcome :)

READER QUERY: How To Apply Makeup on Darker Lids

Dimpal asks...

hi Suma,
i want ur help .. i have duskier eyelids.. colors just refuses to show on my eyelids... i use nyx eyeshadow base and garnier anti dark circle roll on too but thy r nt much help...
thnx n Luv

A lot of us have this issue of having darker eye lids due to which eye shadows do not show up with as much pigmentation as it does on others. But fear not :) Like I always say MakeUp is like magic and it can help you achieve any look you covet and so makeup has a solution for this problem too :) Did I sound very dramatic here? :P

There are three things you can do...
1. Apply a good eye primer before you apply your shadow but you already do that and it doesn't help right? So you'll need to follow steps 2 and 3 :)

2. Use a good concealer, which I am assuming will be 2 shades lighter than your lids and a similar shade to your face. Apply it generously on your lid area till your brow bone. This will ensure a clean and an even canvas to start with your eye makeup. If yo…

LOTD: Winged Eye Liner with a play of Purple and Cranberry

You all know how much I have been obsessing over winged liners lately don't you? And before you roll your eyes and say to yourself "oh no not another winged liner look", let me promise you all that nope you wouldn't be bored I promise and though I plan on doing a couple of more of these looks, I can assure you that you all would be far from bored ;)

This time I have used Purple and Cranberry eye shadows and created a not-a-very-blended-out look. Rather I have let both the eye shadow colors be very individualistic today and not be blended into a third shade. So in short I haven't allowed by shadows to marry each other and produce a third one of their kind ;) You get what I am saying? LOL. Yup I guess you could attribute this loss of my realistic thinking to #MondayBlues. Sighhhhh...

You know now that I am seeing the pics on the blog, I cannot help but feel that this makeup is making me look a bit retro, a bit catty and also giving me a sci-fi look. You think it&#…

LOTD: Orange Eye Shadow for a Nude Look

The color Orange is totally IN right now and if you are a fashion and beauty magazine buff like me then I am sure you only have either this tangerine colored dresses in your head or are lusting after some floral prints... Going with that trend I wanted to use Orange in a more subtle way and maybe even make it look more wearable for day to day routine... Thus I came up with this look where I have used Orange eye shadow for a nude daytime makeup look... I swear I had no idea Orange could be used in such an understated and a casual look :) The trick is that we Indians have a warmer skintone so warm shades like Orange and Brown look super gorgeously natural on us :)  Oh yes do try it :)

Isn't it a pretty relaxing Sunday look? :)
P.S. I have used Inglot DS51 here :)

Cover The Cover: Harper's Bazaar (India) March 2012

You all know that I love tweaking my blog here and there and making some changes, introducing newer features and well sometimes just hooking the blog onto some social networking site :) Well this time I am introducing a new feature that I promise will be really exciting for all beauty enthusiasts :) To start with this feature is called "Cover The Cover" where I shall be covering the cover pages of our favorite beauty and fashion magazines in terms of make-up. There are times when a certain look on a celeb or a fashion mag just gets to us. Well rather than just mulling over such looks I have decided to give life to such looks (on me) and well do a kind of a faux photo shoot ;) What say? Doesn't it sound like fun? What more? You are all invited to submit your looks with a reference to which magazine and edition you are covering and I'll post it here :)

Today's look is inspired by my latest fav mag Harper's Bazaar. The March edition of Harper's Bazaar is a …

My Chatter: I cannot go against my destiny

Look what Grazia March's horoscope says...

I rest my case :P

Video Tutorial (reader request): Purple Blue Look

As you all know Zara had asked me to do a tutorial for a blue and purple makeup look, which she wanted to wear for a friend's reception. A few posts earlier I had shared the finished look with you all. Here is the video tutorial now :)

Products Used:
1. TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact
2. Illamasqua Blush in Morale
3. Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highter
4. MUFE Star Powder in shade 940

1. NYX Eye Shadow base
2. Inglot Eye Shadow DS72 on the lid.
3. Matte Blue Eye Shadow from Sleek Bad Girl Palette for the crease
4. Blue Eye Shadow from L'Oreal Azur Blonde Trio
5. Revlon Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in Plum Galaxy
6. Maybelline Gel Liner
7. Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Liner
8. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara

I hope you like the video :)

Reader Query: Tips and Insights on Beauty Blogging

Tanmayee asks,

Hi Suma,
I am contemplating on writing a blog of my own. lol...
This is just for the love of make up :) and I love writing.....even i dont have any commercial interests from it.
Can you please give me some tips and some insights?? you being a matured blogger might have something to offer to a novice like me.....
First off Tanmayee let me congratulate you on this brilliant decision of yours to start blogging and be a part of the wondrous beauty blog-o-sphere as a blogger :) The very fact that your decision and interest in beauty blogging stems from your love for makeup proves that you have got your foundation right :) And then to top it off you say that you have no commercial interests from it shows that you take it as a hobby and so I am sure you'll enjoy every bit of being a beauty blogger :) It is such a glorious hobby :)

There aren't many tips that I could give except for the following very obvious ones:
1. Try to make your blog unique in your own way so that it…

Reader Request LOTD: Blue and Purple EOTD for a wedding reception

Heylo everyone :) I am here with another reader request, this time from Zara who needs to attend a friend's reception. She wanted a purplish-blue look, which she wants to pair with a very heavy purple and blue suit. Here is a look that I have done for her. And Zara, if this is fine then I'll post the video tute as well :)

FYI the video has been recorded. I just need some time for editing ;)

Also, everyone is invited to comment on the look :) Do let me know how you guys like it :)

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Mythology Eye Shadow

You know your trip to the salon has been a successful one when one your mood is on "auto happy", two you are itching to try out new looks with the hairstyle, three the "pati" keeps fingering through your hair :) And well all three are true for me and hence it isn't very difficult for you guys to guess that I got myself a new haircut after 8 months and I am totally loving the new me :)

While I was freshening up after gyming today, I felt like trying out a look with subtle yet defined eyes and as if on auto, my hand went towards my palettes rack and pulled out the MAC palette. On opening it, I realised that I had been ignoring a very MAC Mythology since some time now and then it struck me that I hadn't reviewed it either. So, well today I am reviewing MAC Mythology, which is a pretty shimmery, peach eye shadow and is perfect for day wear :) It has a luster finish and has a tiny bit of fall out associated with it. It isn't too pigmented but si…

FRAGRANCE REVIEW: Playboy Play It Spicy

Yoohoo everyone :) Today starts a new week of hopes and aspirations and with the previous week ending so brilliantly (India winning over Pak in cricket of course!), this week promises to bring in more excitement and hopefully revelry (only if India meets Pak in the finals and then we win again :P). Also personally my past week ended really well cause you all liked my black smokey eyes tutorial and I myself got a sense of satisfaction after seeing the YT video :) So all in all a fulfilling week :)

This week needs me to really tie up laces, pull my pants up and do the following chores...
1. Send my giveaway prizes to Megha and Bidisha (I know I am so irresponsible and Lazy) :(
2. Send my 2999th prize to Parita (ok stop raising your eye brows)
3. Get myself a hair cut. Holi screwed my hair and I am planning to get my hair cut real short.
4. And of course do loads and loads of video tutes and other reader requests.

And I am starting with Nimisha's request for reviewing the Playboy Pl…

Video Tutorial (reader request): Black Smokey Eyes

I am starting with a series of video tutorials based on my reader requests and this look is the first of the lot requested by Heer. She wanted a classic black smokey eye look with Nude Lips.
Products Used
1. TBS Extra Virgin Mineral Cream Compact Foundation
2. Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter
3. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fuscia 

1. MAC Painterly Paint Pot
2. Faces Kajal as base
3. Inglot Eye Shadow in M378 (Taupe shade)
4. Black Eye Shadow from Sleek "Bad Girl" Palette
5. Maybelline gel liner
6. Colorbar waterproof liquid liner
7. Maxfactor false lash effect mascara

Watch "Makeup Tutorial: Black Smokey Eyes" on YouTube

Meet The Bloggers: Saumya Rastogi of The Vanity Bag Diaries

Doing Meet The Bloggers feature on my blog I have come to realise what an important part this has become of my life. My weekend doesn't seem to start unless I have posted about some blogger friend of mine and this Saturday is no different. Rather out is quite special cause today I am featuring a very good friend of mine whom I know even before we started blogging. I got to know her cause she was a friends of my best friend Manu.

What initially intrigued me about Saumya was her beautifully and boldly Kohl lined eyes that gave her an ethereal look. I still say that none wears Kohl like Saumya Rastogi :) Plus her having some gorgeous eye lashes and a killer smile makes her all the more irresistible. Now before I start sounding more like a pervert I shall stop here and let you all get to know her more.

FULL NAME PLEASE:  Saumya Rastogi
A pic of you in Make-up:


My Chatter: When Best Friends Get Together...

When best friends get together after a long time and there is alcohol, loud music and gifts for each other, there is bound to be gossip, a late night and of course a lot of attention from around ;) That's exactly what happened when Karishma, my friend from College came from the US on a short break and she, Prajakta (my another best friend from college), and I met up yesterday at Kiva Lounge for some drinks and dinner :) We gossiped, giggled, squealed and did almost everything that attracted attention ;) (unintentional I promise) and well got offered to be bought drinks a number of times :D We declined of course, Ha! but what fun :P We finally left for home near midnight and needless to say I was totally not willing to come to office today :P

Karishma got us this gift set from Bath and Body Works (I just love when my best friends go to the US cause they always get me BBW products :P), which has this calming and relaxing Body lotion, shower gel and mint lip balm cum gloss :) Yay ya…

Reader Request LOTD: Black Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips

As you all know I am starting to become a Video Tutorial(ist) addict and I am totally loving the way you guys are reacting to this new obsession of mine :) Thank you all for your encouragement, support and the sweet compliments :) Just today I posted a FB status asking everyone if anyone had any particular requests for a video tutorial and you guys gave an overwhelming response :) First to respond was Heer who wanted me to do a Black Smokey and Nude Lips tutorial. You all know how much I love doing smokey eyes and when she asked me for a tute for this classic look, I had to jump in and do it right away :)

FYI the video tute has been recorded but I need some time for editing :) In the mean time I am leaving you with some pics of this look so that you all can tell me if you need anything more out of this look. Heer especially you :)

Hope you all like the look though :)

Video Tute coming up real soon :)

Video Tutorial: Wearable Orange EOTD

As promised earlier in the morning, I am ready with a video tutorial for the EOTD I did with while reviewing Ingot eye shadow DS 51. Like I mentioned earlier today in my review, this eye shadow is a gorgeous warm Orange shade that seems to be flattering to all skin tones.

Let me now go ahead with the tutorial :)

Products used:
1. The body shop extra virgin minerals cream compact foundation<br>
2. Colorbar blush in floral fuscia<br>
3. Make up for ever star powder in 940
4. Ingot eye shadow in DS 51
5. Ingot eye shadow in Pearl 421
6. Maybelline gel liner in black
7. Colorbar water proof liquid liner
8. Nyx eye shadow base

Video tutorial

Mobile Phone Compatible

Cannot be viewed on a cell phone :(

REVIEW & LOTD: Inglot Eye Shadow in DS 51

Ladies and gentlemen I am back and I would like to thank you all for being so patient with my slow trickle of posts :) But from now on I promise to be prompt and up to date :) When I did this look, I was having a tough time deciding if I should post this look as an LOTD or as a review and finally I guess the "review" won :D

I got this eye shadow from my Mumbai trip to Inglot. When I visited the store I had deliberately kept my mind blank and had decided to lose myself in the world of colors and choose whatever caught my fancy :) This trick sometimes works wonders, much more than going through endless hours of reviews and making a list et al. This is exactly why I love shopping for make-up in the store as opposed to online shopping (no offense anyone really). It's a personal choice right? :)

Inglot Eye Shadow DS51 is a delightfully bright orange with Silver sparkle and it beckoned me so much gusto that I knew it was going back home with me :) I expected it to look stark …