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Video Tutorial: Spring Make-Up

First off, thank you to all of my readers and new "youtube" subscribers for liking my first video tute and hence encouraging me and making me all confident about doing such video tutorials... And so I am here with another ;)

The look I have done here is a pretty and a girlie Spring Make-Up...
Hope you guys like it. Do check it out on youtube... Comment, Like and Do Subscribe :)

Link to the youtube video...

Hope you like it :)


  1. hiiii.
    ur skin is beautiful.
    and u do d best eye makeup.
    so i hv a ques for u.
    my eyes r small,round and no eye lid.
    its like puffed.
    hope u get it.
    i hate them and i wana make them lok bigger with jst kajal,liner mascara,coz using shadows will make them too over for daily coll wear.
    so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out.
    wat shd i do....???
    u hv single eye lid too kya...???
    My name is LIZA

    1. hey Liza :) thank u for all the nice things you ve saidf about me :D hehehehehheeh am all happy happy :) by the way you ve described your eyes, you seem to be mongoloid :) are u from the north east??? if yes then where? :)

      if you want to make your eyes look bigger and also "longer", then all you need to do is invest in a good "white" liner... line your lower water line with a white liner, apply your kajal lightly in the outside of your lower waterline. and when u use a liner on your top lash line, try to line it in a way that it extends upwards as you go towards the outer side of your eyes...

      hope i was clear :) and good luck...

  2. very nice video Sam... seriously u talk like a doll... m searching for Faces blending brush 106.. couldnt found it in pantaloons(thy said thy r out of stock ) or online :(

    1. thannk u so much Dimpal :) arre these brushes aren't available anywhere except in Faces stand alone stores... try it out there.. which city are u from?

  3. Thnkx for replying.
    m frm punjab.dnt knw frm whr thz eyes came in.hate makes me luk so aasian and everyone asks if i m one.hate them lyk hell.

    abt wat u said.thanku m very clear bt i used white liner(actually i hv googled alot abt making small eyes bigger)and tried it bt it luks so i wear lenses so anything applined on the waterline irritates.


    1. awww thats too bad... looks like ur eyes are the sensitive types :( then i am guessing u dont apply kajal on your waterline too :) try the liner trick that i spoke about like extending it upwards while going outwards.. i have asian eyes and proud about it ;) it works for me! try it out! :)

    2. hey Liza may be you can try a flesh colored pencil instead of a white liner pencil..use it on ur waterline..def makes ur eyes look bigger and less ghostly than the white pencil :P

    3. Thnq soooooooooooo much.
      wud definately try thz luks.
      thnx for the help....!!

  4. Awesome video and very nice fresh look :)

  5. nice going. loved the colors you used in the video i am subscribing u on you tube.

  6. ur vdo mde me smile!! really sweet agn n nice tute! :)

  7. pretty look..loved the combo :)

  8. M so lovin ur videos Sam...awesome!

    1. seriously??? thanks Zee :)) mmmuuuaaahhh.. u really aRE THE sweetest :)

  9. Such a lovely tut...I liked the products and the way the look is pulled..u r inspiring me to start doing videos again ..LOL

    1. OMG OMG OMG Neeraj you saying this totally is means soo much to me! WOW! thank you soo much... u ve totally made my week :))

  10. Hey samyukta..I hav really big eyes n I dun like dem can u suggest any trick to make them look smaller n better??n plz suggest a kohl dat doesn't smudge...


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