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GUEST POST: Valentine's Day Look and Tutorial

Guest Post by Bidisha

You all know that I have a giveaway underway on ISimplyLoveMakeUp where I will have two winners. One winner wins a GlossyBox and another winner will win three of my favorite lipsticks :) If you haven't entered it yet then worry not beauties you can still enter it here. As a part of one of the rules, Bidisha from has very sweetly done a guest post about a Valentine's Day look and a tutorial :) I wont introduce her to you all just yet, for that you'll have to be a little more patient and wait for a couple of more days ;) So over to her for now...
Hello everyone...
This is Bidisha here
I am so excited today to write a post for my adorable friend suma <3
So today i thought of doing an easy eyemakeup tutorial for you all
This particular eyemakeup can be done during day and is also suitable for evening !
In this tutorial I used sponge applicator instead of brushes.
So lets get started with the tutorial
Here is the step by step pictoral demonstration >>>>>>>

1.First apply concealer around your eyes to hide the darkness (if any)
2.Then apply a mauvish silver frost eyeshadow all over the eyelids (I used Deborah Milano Ombretto mono hi-tech eyeshadow)
3.Then apply a taupy/bronzy brown eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes (I used the brownish shade from Lakme botanica eyeshadow quartet)
4.In order to give a twist to your eyemakeup, apply a burgundy/cranberry colour eyeshadow on the transition area where the mauve and brown meets; don't forget to blend the colors well. (I used the cranberry shade from the Botanica quad again)
5.Then apply your favourite black kohl liner on the waterline.
6.To intensify the eye makeup, line your upper lashline with that black kohl liner instead of liquid liner.
7.Finally finish off the makeup using a good black mascara on the lashes ! (I used Maybelline colossal volume mascara)

And here's the final look >

I hope you all liked this eye makeup tutorial
On my face i just applied Lakme rose powder and on my lips i used my favourite Avon lip balm in cherry
Since this is an eye makeup tutorial i didn't focus much on blush and lipstick !
I hope you all enjoyed this quick tutorial...
Do comment to share your views :)
with love,
Bidisha !


  1. gorgeous! pink look so pretty pretty!

  2. took garnier eye roll-on on my finger tips and dabbed it with light hands @pranali :)

  3. i used the tinted one in medium shade

  4. love the look here bidisha :) so pretty and so romantic ... so apt for V-Day :) thank u for doing this post sweetie <3 <3

  5. thankyou bee and suma...much love for you two :* :*

  6. so pretty look bidisha! you've got lovely eyes!

  7. Looks veryyy pretty on you, Suma can you enlarge the tute pic, it will be helpful! :)

    1. taps i could enlarge it but it'll become all blurry then :( is that ok?


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