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Red Lipsticks are for EVERYONE!

During my previous trip to Mumbai, my mom and I went out shopping to Palladium in the Phoenix Mills compound in Lower Parel, where we visited most importantly TBS and MAC, my most favorite stores in the world :) I had mentioned in my previous to previous haul post earlier that I had picked up a couple of stuff from MAC, one of which was "MAC Matte Lipstick in Chili". At the same time I picked out a Red Lippy for my mom as well (Ruby Woo), when my mom very vehemently refused saying that she will never be able to carry off a red lipstick. She was very adamant about no red lipsticks! That got me thinking and made me realize that a lot of women in India especially are not comfortable sporting a Red Lip. It could be something to do with the movie "Chameli" (for the present generation) and well some awkward and ancient ideas about the color Red for some. Very surprisingly though my mom and a lot many women of a similar age are comfortable with sporting maroon lipsticks! You think it could be something to do with Rekha? (Just a thought you know!)
Red Lipsticks
So anyways, this made me do a lot of Google searches and I realized a lot of women have made up their minds that either Red lipsticks do not suit them cause they are not porcelain fair or that they cannot find a perfect Red for themselves. Both claims I say is crap nonsense. Am I being too harsh here? No I beg to differ. I am not saying that these women are wrong, what I am saying is that they need to get out of their comfort zones or shells and explore for themselves what looks good on them and what does  not. Beauty blogs, make-up sites are all meant to give an opinion of a product or a particular trend but what looks good on you is upto you to decide! Isn't it ladies?

Again, let me clarify that I am not saying that I know best, rather I am also always trying out newer shades of Reds and trying to settle the matter of if a particular shade of red suits me or  not :P As you all know I love Red Lips and well I have gotten addicted to this trend. But this addiction of mine did not strike me overnight. It has been a long drawn process of reading reviews, trying out new shades and of course researching on the internet. And ladies today I would like to share with you all the results of my this research :P and indulge those of you who haven't as yet dared ro wear Red :) In the process I might step on a few feet, do forgive me and if you want we could take the discussion offline (this is what my lecturers used to say in college when they weren't sure of a particular debate's outcome :P)

So lets get started :)

1. The first thing I had done when I decided I wanted to wear a Red lip was google search "Red lipsticks for Indian Skintone". And what did that give me? It gave me site after site lengthy discussions on how blue based reds would suit someone with a cooler undertone and yellow based red would suit someone with warmer undertones. Well Ok! I am sure they know what they are talking about but ladies really practically speaking I am still not sure about my undertone being cool/warm. What if I say mine undertone is HOT? :P Ok kidding! But seriously? We Indians in general have all warm undertones (there are exceptions) but does that mean we cannot wear blue based Reds? That doesn't seem fair now does it? So I decided to give it a shot and I got myself my first Red Lipstick which was Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Hot Hot Hot. It's a typical Red and I am guessing that it is blue based. When I wore it, I tweaked it here and there and all that jazz and decided that it suited me when I wore it and then lightly kissed onto a tissue. The same held true for Colorbar Velvet Matte in Brick-O-La.
Next I got myself a Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Classic Rose. Well that sure is a yellow/orange based Red and that suited me as is i.e. without kissing into a tissue. So basically I just proved to myself that I can carry off a blue as well as yellow based Red! So that means I am neither cool nor warm. So what am I? When I asked this to my guy, he said I am yellow! Well accepted :P
MORAL: The moral of this really long monologue ladies is that when trying out a Red lipstick, you need not stress on undertones and stuff, stress on the finish of the lippy and voila you will get your HG lipstick! In general, Indian women due to their warn undertones do suit orange/yellow based Red lipsticks more but one can confidently sport a blue based Red as well if it is of a matte finish (ensure this by doing the kiss the tissue trick :P)

2. Another sure shot way of knowing which shade of Red and what finish will suit you most is by retrospecting and by honestly remembering as to which Red Lipped celebrity made the Red Lip syndrome trigger inside us. Lets be honest now... 90-95% of us get our make-up inspirations from celebs or at least someone we saw somewhere. So all you need to do is picture the kind of Red Lips the said celeb/person was wearing and almost 80% of the times you can be sure that the same shade of Red in the same texture will suit you.
I for example was bowled over by Cameron Diaz in "The Mask". The Red lips that she sported were totally "SMOKEY" and that triggered the urge of Red Lips in me. She wore a yellow based red in a matte finish and sure the same shade and texture syits me as well :) (At least thats what Iliek to think :P)...
MORAL: We generally like a look on a celeb or anyone for that matter, which we know would suit us as well :) We will never like a particular look if we subconsciously believe that it wont look good on us :) It's plain psycology! ;)

3. The last and the most important point that needs to be covered when wearing a Red Lippy for the first time is to muster up courage for a public appearance. I am sure many of us had initially worn Red lipsticks pouted in the mirror but then removed it the moment we stepped out of the bathroom or the dressing room right? So how to get the confidence to wear a Red lipstick in a room full of people who may or may not know the glamor quotient of a Red Lip? What did I do? *ahem* I wore a Red lipstcik for the first time when I went out for a dinner date with my guy. The keywords here being "dinner" and "my guy only". Now you'll tell me that not all guys like Red Lipstick and that's where ladies you are all wrong! To be honest my guy has always maintained that he hates Red lips (even now), but when shown Cameron Diaz in The Mask, he did not even notice the Red lips, all he said was this is the best she has ever looked! I rest my case :P So anyways when I did wear my yellow based Red lippy for the dinner date (after Cameron Diaz sighting), he was too happy to see me in a similar lippy. And when finally heads did turn int he restaurant (now come on you all know Red Lips are a show stopper), he officially loved my Red lipstick ;)
Now that the first appearance was taken care off, I wore a Red Lip next for an outing where I knew only our closest friends would be present. Without much explanatin there, that outing was a success. And ladies that was enough for me and I was armed with a lifetime supply of confidence to spot a Red Lip :)
MORAL: Start out gradually and then when ready take on the world :)

I don't know if any of the three points above would help you get into a Red Lipstick mode but ladies always keep in mind that a Red Lipstick is the only product that has the power to glam you up on its own! It needs no assistance from any other product :)


  1. Really interesting points Suma.. and even I agree... at least in my case, the undertones logic does not work- after trying 5 reddish lippies in MAC 3 SAs, 1 other buyer and hubby decided I should get Viva Glam 1. and even though I wear it muted (stain-like) I loved it :)

  2. I agree with you in every possible way Suma. moreover, I feel with dusky Indian complexions like ours, a hot 9 read too bright) red lippie is never too stark on us and it brings out the radiance.
    I wore my cherry red when I was in 11th grade. But trust me everyone loved it. Ever since I have been trying out blue based and yellow based. Everything works for my thankfully, or may be because I feel like I'm in my own skin.

    As for guys, my boyfriend loves red lipsticks on me and hates the pinks and the nudes. :P
    Ok, shouldn't cram this space. Sorry. :P

  3. wow! didnt expect such enthusiastic answers from you girls :) thansk a ton! i feel encouraged! and yup you guys are right! the blue toned for warm undertones and yellow for cool logic never worked for me either! i guess we Indians are lucky to be able to wear any shade of Red ;)

  4. Tootally agree, with you and the other ladies above me! Red lips are sooo gorgeous and seriously, our skin seems to be made to carry off any kind of Red we choose :D

  5. I love red lipsticks but somehow have never bought one but after reading this post will surely hunt for my perfect red :P

  6. hahhahaha my best wishes are with you Parul! you go GIRL! :D

  7. ooh.. love this piece.. with currently fighting the red fear (as you call it) this helps... oh and i have worn it in the mirror and wiped off soo often, its not funny...

    but the undertone theory may have some merit in it... i bought a cool toned red and even the tissue trick did not work for me. I was able to wear it only when i warmed it up by wearing a warm toned lip liner underneath... you may be neutral toned suma, that's why you can carry both.. rashmi is neutral and she rocks both cool and warm reds :)

  8. hey anks am so glad you liked the post :) yup fighting the Red fear is quite a struggle and is prevalent :(

    ooh u could be right about being Neutral tone... yup that totally makes sense! see how much we get to learn when we discuss it na :) thanks! :)

  9. I tend to play safe with reds-I mostly go with coral reds,pinkish reds or terracotta-ish reds-I am slightly scared of trying the bright reds (typical Bangali sidure lal rong :D) coz I feel rather self conscious (ebaba-sobai kirom takache :D ) with them :D :D

  10. hahahhahaah.. sheta i to kotha.. bhoye kisher? :P
    yup i know we all tend to play safe with Red.. here is where point 3 of the post comes into play.. we all can gradually be fearless of Red :P

  11. yaa-basically u know-what is needed to be thought about-is how to coordinate the eye makeup and blush-while wearing a bright read lippy :( I think kohl lined eyes with highlighter on cheeks should be a good match -watssay??

  12. yeah thats just perfect... but the amount of drama i want, i generally use a peach/beige eye shadow as well :) it really looks regal :) checkout this one:

  13. Love this post! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE red lipstick & the only issue I have is one of confidence. I feel better when I wear red lipstick when I'm with family or friends, that way I don't feel too awkward about people staring at me. It helps that my parents encourage me to wear darker, brighter lipsticks!

  14. Forgot to say that with red lipstick, you don't need any other makeup. In fact, I wear only red lipstick & mascara.

  15. awwww thank u Poohkie for liking the post so much :) means a lot as this was a really heart felt post :) and yup Red Lips are sooo powerful that they dont need the support of other products to make us look glamorous :) haina...

  16. i also love red lippies...... wear them maximum in night parties.....

  17. Can you write a post about how to actually wear red lipstick? I find that with red, you need the application to be much more precise & I cannot do that by applying the lippie directly. I HAVE to use a brush. So any tips you have for precise application would be nice.

  18. hahahha same pinch ANi ;)

    @Poohkie: oh pakka i can do apost about applying a red lippy.. and yup one does need to keep certain things in mind before flaunting a Red Lip :) gimme a couple of days! :)

  19. Nice one! :) Even I was one of them. I tell you. Despite the fact that I'm quite fair, I was not quite sure if red would go with my skin or not. But I watch many a models flaunting red....I'm like 'why can't I'. I use Oriflame Beauty Hollywood Lipstick - Red Carpet and I tell you...this is the perfect shade that I wanted.

  20. hey samyukta i just lovd ur post!i really lovd d red lipstick which cameron diaz wore in the mask and u said dat u have d same red lipstick!dear could u plz tel me the name and code number of the lipstick?

    1. Oh my! I cannot believe that I am seeing the comment right now :/ So sorry sweetheart, I hope you see this...
      the shade that Cameron Diaz is wearing is very similar to MAC Ruby Woo, topped off with a clear gloss :D

  21. Hi Samyukta Nice article.. I have been doing quite a research on buying a red lipstick but none of the companies like lakme , chambor , revlon seem to have funky bright red llipsticks!! Its quite disapponiting

    1. Hi Prathiksha :) Welcome to my blog :) If you want a "funky bright red" lippy that's also a lot of fun, then I have only 2 recommendations :D
      1. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Hot Hot Hot
      2. MAC Ruby Woo

      Both are matte finishes and super gorgeous! :) Hope this helps ♥

    2. Thank you .. I will try those!! :)

  22. I too feel the same that i can't carry a red lippie. let me try different types of reds and see!


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