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Reader Request: My Skincare Regime (Dry Skin)

With the advent of Winters in most parts of the country, skin care has become a major cause of interest for everyone of us. Cold weather brings in the problem of dryness especially for beauties with dry skin and I guess this is the perfect time for me to indulge in reader requests regarding my skin care regime. ISLM I have always maintained is a purely make-up and beauty blog but with ISLM readers increasing asking for my skin care regime especially Kanika Justa of and Beena of Beauty And Everything Else, I have finally given in and am doing a post about my daily skin care routine.

Now I think is the right time to warn you guys about the fact that this post will ONLY be about Dry Skin care cause well I have very dry skin :)

Now whats really funny is that I don't really do anything special and neither do I really follow any kind of a set routine except for EXFOLIATING and MOISTURISING :)

So anyways, the products that I use on a daily basis are here:

1. Oriflame Sun Safe Sun Screen
2. Ponds White Beauty Lightening Facial Foam
3. St Ives Apricot Scrub
4. FabIndia Almond and Walnut scrub
5. Oriflame Giordani Gold Body Cream
6. Garnier Fruit Naturals Body Cocoon
7. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Well now that, those are covered some things that I religiously do follow are:
1. I exfoliate (face scrub) my face twice a week with St Ives Gentle Apricot Skin.
2. I exfoliate my body once a week with Fab India;s Walnut Scrub
3. I moisturize like crazy. I use Garnier Body Cocoon also on my face!
4. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I make it a point to apply Oriflame Giordani Gold Body cream on my face, arms and neck. Yes I am crazy and keep it on my bedside table :P
5. I keep applying Vaseline petroleum jelly on my elbows and lips whenever I can.
6. Oh and I visit the beauty parlour every fifteen days for a face clean-up
7. I have NEVER had a facial in the 26 years of my life. No, not even before my wedding.
8. I do bleach my face and neck once a month.

I don't know what else to write cause I do not do anything else :)
If you want to know something in particular then do go ahead and ask away... :P


  1. great timing!!!i m planning to do all this but god knows how long i will stick to..u have beautiful skin samyukta...n ya heard the facial thing before about kareena..does facials make any difference??

  2. i totally addictive to moisturisers and scrubs..i keep a body cream inside my blanket otherwise i cannot sleep thinking I might die with dry skin...i know crazy... :X


  3. thank u pavani and yeah WInters really are a trying time for our skin :( no no i haven't heard the thing about kareena and facials! tell me...

  4. hahahhaha sweet and bitter i totally follow you :P but seriously sleeping with a night cream inside your blanket is like the heights... hehehehhe.. u r awesome girl :D love u for it!

  5. i love st.ives too. nice post :)

  6. thanks Ansh and yup St Ives is my fav too :))

  7. Even mine is dry skin :) And Olay and AM almond lotion are life savers for me!!
    Its nice knowing ur regime for dry skin :D Cool post :)

  8. thanks Raaga and yup i have been meaning to check out Olay myself... which one do u use?

  9. I miss parlour clean ups :((
    thanks for the post Suma :D

  10. I have one questions - what about your hands? Do you use a hand cream? I have oily facial skin, but my body is very dry & my hands get parched in winters & no lotion is moisturising enough.

  11. Hi :)
    nice post..i too wanted to know abt ur skin care regime..
    btw, wats the difference between a facial and face clean-up?

  12. hey poohkie.. i do not use a hand cream.. i know i should.. but whenever i feel my hands get dry, I use Garnier Body cocoon for it as well :P

  13. hey aditi... face cleaning generally involves cleaning, exfoliating, steaming and removing black/white heads..
    facial in general is a lengthier process that involves massage and applying face packs and all that jazz...


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