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MakeUp For Office: Something to go with Red and Blue Tartan

There is this connection I feel with Scottish bagpipes... Their soulful tunes, their solo pibrochs and their tall good looking Kilt clad bagpipers... I love them all and well when you love Scottish bagpipes so much then love for the Tartan isn't something that can allude you :) Yup you got it :) I love Tartans :) And I got myself this Tartan shirt from UCB (United Colors of Benetton?) in the traditional red and blue, which I decided to wear to office today :) And well when the shirt is bright ladies and gentle so is my make-up (though its a makeup sin) :P

So here's my Make-Up for Office...

Products Used
1. The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation
2. Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Navy Blue
3. Maybelline Gel Eye Liner
4. Inglot Freedom System Lip Color No 66
5. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara

REVIEW & LOTD: Inglot Freedom System Lip Pan No. 66

Grocery shopping essentially entitles me a minimum of 20 mins of browsing the beauty section where I go through the various Vega brushes, comb sets, bath sets etc for the millionth time. I never pick up anything from there but I still love browsing through the same wares on display week after week, month after month. What attraction it holds for me I don't know. Last Sunday again saw me rifling through all the brushes and combs that were on display but I surprisingly actually picked up something! I picked up a "lip brush" from Dio. No no even I had never heard of this brand before but out of impulse I picked this up and then I completely forgot about it! Just last night cause I was not getting any sleep, I started arranging my dresser when I realised that my Inglot Freedom System Lip Palette was lying forgotten in a corner. In order to cheer the palette up (yes yes my make-up are my babies and I like to pamper them), I brought out the new lip brush and app…

SWATCHES: Faces Long Wear Pencil in Purple

Faces Long Wear pencils need no introduction, they need no preview and they don't need any reviews. They are a cult favorite among make-up lovers and its fan base seems to be increasing by the day. I got myself another one called Purple and it is the most beautiful Purple eye pencil I have ever used :)

I am not reviewing the pencil cause I have already reviewed these pencils here.

Image of the Product

I don't know why I look so swollen and FAT in the pic above :'(
It costs INR 250/-


Would I Recommend?
Do I need to? :) For those who haven't yet been introduced to these pencils, girl you need to get all the shades in this range :) each and everyone of them are beautiful :)

Overall Rating

HAUL: Faces. Lush and The Body Shop & A Pune Bloggers Meet Proposal

It has almost become a tradition that I go hauling every weekend and flaunt and show you guys my purchases. But another practice that threatens to become a tradition is that every weekend I almost but unfortunately not end up meeting any of the Pune bloggers. I have missed meeting Parul, Parita and even Zara at Phoenix Market City Mall even though we have all be shopping there on the same day at the same time! How unfortunate! So I was thinking and proposing if we could arrange for a PMBB meet? :P I mean Pune Makeup and Beauty Bloggers Meet? What say girls? It'll be fun.. Think about it and let me know through the comments section. Then we can all decide a day and venue according to everyone of our convenience and meet up, shop, gossip and talk makeup :) What say? Of course non-bloggers but beauty blog readers are welcome as well. I think this could turn out to be something awesome! Think about it ladies :)

Coming back to my haul, this time I did not shop at Bharat & Dorris b…

READERS REVIEW: Sleek True Color Sheen Lipstick in Coral Reef

There are times when I pick something up, which catches my eye and then when I bring it home with me and try it out, I realize that it may not really suit me :( Does this happen to you as well? Well this happens with me mostly when I shop for something online! >:-0 So anyways, whenever I ask my guy if it suited me, he would gimme a corny reply like "Babe everything looks good on you"... Hmmmphhh... Honestly? I like to be flattered but dude I sometimes need an honest reply so! Don't we all? ;) Haha..

So anyways, just today while trying out Sleek True Color Lippy in Coral Reef, I realized that I wasn't sure if it suited me or not! And it suddenly struck me that I could start a section called "Readers Review", where you guys would give me your true opinions about a particular product. In other words, you guys will review the product for me through the comments section!!! What say? Are you guys in?

So today, as the first feature for Reader's Review, I p…

Makeup For Office: Eye Shadow Wash on a Black Base

Whatever time we wake up in the morning, even if we don't "snooze" our alarms, even if our offices/colleges are close by, at least thrice in a week we do experience rushed mornings, now don't we? Something or the other always comes up and we end up rushing through our dressing and make-up and speeding towards work or in some cases college :) Don't know bout many of you but this sure is the case with me. Even though I leave for office at around 10:00 am, I am always running late. But does this mean I give up on make-up? No no no ways :) I would do anything but go to office without make-up :P It's taken me a while but I guess I have now mastered the art of "quick" 7 minutes make-up resulting in a look that says I have taken at least half an hour ;) It looks something like this...
I call this look an eye shadow wash on a black base. For those who are new to the concept of "eye shadow wash", let me explain it to you :) An eye shadow wash is n…

Meet The Bloggers: Jyotsna of Beauty And Makeup Studio

Every Saturday and sometimes Friday evenings when I start writing and collating data for my Meet The Blogger post I cannot help but rewind back to when I had first started this section on ISLM with Anshita. Today's feature is the 8th one in this section and I would like to thank you all for your encouragement and most importantly for liking this feature and supporting it whole-heartedly :) Thank you so much guys :)
Today's feature is Jyotsna from Beauty And Makeup Studio. She is fairly new to the beauty blogging scene but has gotten herself a few many ardent fans. From her blog I can infer that Jyotsna totally loves nail polishes and is really particular about skin care :) I am hoping that today's post will help us know more about her :) P.S. Her pic proves that she is GORGEOUS! Don't you agree? :)
Full Name Please: Jyotsna Y
Blog URL:
Since How Long Have You Been Blogging:  Its just been a month!! :)

Your Favorite Blog (Apart from y…

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Rouge Lipstick in Catherine

With so many of my lipsticks pending review you all know how indecisive I got and had to finally turn to you guys to help me decide, which lippy to review first. And you guys have been so sweet and supportive because of which on popular demand as well as first come first serve basis, I am reviewing Faces Rouge Lipstick in Catherine first :)

I bought this lippy in the Faces Sale last week and I have worn it twice since. Once to office and once for shopping yesterday. It stays on for pretty long, keeps my lips hydrated and makes you feel "like you're wearing nothing at all" :)

Image of the Product


Oooohss and Aaaahhhsss!!
1. A beautiful brown based shade with a hint of Red.
2. Stays on for really long
3. Great pigmentation
4. Glides on very smoothly
5. Hydrating and not at all drying
6. Feels watery like Maybelline Watershine but stays on for about 6 hours!
7. Feels like you are wearing nothing at all ;)
8. Extremely easy on the pockets!

1. Has a weird …

Too Good To Be True: GlossyBox is COming To India

With the launch of blisscoveredbox and lushbox, the Indian beauty blogosphere has been introduced to the concept of beauty subscription companies and their hoardes of advantages. Now a new company has entered the Indian beauty scene. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome GLOSSYBOX. I was in a training when I received their PR emails announcing that they were entering India and I just could not wait for the training to be over so that I could share this good news with you all :)

Now a little about them...
How can you get the latest and greatest in cosmetics and beauty products right to your door? GLOSSYBOX is the perfect solution, because we send you the best in beauty directly to your home. Your individualized box will be tailored to your beauty profile and will be filled with tons of cosmetic and beauty samples from your favourite brands. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for the perfect lipstick, shampoo and conditioner, the premiere in hair care, a miracle working anti-agi…

TUTORIAL & LOTD: Soft Shimmery Green Eye Makeup

You all know what a s*cker I am for smokey eyes, which is often not very wearable and inappropriate for very many occasions especially Indian wedding related. For example what if there is an engagement ceremony during lunch. What we often do is end up patting some golden/copper eye shadow and a nice Red or a Pink lipstick and we are ready to go. My today's look is for one similar occasion and the best part is that it is really simple to do :) Here's the look!

Products Used: Face I have not udes anything, but you are obviously welcome to use your favorite products :) Eyes 1. Faces Sparkle Dust Stack of loose pigments 2. Faves Kajal 3. MAC Painterly Paint Pot 4. Maybelline Gel Eye Liner 5. Maxfactor Fake Lash Effect Mascara 6. Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
Lips 1. Faces Rouge Lipstick in Catherine
Cheeks 1. Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter (Bronzer Shade)
Procedure 1. First prime your lids with a base. I have used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. 2. Next, take a "kajal" and sme…