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REVIEW & LOTD: NYX Round Lipstick in Rose

I love reviewing products. Why? Cause I love trying out new stuff and then judging and analysing them. Don't know but I guess it's just me :P So whenever I get myself a Haul I get sooo busy reviewing the "new" products that I totally forget the "older" products that I had bought earlier and are waiting to be reviewed. One such instance is the NYX Round Lipstick in "Rose". But Kannu from very kindly asked me to swatch this lippy for her and well then I realised that I could do a review with it as well :) So Kannu, thank you :)

The shade Rose is a very pretty and a vibrant shade of Pink almost bordering towards Fuschia. It's a fun color and looks really gorgeous when worn during the day as well as at night.

Image of the Product
NYX Round Lipstick in Rose
NYX Round Lipstick in Rose Swatch
Comparison with Similar Product

This is a new section where I shall be comparing swatches of the reviewed product with similar other products so that you guys get a fair idea about the true shade :)
MAC Craving, NYX Rose, Colorbar Addictive Magenta, Maybelline Iced Orchid

Ooohhss And Aaaahhhhs!!!
1. Extra moisturising for the lips and hence does not cause dryness
2. Stays on for a decent length of time. For me it stays on for about 4-5 hours.
3. It fades to a pretty stain
4. The shade is really vibrant and happy!
5. If purchased directly from their site or anywhere in the US then they are really easy on the pocket!
6.Has a huge array of shades to choose from!

1. Has a kind of an artificial/synthetic smell though it disappears in seconds
2. They are really soft and hence melt if kept in a warm environment
3. Unavailability in India

It costs INR 395/-

I am not sure if I will be able to finish this tube!

Would I Recommend?
Oh yes I would surely recommend NYX Round Lipsticks! If you don't have at least a couple then you are missing out on life :P

Overall Rating


  1. yup! and so bright and fun na!!! :)

  2. Pretty shade n luks hot on your lips :) Mac craving is just soooo beautiful I cud not take my eyes of it

  3. Oh Yes Parul, MAC Craving is really gorgeous!!! will be doing a review on it next :) so pakka se stay tuned :)

  4. Me toh hooked only dear:)Samyukta do you know if the Mac Me over is launched in Pune..I have tried calling but they are just not picking up..

  5. regarding mAC Me Over, I dont really know about the Pune store, but I know its available in Mumbai in the MAC store at Palladium... u from Mumbai or Pune?

  6. Pune..have to satisfy all my Mac love with that teeny tiny counter

  7. LOL ;) I know what you mean :D Me from Pune too.. but parents stay in mumbai so get a chance to check that out too.. am planning to go to Jewel Square tomorrow. will let you know if they have launched the MAC Me Over here too.. wanna join me?

  8. I would have so loved to go with u but as usual being bombarded by guests this weekend :( I will go on Sunday if I can manage it..I just hope they have just one Carbonized eyeshadow for me..fingers crossed

  9. hahahahhaha.. all the best for that :) hope u get to splurge and all :P I to on a make-up fast ;) will just be buying an empty palette quad.. thats it!!! :D I hope i can be strong in the store...

    btw following your blog :)

  10. Thanx makeup fast n going to the Mac store..heee..hee it never works for me..its like serving pastries on the day ur fasting

  11. hahahahah i so know what you mean... but seriously! I am sooo broke now :P oh my you shouldn't have said pastries... now i want a choco truffle!!!!

  12. arey me too n sizzling brownie with ice cream

  13. @bidisha: yup it is sooo pretty na :)

    @Parul: hahahhaha.. ab to have to maaro a chakkar to CCD for their choco fantasy :P oh btw where do u stay in Pune?

  14. In Kondhwa..I love CCD choco fantasy

  15. aaah Kondhwa... yup Amanora Park Town like u mentioned in your blog sure makes sense now.... hehehhehe.. i stay at the other end... Baner side... :)

  16. Oh dear tat really seems so far..coming to jewel square, phoenix mall and other places must be so painful..nwaz Amanora is a great place..They also have Lush n Forest wanted to raid everythng

  17. yup u right! its a pain really :( everything seems to be in that part of the city :(

  18. Oh I cant imagine life without Phoenix now..don't worry you come here n then we will go roaming everywhere :)...

  19. oh yes! lets just decide a day to meet up and then go crazy shopping ;)

  20. wowwww, its such a pretty shade! i was earching 4 its review! thnx 4 it!

  21. Hey Samyukta
    Super review: ♥ the lipstick!!
    Heading to MAC at Palladium in Phoenix tomorrow!! Hope they've the collection!!
    Enjoy the lipstick

  22. thank u so much for doing the review ! This shade goes on my hit list !

  23. this is a pretty shade Suma. n u r totally rocking it :)

  24. @Taps: Its all my please sweets :)

    @Gauri: Oh u lucky thing!!! love the Palladium in Mumbai.. and yup they have the MAC Me Over collection with them... i checked out the cream shadow pots there...

  25. @cookdokoo: hit list??? why you didnt like it?

  26. have you tried this shade Tanvee... i do recommend :) how was your birthday?

  27. Such a pretty shade! Looks lovely on your lips. Oh and I love this new comparison feature. Great idea! :)

  28. oooh thank you Purple Spirit and I am glad you liked the new feature :) btw love ur blog.. your makeup is sooo artistic and the animal print eye makeup is soooo FAB!!!!
    You got yourself a new follower girl :)

  29. this shade lookkss soo very pretty..

  30. i know!!! and it is soooooo under-focussed na... when i was buying it, I couldn't even find a decent swatch of it on the net :P but am glad i got it :)

  31. Hi!! its an amazing shade....

    and loved reading your blog

  32. Oops ! I wrote hit list instead of wish list :p

  33. @Beauty And Makeup Studio: thank you and welcome to ISLM :)

    @CookDoKoo: hahahahha.. thats what i was wondering :)

  34. hey Suma-its a gorgeous shade-and I love the creamy texture of the NYX round lippies!!!!

  35. Hi Suma, i bought this, but it feels frosty on my lips.. And loads of shimmer too. Did u feel that?


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