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REVIEW & LOTD: Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Classic Rose

With everyone google searching for Lakme Absolute product reviews, it becomes really critical for us beauty bloggers who have indulged ourselves and gotten ourselves some products from this much acclaimed range of cosmetics and for those beauty bloggers who have been fortunate enough to have received samples of this range from the company PRs to post reviews and help the beauty blogging brethren :) So here I am doing my bit... It all started when I had promised myself that I was not going to purchase anything from Lakme as I did not find their product quality up to the mark. Before the Absolute range, I owned only their fantasy range bronzer. So anyways, with their listicks ranging from nudes to mostly browns, I was always put off by the "mature" lip colors that they had to offer. But when they came up with their Absolute range, I couldn't but help myself from plunging into a mini haul and I must say that my apprehensions have been put to rest and I can ea…

HAUL: Lakme Absolute and Colorbar

With the launch of Lakme Absolute range of cosmetics, the Indian Beauty Blogosphere has been buzzing with the latest in the range and reviews of products from this range have started trickling in... Well I am not gonna be left behind for sure and I am doing my bit to keep the beauty blog readers informed of all the rights and wrongs from this range... Yup! I am so noble! :P

So anyways, I went to Central today and got myself a couple of stuff from Lakme Absolute and also from Colorbar, which is still going strong as my favorite affordable brand of cosmetics :) Now ladies and gentlemen, lets please indulge in some eye-candy ;)
Lakme with the purchase of products more than Rs.1000/- is giving this pretty jewelry box :)

A little about the products now though full reviews are gonna follow one by one. The eye shadows as you can see are baked. Lakme Absolute has introduced baked blushes as well but they seemed too glittery for my liking but you never know I might just pick one of them up :)…

REVIEW & LOTD: Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Coral Pink

I was going through the posts of my blog when I realized that I hadn't covered the much beloved Colorsensational range of lipsticks from Maybelline. Plus Ansh from Vanity No Apologies asked me to swatch the lippy so am here with a review of this lippy :)

This range of lipsticks is a cult favorite with all beauty bloggers in India and somehow this range is always recommended to the lipstick virgins. Why? Cause in one word they can be described as AWESOME!!!

Image of the Product



Oooohhhss and Aaaahhhhs!
1. They boast of a huge variety of shades that range from neutrals to browns to corals to pinks to reds to maroons.
2. The lipsticks are extremely moisturising and do not dry the lips.
3. They do not cause any reactions and do not end up darkening the lips in the log run
4. They are totally odorless.
5. Decent staying power of about 4-5 hours.
6. Very easily available.

1. They are not really transfer proof
2. They rub off quite easily.
3. They could have made the …

LOTD & Tutorial: Eye Make-up to Match a Grey Dress

A few days back I did a post about matching or rather complementing our makeup with our outfit. Well in continuation to that post today I plan on doing an EOTD to match a grey dress. Of course if it would have been a look for a night out, I would have gone for a heavy smoky look but as I was interested in doing a look for a daytime event, I settled for a shimmery green look with a slight smoky effect to it. It looks something like this:
The products I have used for this look are as follows:
1. NYX Eye shadow base
2. MAC Peacocky Collection Eye shadow in EGO
3. Coastal Scents 88 Original Eye shadow palette
4. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
5. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara
6. Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in "Coral Crush"

The way to do it:
1. I first primed my eyes with the NYX eye shadow base.
2. Then I dabbed MAC eye shadow in EGO in a dab dab motion with a flat eye shadow brush

3. Next, I took the matte taupe eye shadow from my coastal scents palette and using a F…

Make Mishap: Poorna of Delhi Belly Fame

There have been times (with all of us) when we look at some pics of a recent party or a get together and cringe at the way our make-up has been perceived or contorted by flash photography. I guess that's exactly how Poorna here must feel when she looks at her photos in the papers the next day. For those who are still trying to figure as to where they have seen her, Poorna jumped to limelight after Delhi Belly... Remember now? Arre the Imran Khan smoocher chick! Now you got it didn't you? Sighhhh.. I tell ya S** sells for sure! So anyways... Considering the hot James Ferriera dress that she is wearing (info courtesy highheelconfidential), I had hoped that the make-up would have been to the Tee as well but alas, the moment you get the base make-up wrong there isn't anything that you can do to salvage the whole look... The awesome chic necklace couldn't make it better either :( Well so lets just state the obvious that the foundation is all wrong... I was alm…

LOTD & Tutorial: Golden Smokey Eyes

This is one of my favorite kind of smokey eyes as these look classy and is extremely easy to achieve :) Oh yes you got it right people... I am a sucker for simple and easy to do looks and here is a tutorial for one of them... The products I have used to achieve this look are as follows: Eyes 1. Faces Cosmetics Kajal 2. Faces Sparkle Dust in Gold 3. Oriflame Mono Eye Shadow in Midnight Black 4. Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Liner 5. MAC False Lashes #36 6. Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara 7. Coastal Scents Light Beige Shadow as highlighter 8. NYX Eye Shadow Base in Skintone 9. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Cheeks 1. Maxfactor Creamy Blush in Soft Copper 2. Maybelline Blush in Apricot Flush Face 1. Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation in Golden Lips 1. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Bare 2. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Touch The tutorial... 1. First off, I primed my eyes with NYX's eye shadow base in Skintone.
2. Then, taking the Faces kajal, I applied it generously all over my eyel…

Swatches: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick

We beauty bloggers are known to do one thing for sure that is check out a product review online before buying it. Nowadays, with the advent of online shopping another practice that we have started following (knowing unknowingly) is of checking out swatches of lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes online before buying them online. I for sure do it and thought of giving back to the blogging community ;) How noble of me! :P

Swatches of some of the Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks that I own are here. I shall be adding more to this post as and when I can lay my hands on other shades of the same range :)

Brick-O-La as of now is my Hot Favorite! :D

Have you checked out my fashion blog @

Indian Bridal Makeup: My Work and some Tips & Tricks

A wedding is a very important event in one's life. It brings about mixed emotions of joy and sadness alike. Apart from various aspects that go into a wedding preparation, one stands out as a tad bit more important for the bride and that is, the way she wants herself to look on her wedding day. From deciding the color scheme of the makeup to go with the outfit, booking parlours and beauticians and even going for extreme makeovers, we girls are known to have tried it all for our weddings :) On such an important occasion of their lives my two best friends decided to trust me with their make-up :) They believed in my skills and let me take over the reins of how they would look on their respective weddings... This gave me confidence for doing my own wedding makeup as well. So today I shall be covering three Indian wedding looks that I did for three women who have totally different features, skintones, skin types and wedding outfits. Was it a challenge? Yes it was... Was …

Who Did It Better: Neha Dhupia or the hot runway model...

While going through, I came across this picture and it suddenly struck me that I could for sure do some "Who Did It Better" posts. Why? Well cause for starters it is fun, plus it initiates discussions and also helps in getting a fresh perspective towards the make-up and outfit relationship :) So anyways, I am today featuring Neha Dhupia who wore a DvF dress for a movie promotion (info courtesy highheelconfidential) with a cheery pink lippy as oppossed to the runway model who wore killer red! So the question is Who Did It Better? I think as Ms Dhupia opted for nude pumps, the pink lippy goes well with the whole look. If on the other hand she had chosen to go for black pumps instead of nude, I would liked a red lippy with the whole outfit then :) Just as the runway model paired the dress with thigh high black boots, the red lippy completes the severe look! So all in all loved both the looks... What do you think? Image source: www.highheelco…

In or Out: Purple Lipstick

Red Lippies? I love! Pink Lippies? I adore! Nude Lippies? I cannot live without! Purple Lippies? Ewwww... Oh yes! I have somehow always never like Purple Lippies. I always found them to be too crass and well unflattering, but a couple of new pics of some hot bollywood celebs got me rethinking my aversion to these Purple Sticks of Joy (No pun intended there!)... Just take a look at them and be bowled over!!! As you can see, both these gorgeous ladies are sporting two different shades of the color Purple and well neither is Ewww... Rather both these shades look lovely on their respective skintones!  A note of caution! Purple lippies are not for the weak hearted! It is shouts aloud FUN and WILD! So wear it only if you aim at rocking the after party ladies! ;)

How To: Match My Makeup With My Outfit...

Has it ever happened to you when you very excitedly decide on an outfit that you want to wear for an occasion but are at a complete loss of the kind of makeup palette to choose? Have you ever been left at the curb wondering if a blue eye-shadow with a blue dress would seriously be a good idea? Let me talk about how I prefer choosing my makeup palette with the color of my outfit... It is in no way the only way or may be the most correct way to go about but it sure helps me out of sticky makeup situations ;)

My mantra is COMPLEMENTING. I in no way ever go about matching the colors in my dress to the color of my eye-shadow or liner or lipstick. All I do is decide on the colors that complement the colors in my outfit. This is a rule that I follow in general but I do have some exceptions to this rule of mine. Also do note that the colors in my make-up do follow a certain rule where the occasion or the time of day is concerned. For example my color palette for work certainly revolves aroun…