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As promised I am here with my giveaway ladies and if you ask me as to why am I doing this giveaway then I could give you vague answers like "It was my birthday three days ago" or "My blog is a year old" or "I have crossed 100 followers mark" etc... But the truth is that I am doing this giveaway because I love you guys (seriously!) and I am extremely thankful to all of you for supporting my blog and helping me improve in makeup along the way :)
As I had told you guys earlier, I have rounded up a list of my favorite or go-to products that I would love for you to have. I have reviewed most of these products and those that I haven't reviewed as yet will be reviewed soon :) Do note that the giveaway mainly consists of my favorite products from my favorite brands that include Colorabr, Faces, Maybelline and Oriflame :)
L-R: Faces Kajal, Faces Eye-shadow brush, Faces Shadow Brush #07, Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Peach Tango, Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks in "Luscious Lilac" and "Chestnut", Faces Eye Sparkle Dust in "Gold", Colorbar Nail Lacquer in "Extrovert", Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish in "Pearly Pastel", Oriflame Very Clickit Eye Liner Duo in Black and Brown, Oriflame Very Me Clickit Lip stain/gloss duo, Colorbar Blush in "Plum Brown"
Here's a detailed list of products that are a part of the giveaway and yes the rules to participate in the giveaway will follow that :)
1. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Peach Tango: It is no new news that I love 
    Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks and own a variety of shades in thsi range. They are 
    matte lipsticks but are still very moisturizing and not at all drying. They stay on for a 
    very long duration and well most of the shades in this range suit the Indian Skin tone 
    to the tee...
    I have reviewed the following Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks as of now:
2. Colorbar Nail Lacquer in Extrovert: Colorbar's Nail Lacquers are yet another of my 
    favorite. They stay on for long, give really good coverage to the nails and the range has 
    a huge variety of shades to choose from :)
     I have reviewed/used the following Colorbar Nail Lacquers till now:

3. Colorbar Blush in Plum Brown: This is my HG blush and is so flattering to the 
    Indian skin tone that it is a must have blush for everyone. Yes it could be a bit too 
    dark for people with skintones below NC20 though!   
    It is a finely milled blush, stays for long and does not contain nay shimmer/glitter.
     I have reviewed it here:

4. Faces Cosmetics Kajal: This is like my most recent purchase and this is one kajal 
    purchase that I just do not regret. It has an intense color payoff, is buildable, smudges 
    very little and is waterproof. I have been personally using it since the past few days.
    I have reviewed it here:

5. Faces Cosmetics Sparkle Dust in Shade 02 Gold: This is like my most favorite 
    golden eye shadow. I had bought it to do my wedding make-up and it has become an 
    essential part of my make-up case especially when I get ready for some wedding 
    functions or festivals. It has the right amount of sparkle, blends easily, does not fade 
    away and stays for a long time.
     I have reviewed it here:

6. Faces Cosmetics Eye Shadow brushes: I have been using Faces shadow brushes 
   since a long time now and till date I have never had the opportunity to complain even 
   once. The bristles are soft, do not shed and do their work extremely well. Basically, 
   there are three favorite Faces eye-shadow brushes of mine but there were only two of 
   them available as of now :(
    I haven't yet reviewd these brushes, but I will review them for sure in a couple of days :)

7. Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish in Pearly Pastel
    Ok, this is one product that I don't own but with the express finish and fasr drying 
    claim and a pretty candyfloss color how wrong can you actually get? :) The shade 
    Pearly Pastel is so pretty and so sheer that it would look beautiful on its own as well 
    as a top coat over a darker shade :) Maybe you could send in a review to 
    isimplylovemakeup ;)

8. Maybelline Colorsensational  Moisture Extreme Lipsticks in Chestnut 
    The Colorsensastion Moisture extreme lippies from Maybelline don't really need any 
    introduction cause they are those rare lippies that are creamy, moisturizing, highly 
    pigmented and have a pretty decent staying power. These lippies are a staple in 
    everyone's vanities and are "go-to" lipsticks for many :) I haven't yet reviewed my 
    collection of moisture extreme lipsticks but I will surely do one soon :)

9. Oriflame Clickit Eye Liner Duo in Brown and Black: The moment I came across 
    this concept, I was hooked. It is a dual ended stick, with black eye liner at one end 
    and a brown one on the other. The highlight of the product is the applicator brush, 
    which is thin and sturdy and makes making precise lines a breeze. The liquids are 
    smudge proof but not waterproof and have very intense pigmentation. I have not 
    reviewed this product on my blog.

10. Oriflame Clickit Lip Gloss/Stain Duo:  Red stain and Raspberry gloss  
     This again is in the dual ended stick form with a red lip stain on one end and a pink 
     Raspberry gloss on the other :) It's a very convenient combo and I especially love the 
     red stain. It is an orange based red that smells and tastes yummy sweet. The stain 
     stays on for quite sometime and I do plan on reviewing it

                                    Ok! Now for the rules of entering the giveaway!
Mandatory Rules
1. Follow isimplylovemakeup using Google Friend Connect (GFC). [+1 if you are a new 
    follower, +2 if you were a follower before today]
2. Subscribe to email updates for new posts [+1 if you are a new subscriber, +2 if you 
    were already a subscriber before today]
3. Like my Facebook Page [+1 you have newly liked my page, +2 if you had already 
    liked my page before today] 
4. Fill the form at the end of the post so that I know you want to participate in the giveaway :)
 . [no points but 
    mandatory so that I know you want to participate :P] PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STEP IS TO BE DONE COMPULSORILY BY ALL WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GIVEAWAY irrespective of old or new follower :)

Optional Rules that fetch you extra points
1. Doing a guest post with an EOTD/FOTD. [+5 points]
2. Doing a guest post with an EOTD/FOTD Tutorial. [+7 points]
3. Doing a guest post with any cosmetic product review. Please note that no reviews of 
    skincare or hygiene products but only cosmetic products. [+3 points]
4. Putting a link to my giveaway on you sidebar/blogroll of your blog. [+1 point]
5. Doing a post about this giveaway on your blog. [+2 points]
Giveaway Schedule
1. The giveaway is online NOW!
2. End date for the giveaway is 07-Nov-2011 midnight IST
3. The winner will be chosen via and will be announced on 09-Nov-2011.
4. The winner will be given 2 days time to get back to me after the winning intimation. If 
    the winner fails to communicate his/her mailing/shipping address within two days, 
    then another winner will be chosen.
5. This giveaway is for anyone who on winning can provide me with an Indian 
    Shipping Address.

If you guys have any inputs or queries, instead of putting them in the comments section, I would encourage you to mail me directly at


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    Loads of love and success fr u...<3

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