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REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Peacocky Collection Mega Metal Eyeshadow in Ego

When I first started blogging, I was totally swamped by the effect that MAC had or rather has on all beauty bloggers. 99.9% of them drooled and lusted over 99.9% of the MAC products and well I must say, I at the least was intrigued! I scoffed thinking on how was it even possible that MAC was a bonding force for beauty bloggers all over the world. So, not to be left out, I grudgingly walked into the only MAC counter in Pune, which actually is a pop-up store and bought myself my first MAC product... An eyeshadow called NOT Ego but Beauty Marked (well yes that's another story :P)... So anyways coming back to the present, after similar restricted and stupidly cautious purchases, now I can say that I have now upped the statistics of MAC lovers from 99.9% to 99.9009% :D Yay!

Let me say it... I AM IN LOVE WITH MAC... And listen to this... Last night while lying in bed, I told the guy (who else?) that I simply loved MAC. He actually sat up and exclaimed "babe me too"... A
lot of thoughts rushed through my mind... Is the guy I married gay? (no offense really!), does he actually use cosmetics behind my back? Has he lost it? So I asked him gently "baby what makes you love MAC so much?"... And what does he reply... "Babe have you any idea about the capabilities of the MAC OS X?"... I need not say no more... But at least we as a couple bonded over MAC even though it is based on a misunderstanding... Sighhh!!! The torments in life I tell you :P (Ikya, this is especially for you)...
So anyways, coming back to the review :) My latest acquisition in MAC eye-shadows is EGO from the Peacocky Collection's Mega Metal Eye-shadows range. It is a mossy forest-green shade with fine shimmer that gives not glitter but a delicate and sophisticated sheen to the eyeshadow when applied :) Wow! I can actually wax lyrical about this particular product.

Before I go any further with my review, let me inform you all that from this review on I am introducing a new template for all my review posts so as to make it easy for all my gorgeous readers (yes y
ou!) to make your decisions and get a clear view of my review (ok that sounded odd)...
So here goes...

Image of the productSwatchesLOTDOooohs and Aahhhs!
1. MAC doesn't require introductions, but still one word... AWESOME
2. The shade is gorgeous
3. Subtle and beautiful color pay-off without any base and a deep and mesmerizing color pay-off with MAC Painterly Paint Pot as base.
4. Negligible fall-out and I mean NEGLIGIBLE
5. No creasing.
6. Stays on like forever. I put it on at around 7:00 pm, then cleaned the house, cooked dinner, went for a movie, had dinner, went off to sleep w/o removing my make-up (bad girl Suma!) and then woke up in the morning at 8:30 am and it was still there INTACT! I rest my case.
7. No reactions but then you already know that! ;)
8. Bigger and more product in this eye shadow range than the permanent collection ones.
1. Expensive? Yes!

It costed me INR 1350/-

If it gets over then YES but that has a chance of 1 in a zillion :P

Would I recommend?
Are you kidding me? Yes of course!

Overall Rating:
Let me know if you have tried this eyeshadow? If yes, I would love it for you guys to share your LOTDs or EOTDs with me and I'll post it here with of course due gratitude and recognition :) How PR"y" I sound here!


  1. awwweee thankoo Ikya :) btw very very cute profile pic ;)

  2. wowww suma--- its calling me - I must get it... even Im going to get my 1st MAc eyeshadow soon....

    BTw- when I first landed in US I told my guy I want to go to a MAC store and he happily said yes (I was very surprised at that) and guess what- he took me to an APPLE store.... LOLZzzz
    even now we think of this and laugh when I say I want to go to MAC...

  3. LOL Beenii, these guys i tell u... :P heheheheh...
    btw which eyeshadow do you plan on buying from MAC?

  4. Hello Suma,
    I have read your posts on IMBB and got ur blog link from there..
    Shade is looking lovely on u..and i must say u have such glowing skin :)

  5. oh my! welcome to my blog Aditi :) and u thank u for the compliment :) *blush* *blush*

  6. nice shade and looking as cute as a newly-wed girl. :))

  7. Lovely eye look, really suits your brown eyes! :)

  8. Im going to try the neutrals first.... eyeing "satin taupe" since a long time ;)

  9. hey love the yes ..n the lipstick too ..
    I yet have to acquire my first MAC anything ..ha ha the same happened with me .. just yest I told the husband I will buy MAC from India (I hhave just bought a Dell lappy) .. so he said what are you mad ?? yu have just bought a laptop ..n so the story goes .. ha ha ..I am eyeing satin taupe n suggest me some other good neutral shades if ya knw n lippies too ..

  10. sorry it was love the eyes :)

  11. I meant thank you!:P Bloody rude I am becoming!:P:P sorry!:P

  12. you are positively glowing....matrimony suits you... or is it the MAC effect? :)

  13. Somehow I feel it is not well pigmented…I bought a purple one too..It is good but not that pigmented :(


  14. you not too fond of MAC pigmentation? which purple one did u buy? :) do u use a base? if u still have issues with the pigmentation then I am sure you'll love Sleek eye shadows for sure :)

    do check out Sleek iDivine reviews here on ISLM and decide for yourself :)


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