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Indian Wedding Makeup

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! I have had so much fun over the past three weeks and I have been dying to get back to my blog and share all my experiences with you guys...
For those who don't know, I got married a couple of weeks back and then had crazy fun on my honeymoon in Maldives... Pictures of the honeymoon later! This post is solely dedicated to my bridal make-up and the make-up I did for the various functions that were a part of the wedding celebrations :D Oh and ladies, I did all of my make-up myself and I had a blast!

A lot of blogs and articles warned brides to be to hire a professional make-up artist so as to avoid adding more stress to your already strained out mind, but I say if you are confident then you go girl! Get yourself some good foundation, some excellent brushes, a few traditional wedding colored eye shadows and some really bright lipstick and you are ready to ROCK! ;)

You see, mine was a traditional Indian wedding resplendent with bright colors, lots of…