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Mixing foundations: The way out

There have been times when I go out looking for a foundation that matches my skin tone, only to find that the range I am coveting doesn't really stock on the shade that matches me :( So what does one do during such times? Yes of course, the obvious way out would be to check out another brand or range that stocks your shade... But you see I prefer sticking to the brand or range I want and customize the already available shades to suit my skin tone ;) well yes... all I do is I buy one shade lighter than my skin tone and one shade darker and just mix them in the right proportions and VOILA! I am ready with a shade closest to my skin tone! :D Simple isn't it?

Well I stumbled upon this genius of an idea when I bought myself the Maxfactor second skin foundation in GOLDEN and found it to be a shade lighter for my complexion. So, when I went back to the counter and bought a shade darker i.e. BRONE, I realized that the correct shade for me was lying in the middle of the two shades tha…

REVIEW: Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation in 075 Golden

Hello people :) I know I ve been MIA since almost a month now... Well you see I ve been really caught up with things and have been keeping really busy with a myriad of things. But I ve missed posting tutes, looks and reviews and most of all I ve missed you guys and your comments. So today I am out with another review on Maxfactor's Second Skin Foundation.

Let me tell you all for your info that this is the first foundation that I have got myself and am extremely excited to review it. I had heard a lot about Maxfactor's Second Skin Foundation and had to had to check it out for myself. I bought a shade in 075 GOLDEN, which I am assuming to be a shade lighter! :( You guys will have to be judge!

But coming back to the foundation itself, the product is just amazing! And it's just perfect for dry skin. It is very moisturizing without giving shine and feels like "second skin". I guess thats why it's called so! :P

It gives minimum to medium coverage so if you are loo…