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My Coastal Scents Palette and another mini haul :)

Hello Ladies... I am ecstatic today cause I have finally another product to strike off from my wishlist!!! Yay! And it is none other than "Coastal Scents 88 Color Eye Shadow Palette"... :D
Yay!!! Some glimpses of it are as follows:

The palette... Need I say more?
oooh... The Riot of Colors!!!
Just can't get enough of it!
And here's another...
Also, I got myself a couple of other products...
They are:
1. Maybelline EyeStudio Duo in NAVY NARCISSIST
2. Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in BORN WITH IT
3. Covergirl Lipstick in SWEETHEART :)

The piccies are here:
My haul :)
The tiny "dibbi" is a thank you gift from Coastal Scents :)

I can't wait to try out some new looks using my coastal scents palette!!! :D


  1. Omg! Amazing haul! I so want the coastal scents palette!

  2. I love this palette :) great haul

  3. @ash89: Oh yeah girl go for it!!! its really amazing!!! :D

    Sara: yay same pinch :*

  4. Lovely...just sooo lovely haul Suma!!! Waiting for the reviews and some more awesome looks!! :D :D :D

  5. Even i made my bro order it for me on the 14th..i bet it will reach me at the end of this month!! i cant wait to do looks with it either!!!!!!! :) :) :)
    Am lookin forward to ur colorful colorful tutes!! :) :)

  6. hi the palette looks lovely.Is Coastal Scents and cover girl available in India?

  7. tht's really awesome :) am definately gonna buy it soon with my pocket money :D, hey plz swatch born with it..m really crazy bout lipsticks nowadays :D

  8. @Cali: thanks Cali for liking it :) and yup loads of EOTDs coming up :D

    @Fathima: Oh wow.. we'll do loads of looks then and share notes ;)

    @Anonymous: no re! Both aren't available in India :( A friend was travelling to the US so asked him to get it :)

    @Miss Pretty: Oh yes! you sure get yourself one... am sure u'll LOVE it :)

  9. @Beenniii: Oh yes.. trust me! lots coming up :)

  10. Lovely haul :)I always love haul posts .. they so much inspire me to shop and shop again

  11. hahahahahaha... Shalini well said!!! :P
    Never thought of hauls as an inspiration for shopping... LOL!!! :D

  12. hey dats awesum...!! I have d 120 color palette..dis looks nice too...I love seeing colors...:p

  13. woaahhhh more looks yayyeeeyyyyy

  14. @bhumika: wow! 120 must be sooo awesome! and u r sooo right! Colors make me happy :D

    @Ikya: LOL! Check out my first EOTD using the new palette :)

  15. I would LOOOOOOOOOVE THAT!! how many days did it take for ur palette to get to u?! :) :)I am waiting waiting so much!! :) :)

  16. hehheheh :) i soooo understand... actually i got shipped to a US address.. it took 2 days..
    and dont worry the wait is worth it :)

  17. hi being an recent memeber of IMBB i was just goin through your blog and saw ur review on COASTAL SCENTS...i m really liking d shades of coastal scents..and since i m big on eye make up and sooo luv using different colors..wud like to know how can i get this pallet for myself??

  18. hey pc... am glad u ve visited my blog... u can order for this palette online through the coastal scents official site which is:

  19. Amazing palette ...even I m ordering one for myself....How much it costed u (including shipping) also which is better shimmer/original 88 palette?

  20. which is better shimmer/original 88 palette? Pls Reply...planning to buy soon.

  21. Hi Anonymous... If you are all and all a shimmer loving girl then the shimmer palette is just the one for you... On the other hand the original palette is a blend of matte and satin eye shadows...
    Hope this helps! :)


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