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REVIEW & LOTD: Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner

I have been eying this product since a long time but whenever I would ask for it at any Maybelline counter, they would tell me that it was "out of stock". That made me long for it so much that when I finally bought one I was ecstatic and my happiness knew no bounds :) I felt like a kid who has been bought a new toy but has been asked to wait till morning to play with it... I just kept waiting for it to be morning so that I could finally wear it to office :)

Ok, let me tell you guys about it a bit. This is for those who already don't know about it's wonderful qualities :)

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner

What the product claims...
 As the name suggests, it is a gel eyeliner, which is extremely smudge proof and long lasting. It is jet black! And when I say jet black, I mean really really JETTEST of BLACK!!! :D I so love it for that...

As is evident from the pic, it comes in a cute glass container with an Aluminium cap and a super soft yet stiff brush. I am really impressed with the brush! The brush is just so perfect and so precise that it is really difficult to go wrong with it.

The gel liner in a pot and the high precision brush...
The gel liner takes 2 seconds to set and once it sets, it stays on the eye for like forever. Another plus for it is that it is odorless and does not rritate the eye. I apply it on my waterline, my tightline and above my lashline and it just doesn't irritate my eyes. My eyes don't burn, they dont start watering and they look beautifully defined :)

It costed me just Rs.375/- and I feel it is a very small price for something so wonderful. After all it is a kajal and an eyeliner combined into one :)

This is how it looks on my eyes:


  1. Great review Samyukta!!! Love your eyes...beautiful!!!!

  2. it looks so pretty on u..may be i'm d last person on earth who havent yet tried it!!
    Vanity No Apologies

  3. @rakshanda: Thank you sweets :)

    @Vanity: Thank u :) And yeah you must really get your hands on one and try it! U r surely to love it! :D

  4. Hey. I've been eyeing this for quite some time as well. But I've got too many liners . Planning to get one after I finish one or two. The color is so intense. I love intense blacks!Yor eyes are so beautiful. Eye make ups look so good on you

  5. cool review dear- u always love blackest black liners naa ;)
    it looks grt on you :d


  6. this loookksss so o pweeettty na..i am getting this ASAP....and luved the way u applied it.

  7. @Nivedita: Thanks Nivedita for saying such sweet things :) mmmuuuaaahhh... but yes you must get urself this liner.. Its awesome and the color pay-off is really intense!!!

    @Butterfly: thankooo :) and the pleasure's all mine :*

  8. @Beenii: yes yes yes :D I love the jet blacks :) u remember!!!! mmuuaahhh...

    @lipstick and blush addict: go get it girl!!! :D

  9. Hey Can u put up a blog as to how to apply it? I wanna learn how to apply a cake kajal..
    Your eyes look beautiful and I loved all your Posts.. :)

  10. sure Tulika... I'll put that up right away! :)

  11. hey you look beautiful....can u do a post on tight do u do that...pls


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