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LOTD: Orient Inspired

 I love oriental or rather Asian features and I myself have been blessed with semi-asian features (thanks to my dad) and semi-non-asian features (thanks to my mom)... So tonight I tried this Oriental look and I guess I did succeed to some extent... LOL...
So here goes...
Oriental/Asian Look

Pink Smokey eyes

I did a pink smokey look for my eyes with a dab of pink blush to highlight my cheekbones :)

The products that I used for this look are as follows:
         * Oriflame Visions Peach Me Perfect Foundation
         * Street Wear Blush
         * Oriflame Air Soft Powder
         * L'Oreal Quad Pro in Dark Eyes
         * ELF Liquid Liner in Black
         * maXfactor kajal
         * Oriflame Color Attraction Lipstick in Germanium
         * Oriflame Berries Lip Gloss

Top Knot with chopsticks

I put up my hair in a top know and kept them in place using a pair of chopsticks in a X...


  1. suma can u do a hair tutorial on this one plz??
    im trying to do a good messy bun but it keeps messing up.

  2. loved this look but you did not mention the names of the eyeshadow you chose:)

  3. @Beenii: i'll do one soon.. maybe tonight or tomorrow :) i hope its ok!

    @Sharmi: Oopsie! :) will add it to the post right now!!!

  4. Suma,

    I have refereed my Grandma to use Body Cocoon based on your recommendations. She got amazing result and asked me to thank you a milion zillion times.. .......... It worked pretty well for her aged (70 years) wrinkly skin...... Thank you.

    Please give me some home remedies for my winkles on my lid and underneath eyes. None eye cream worked for me. Sometimes I use almond oil . It is so drippy that it gets inside my eyes .....Is it very harmful ?

    My mom is not proficient with computer. I read your blog to her everyday. Oh Man ! She is addicted. She has an query too.

    How to do makeup for her eyes which has little space between her crease and eyebrow. Her lid is vey wrinkly not because of age but genetic.
    She is olive toned. Now she is sitting next to me and inspecting whether I am writing her queries properly or skipping it .....
    :-) :-) :-) At last I got another job of a translator...........


  5. Hey Anonymous :) A very good morning to you... ANd to your mommy and grandmamma :) I am so glad that Garnier Body Cocoon worked for your grandma :) It is an amazing lotion isn't it? :D

    Regarding wrinkles for lids and under eye area, I'll write a post for it today and it'll be up on the blog soon :)

    Also, for make-up ideas for your mom also I'll put up a post. I have been meaning to do that and now that you have queried for it i'll do it ASAP :) Gimme a day's time :)

    And I am so glad that your mom also likes my blog :) Do give her my regards and thank her from my side :))

    P.S. Regarding any future queries you are always welcome to write to me at:

  6. Hey Samyukta...

    Quite an interesting blog you have here...Keep up the good work.

  7. thank you GGG :) I liked your glitterglammorgrace blog as well :) Am a new follower :)

  8. Anytime sweety.... u carry on wid the preps :)

  9. hey u have a beautiful blog :) love ur tutorials :)

  10. this is sooooooo gorgeous...i wl try this for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mwuah!

  11. wow... liked ur chopstick knottttt.... :D


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