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REVIEW: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Addictive Magenta

As is evident from my previous post, I got myself a Colorbar Haul a couple of days back, which included a Velvet Matte Lipstick as well :) I shall be reviewing it today and will let you guys decide if it qualifies for a good buy or not ;)

This lipstick called Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Addictive Magenta is one of the many pinks that I bought within the past couple of months. It comes in a steel and transparent casing which looks really attractive and sits prettily on my dresser. Apart from the shade name "Addictive Magenta", it has also been assigned a code "46P". Am not sure what for though :)

The lipstick looks something like this:

A swatch for a better idea of the shade:

There is no hiding the fact that I love this shade and have been using it everyday since I bought it :)
Though it is matte in texture, it doesn't dry my lips, rather it keeps my lips well moisturized. It has immense staying powers and stays on, on my lips for hours.
It smells like cand…

My Colorbar Haul

Yay!!! I went shopping again :) This time I found myself a Colorbar counter at Pune Central and raided it. Actually, I went to get myself an I-Glide pencil but ended up buying products that I didnt really need but bought them still so that I could get myself a free trousseau bag :) Why did I want the bag? Well for the simple reason that it was in PINK :)

My Haul looks something like this:

Ok, let me list out the products now:
1. Colorbar Nail Lacquer "Exclusive"
2. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick "Addictive Magenta"
3. Colorbar Precision Waterproof liquid Eyeliner
4. Colorbar High Definition Kohl Eyeliner

The PINK trousseau bag that I got free with it is as in the image :)

Simple Smokey EOTD using my new MAC Beauty Marked Eye Shadow

Hello ladies :) Hope you've had a very merry christmas :)
This holiday season, I got myself my first MAC product, which is an eye shadow called BEAUTY MARKED.
Honestly, I was looking for a black shadow that would help me get a nice smokey eye effect, but the SA showed me this and I was hooked! :P
It looks all Purple and glittery but when you apply it, it's black with purple glitter... ooooohhhh its yummy :)

The simple smokey look that I did using this eye shadow is as follows:

This is how I did it...
1. First, I primed my eyes with my NYX eye shadow base and then dabbed some Oriflame Air Soft powder on my lids.
2. Next, I applied the MAC eye shadow with a flat eye shadow brush over my lids i.e. extending from
the lash line to the crease.
3. Then, taking a blending brushing, I simply blended out the shadow till the sockets of my eye.
4. I applied kohl on the waterline and tightline and finished the look with some liquid liner on my lash line and mascara on my lashes and VOILA…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

My Wishlist - UPDATED

Hey girls :) After reading different beauty blogs and getting addicted to make-up, I wanted to come up with an updated wish list of mine, so here goes :)

1. MAYBELLINE Superstay Lipcolor
2. MAYBELLINE Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner
3. MAC Tartan Tale Noble Knights Lash and Line Eye Bag
4. MAC Paint pot in Painterly
5. Colorbar I-Glide Pencils
6. Berina Hair Heat Protector
7. COASTAL SCENTS 88 Eye Palette

READER QUERY: Eye Make-up tricks for eyes with less space between the crease and brow

Heylo people... Am back from my friend's wedding, though am still under a hangover! :P
Here is another query and this time it is from Kaishi's mom... This post is long overdue but I had been so caught up with the wedding stuff that I just couldn't get time to do justice to the query...

How to do makeup for her eyes which has little space between her crease and eyebrow. Her lid is vey wrinkly not because of age but genetic.

A few tips and tricks in order to make up eyes that have little space between the crease and the brow, are wrinkly and might also have dark lids and dark circles are as follows:
1. First off, it's really very important to user an Eye Shadow base as it makes the lid surface even and helps in applying the shadow evenly. It also lightens the lid surface and gives good pigmentation to the shadow. If you do not have an eye shadow base available, you could use a concealer and then set it with loose powder.

2. Second, never use dark shades of…

OOTD and LOTD for my friend's wedding reception

As you all know, my best friend got married this week and tonight was the wedding reception. This is what I wore and also the make-up I did...

For make-up, I went for a blue smokey look. To achieve the look, I used the following products:
Oriflame Visions Peach me perfect foundationGarnier body cocoon CHEEKS
Oriflame Visions Bronzing Blush EYES
NYX Eye Shadow BaseOriflame Air Soft powderL'Oreal Color Appeal Trio Pro: Azure BlondELF Brightening Eye Shadow Quad: DramaELF Liquid Liner in blackL'Oreal Pencil Perfect Eyeliner in Ebony BlackRevlon waterproof mascara LIPS
Giordani Gold Paradise Lipstick: Pink Flower

Hope you guys liked my look :)

My best friend's wedding

Hello everyone :)
My best friend got married yesterday and the week long celebrations have finally come to an end :)
Lemme share some pics with you all...

She actually let me do her make-up for a couple of functions and wow did I feel elated or what :)
I'll do a post about what I wore and what make-up I did for the wedding reception... Stay tuned :)

I am keeping really busy :(

Hey girls... I have been keeping really busy with my best friend's wedding, which is on the 16th... Never knew there were so many little details that need taking care off... Plus the scale that our Indian weddings take place is totally over whelming and that's not always a plus :(

So anyways, I have been keeping really busy with last minute shopping, collecting saree blouses from the tailor and giving suits for alterations and even sometimes blackmailing the tailors emotionally in order to get them to finish stitching the clothes on time!!! Phew! So, I haven't been really regular with my posting :( This goes out especially to Kaishi, whose query i need to reply to... Just bear with me for a couple of days more... :)

READER QUERY: Wrinkles on the eyelids and under eyes

Heylo girls :) We have have yet again another reader query... It asks...

Please give me some home remedies for my winkles on my lid and underneath eyes. None eye cream worked for me. Sometimes I use almond oil . It is so drippy that it gets inside my eyes .....Is it very harmful ?
REPLY First of all, using almond oil around your eyes is really good and no even if it enters your eye its not harmful!! :) I myself use Almond oil on my face before I go to sleep at night and it has done wonders for me. My friends tell me that it has helped them reduce dark circles as well... But don't apply it "drippingly"  All you need to do is take some oil on your palm and massage it around the eyes...

Similarly, Olive oil could also be of help to you :) 
Secondly, you could also use HONEY around your eyes. It has very high moisturizing properties. You could mix it with equal quantities of milk and massage around your eyes.
Thirdly, milk-cream i.e. "malai" also have very good moist…

LOTD: Orient Inspired

I love oriental or rather Asian features and I myself have been blessed with semi-asian features (thanks to my dad) and semi-non-asian features (thanks to my mom)... So tonight I tried this Oriental look and I guess I did succeed to some extent... LOL...
So here goes...

I did a pink smokey look for my eyes with a dab of pink blush to highlight my cheekbones :)

The products that I used for this look are as follows:
         * Oriflame Visions Peach Me Perfect Foundation
         * Street Wear Blush
         * Oriflame Air Soft Powder
         * L'Oreal Quad Pro in Dark Eyes
         * ELF Liquid Liner in Black
         * maXfactor kajal
         * Oriflame Color Attraction Lipstick in Germanium
         * Oriflame Berries Lip Gloss

I put up my hair in a top know and kept them in place using a pair of chopsticks in a X...

My first two Lippies: Maybelline Watershine + Oriflame Giordani Gold Paradise

There comes a stage in one's life when one thinks, retrospects and realizes that life is just rushing past you and you need to try some new tricks to catch on. So I said to myself "Suma... enough attention to the eyes sweetie... let's just do up the lips for a change"... LOL and thus started my quest towards lipsticks! You see I have been blessed with thin lips and so I have always avoided doing them up in a quest to not highlight them. But now I want to adorn them with luscious colors, tempting textures and bright hues.

Here are the two lippies that I have got myself as a start...

On the left is the Maybelline WaterShine PURE in B24 and on the right is Oriflame's Giordani Gold Paradise lipstick in "Pink Flower".

The Maybelline lippy is a pretty baby pink that looks really pretty on my lips. It's watery and creamy... extremely moisturizing. the only downside being that it wears off within 20-30 mins :(

The Oriflame's GG lippy on the other hand st…

READER QUERY: Makeup suggestions for hooded eyes

Hey guys... Sharmi has a query...

I am stuck again with makeup ideas. I have to attend a marriage reception. I decided to wear a salwar in maroon and green bronze brocade. I don't have much eye shadows. I am thinking to wear a golden brown base shadow. Now as my eyes are hooded, I always mess up during blending. When ever I apply a different color in my outer crease it looks so scattered. I am confused where to start the base, midtone and hightlight colors ? What should be the ideal shape after applying and mixing different eye color.
Again is it a better idea to wear kohl in the waterline and the midtone color in the lash line? Its getting so confusing.
Hey Sharmi... I'll reply to you in parts...
1. Since you are planning to wear a suit in maroon green and bronze brocade, either a golden/bronze smokey look (like u said) or a golden-green smokey look would look best... A few ideas are as follows:

2. If you have hooded eyes then I would suggest you use a lighte…

I have been TAGGED

Ikya from tagged me and so here I go :)
Blush or Bronzer Blush
Lip Gloss or Lipstick Lipstick
Eyeliner or mascara Eye liner
Foundation or concealer Tinted Moisturizers (Is this allowed?)
neutral or color eye shadow
colour eyeshadow!

pressed or loose eye shadows

brushes or sponges
OPI or china glaze
China Glaze

Long or short

Acrylic or natural

Brights or darks 

Flower or no flower 

perfume or body splash

lotion or body butter 
Body Butter

body wash or soap
body wash

lush or other bath company 
Bath and Body WOrks

jeans or sweat pants

long sleeve of short

dresses or skirts

stripes or plaid 

flip flops or sandals 
Sandals :)

scarves or hats

studs or dangly earrings 

necklaces or bracelets 

heels or flats 

cowboy boo

LOTD: Shades of Pink

Hey... Like you guys already know i went on a Pink over-haul over the weekend and ended up buying loads of cosmetics in various shades of my fav color PINK! :*

So, here goes the look that I did for an evening out with the boy friend...

The products i used...
L'Oreal Quad Pro: Dark Eyes
Oriflame Air Soft Powder
maXfactor kajal
ELF liquid liner
Oriflame Visions V* Freaking mascara

Oriflame Visions Peach Me perfect foundation
Maybelline Souffle Blush: Peach Satin

Maybelline Water Shine lipstick: Pure B24

NOTD with Maybelline Colorama - Coral Chic

Hey guys... Today's NOTD is with the helpof the Colorama nail enamel i bought over the weekend.
The shade is called Coral Chic and it is a beautiful coral shade. It has these really tiny golden flakes, which are like almost negligible yet let their presence felt :)

Here you go...

It doesn't really have very good coverage but the shades in this range are just FABULOUS!!! :D