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Skin Care for Winters: Part I

Many of us face a problem of dry skin and the condition tends to get worse in the Winters when the humidity is low. This gives rise to itchy skin,
"stretchy" skin and sometimes in severe cases leading to "cuts". I live in Pune, which isn't really known for it's cold winters. It's almost as if the winters just pass us by and it's time for Spring again! But you see, there is a problem… Cold or no cold my skin starts getting stretchy and tight just as October starts to roll in… It's as if my skin "wakes up when September ends"… ooh! now that sounded clever ;)

Anyways, after a period of research and experimentation, I have finally discovered the perfect combination of products that have now become my favorites in helping me combat extreme dryness during winters… My skin just loves them and they in turn pamper my skin to bits :D You see there is so much love here ;)

The products that I want to tell you guys about can be categorized into two types:
• Oils
• Creams/Moisturizers

There are these two oils that I swear by, one being Olive Oil and the other Almond Oil. I have been using Olive oil for quite some time now but I have just recently realized the potential of Almond oil and how much it works towards making my skin supple and glowing.
Let me take you through each one of them :)

Two of my fav body oils :)

Olive oil is a fantastic source of Vitamin E and can be used all over the body on your skin. My skin being on the extreme dry side simply laps up the oil and makes me feel all conditioned and loved :) It's consistency is a lot on the oily side (it's an oil after all), so I generally use it on my hands and legs before I go to sleep. This helps me wake up all happy and smooth. Olive oil is generally found in three types- "Extra Virgin", "Virgin" and "Pure". Extra Virgin Olive oil is the purest form of oil and contains negligible additives, while the other two forms contain more additives. The pure olive oil is generally a mixture of virgin and refined olive oils.
Olive Oil
✓ Can be used as a night cream due to it's richness with Vitamin E
✓ Can be used as a lip balm
✓ Applying Olive oil to dry skin helps the skin regain it's natural moisture.
✓ It also helps in reducing damage caused by sun exposure.
✓ The Vitamin E in Olive Oil makes it very beneficial as an anti-aging product.

Almond Oil is another oil that is a very rich source of Vitamin E and hence there are no prizes for guessing how good it is for your skin. This is one oil which is compatible with all skin types. Moisturizing with almond oil eases rashes and chapped lips and skin. When used regularly it provides a healthy glow and hence I apply it to my face and neck every night before going to sleep. I have been using this for less than a week and yet my friends and colleagues have been telling me about how my skin has started to glow :D Yay Yay Yay!
Almond Oil
✓ Improves complexion and retains glow
✓ Relieves dry and itchy skin
✓ Moisturizes deeply
✓ Lightens dark circles
✓ Delays the aging process
✓ Cures chapped lips and skin


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