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Kajal, Kohl, Surma... Call it whatever but today, women world over swear by it. Traditionally used since some infinity years in South Asia, Middle East and Northern Africa, the credit of making it a popular cosmetic perhaps goes to CLEOPATRA.

Cleopatra may have used kohl to protect her eyes from the sun's glare but today it has become an essential in every woman's vanity pouch. I for one cannot let a single day go by without kohl-ing my eyes.

We may use it for varied purposes, but the main purpose for a kohl to serve as a cosmetic is to emphasize and dramatize the eyes. I have been using kohl since the past 9 years now (yes I started young and no I am not old!) and can say for sure that I have finally found the method of application that suits me best!

Yes ladies... you all heard me right! It took me 9 long years... And no I am not slow or dumb. I have always liked the effect that kohl has had on my eyes but I could never find a way in which I was actually satisfied with its effe…