Thursday, August 28, 2014

CONTEST: Share your #KhoobsuratMoment on Facebook/Instagram


CONTEST: Share your #KhoobsuratMoment on Facebook/Instagram Sponsored by L'Oreal Paris

We all have those special moments that we look back to with fondness and play it over and over again in our minds just to feel warm and fuzzy :)
It could be the boy friend commenting on how pretty our hair looked or you friend admiring your winged liner or even a stranger walking up to you are applauding you on your sense of style... Anyone, anywhere and anything can constitute our #KhoobsuratMoment and I invite you all to share it with ISLM and it's readers...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BUDGET WEDNESDAYS: Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk


Review of Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk

Guest Post By: Pallavi

Cleansing is a very important part of skin care regimen.  We are cursed with a routine where we have to rush as soon as we open our eyes. We load our face and body with makeup and the skin has to bear the makeup burden throughout the day. But at night before saying good night, the skin also needs to feel loose and relieved. So, we need to wipe out the makeup and help the skin to finally breathe free. It is always said that the biggest mistake you make to your skin is sleeping with makeup on. So, that's where the significance of cleansing comes in.

CONTEST: Win a seat in the Za-Shiseido Beauty Class


CONTEST: Stand A Chance to Win a Seat for the Za-Shiseido Beauty Class in your City!

The House of Shiseido presents Za Beauty School - an exclusive experience with Za’s high skin expertise of Za and Japanese “Omotenashi” [Hospitality].

At Za we believe beautiful skin begins with understanding your own skin and adopting the right skincare regime. Now with Za Beauty School, Indian Metropolitan women will get a chance to master skincare, the Japanese way! Za Beauty School will be held by one of the most prolific Beauty Experts from the House of Shiseido, Megumi Mitsui who will take the participants step by step from cleansing to moisturizing for that perfect skin. She will also use Shiseido’s patented Skin Analyzer to evaluate the guests’ skin moisture levels, melanin content, texture and skin age.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: BFF - Best friend forever or Brutal Force Field?



BFF: Best friend forever or Brutal Force Field?

Guest Post By: Priyanka

We all have had numerous best friends or the horribly babyish “besties” throughout our life. These friends were generally the people who understood us perfectly, conversation was never stilted with them and they were always there to have our back. But what about the give ‘n’ take that all relationships in modern times are about? What are the meager expectations that a best friend has for you? This is one question that I was always left floundering trying to answer.

LOTD: Natural and Glowing Party Makeup


LOTD: Natural and Glowing Party Makeup

One *generally* always tends to associate brighter colors and louder makeup with parties and functions while relegating natural looking makeup to everyday work makeup. I used to be under a similar impression. However, since some time now I have come to realise that natural looking makeup can be as gorgeous and as dressy as any bright makeup and with this post, I try to illustrate the same!

Monday, August 25, 2014

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Cherry Tomato

Review of Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Cherry Tomato


Review of Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Cherry Tomato

Not everything in life is about being right or having the last word in an argument. Though I knew of this philosophy and our parents always inculcated this in us since our childhood, but lately I had been finding myself not paying heed to this teaching. I was actually plunging myself to arguments and controversy head-on.
I had a introspective weekend, this one, and needless to say I came back to what my parents always taught me that one doesn't always have to be a part of an argument, oftentimes its better to just watch the fun from the sidelines...

Once I realised this, it was as if I was reborn and I saw things in new light...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Haul: Clothes, Accessories, Makeup and Jewellery!

Spiked Bangles from
Spiked Bangles from


Haul: Clothes, Accessories, Makeup and Jewellery!

OMG I have so much to tell you guys, so much to catch up you guys up on and so much to share that I am almost bursting at the seams and yet not able to understand as to where should I begin!

Let me start with how I have been struggling with my weight lately. I have over a few months gained an abominable amount of weight and it is showing! I used to be 54 Kgs and I went up to 61!!! With my height that's a lot! And the kind of cravings I have for sweets and desserts, it is dangerous! And so I have hell bent on shedding a few kilos but its a slow process. I'll keep you guys posted for sure!

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Khoobsurat Moment, Thanks to L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss


My Khoobsurat Moment, Thanks to L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

You know when you are having a dull and drab day at work because of a lot of workload, the stress and strain of meeting deadlines and someone just compliments you out of the blue... Doesn't it feel special? Doesn't it make you look at life in a new light? Doesn't it make a khoobsurat moment that you know you'll look back at with pleasure?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Busting Myths Related to Colouring your Hair



Busting myths related to colouring your hair

I am certain that almost all of us have heard the constant refrain from the older generation- “Your hair is going to get damaged if you colour it!”
What utter hogwash!? I am sure that with the chemical dyes that were present in their era that might just be the case, but the advanced semi permanent hair colours that we now find our markets flooded with are incapable of doing so. So rest assured that your recent sojourn with hair colour is not going to have long term harmful effects!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

REVIEW: Kryolan Professional Lipstick in LC 195


Review of Kryolan Professional Lipstick in LC 195

My trips to Bombay and Delhi are generally sprinkled with tiny bouts of shopping, mostly makeup shopping and even though we get almost all brands in Pune, what we still miss here is Bobbi Brown, Sephora and well Kryolan. Now Bobbi Brown and Sephora are my occasional haunts but Kryolan with its great quality and even better pricing is something that I always make a point of visiting every time I am in either Bombay or Delhi...